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  1. I didn't even try that Marshmallow scrub but I now need it in my life!!!
  2. Yay!!! Seriously, I learned this from the last Spell Collection, because there wasn't one in that collection that I didn't want, but I ended up buying the FB's one by one. Same with these. They are incredible!
  3. Love the store pics! And I bought the FB set of these with ZERO REGRETS (which I knew would be the case but I'm trying to make a point 😂). THEY ARE STUNNING and that's an understatement. I know we all have found and fell in love with LPMP for so many different reasons. My main reason for loving LPMP is the magic and the potions and the intentions behind the potions and the integrity in which they are all carefully crafted. There is so much light and love and magic. I love the spell collections! This one is incredible. I'm wearing The Moon, which immediately spoke to me. The Snake also caught my attention but probably because the Snake is one of my main spirit guides so obviously I needed that one too. Also, I love the additional stones and herbs for more magic. If you have made it this far and are on the fence about buying the full set, just do it!
  4. tink333

    Midnight Rider

    Luna, you make a really good point about the smokey aspect of this that I think my description lacks. It's definitely a suggestion of smoke and not heavily smokey AT ALL. For me, it's like catching a light whisp of smokey incense in the air. It's way more about the dark fruits. I'd also put it in the same family as NOX.
  5. tink333

    Midnight Rider

    HOLY OMFG! This was my first reaction after applying this to my wrists and smelling them. I then made several other comments and I think I moaned. I can't stop huffing this and then sighing. I think I just fell in love. LoL 😂 The dark fruits are perfectly blended and delicious and the apricot is incredible in this. What a brilliant idea to add that. It makes it luscious. The oud is so subtle and is what makes this deep and dark and mysterious. I love oud. I'm currently resisting the urge to start hoarding this. ETA I'm wearing this again today. (My previous review was last night). It's even better today because I'm experiencing it as it's been settling and drying down into my skin. It's so beautiful. I feel like I have this dark fruit on my skin with whisps of smoke floating up around me but it's a lightly incensed smoke. It's haunting and beautiful. It brings me somewhere, (which is truly my favorite type of perfume!) but I cannot fully see it. It's foggy. I feel power in this one though. I get this image of me walking through a wooded area in the fall with smoke and incense around me and I'm wearing a flowing sort of outfit that's a deep purple. LOVE
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these creepy labels! I wrote this on FB too but seriously, my eyes popped out of my head when I read the ingredients to Midnight Rider. I bought a FB! I need that one in my life ASAP.
  7. Kayla, that sounds beautiful!!! Thanks for the info. I'm excited to try it. I'll be back to review once I get the chance to try it.
  8. OK, I'm getting a bottle of this without smelling it because I voted for something like this on FB. I love these types of Unisex scents. I'm a little concerned about the oakmoss because it can really be too much for me most of the time but I'm trusting that this is completely brilliant (because I should know better by now because it will be) and will pair perfectly with Vardo 😍 or even a sugared blackberry or other berries. I'm excited to try it!
  9. Yay!!! This is exciting news! I'm definitely most excited about the Sandalwood, Sage, & Mrryh but these all sound like they'll be amazing.
  10. @Eastwood22 OMG that made me laugh too. I'm slightly disappointed that you didn't eat a spider in your sandwich though. I'm not sure how my cats initially felt about me collecting their whiskers, though the younger one probably didn't even know what I was doing. He's odd. I thank them every time I find one though and I think they appreciate that and feel like they are helping.
  11. First of all, I saw the FB post for these and that wall looks amazing!!! I'm sure it's super magical in person. Second of all, I started collecting cat whiskers after buying Whisker Wishes and learning that you used cat whiskers while making the spell potion. I usw the whiskers during new moon wishes rituals. 😍. Once you start collecting them, you'll find more. I store them in a jewelry box but now I think I need a cool jar for them too.
  12. Thanks Luna! That makes complete sense.
  13. I just read on this thread that the Private Editions are turned off for now. Will they be back soon? I couldn't find another thread talking about it but I'm guessing I missed it. Thanks 😁
  14. Welcome! BTW, I've never had a weirdness with egg notes either. From what I've experienced with LP egg notes, it's like a meringue, and I love it!
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