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    dogs,love horses, fragrance, books, outdoor activities skiing swimming hiking,exercising alot more, love to travel and doing more of it, getting into cooking more, working my ass off and want a new lease on life

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  1. Wow, it has been way too long since posting!! I have been working too hard and not paying attention to my pheros, New years and I have decided to do the big Chill for the year and destress Back into the good stuff I was using Gotcha in oil form and some selfies with increase confidence, not sexy but sassy and other than that not much Today tried in spray and mixed with a perfume and getting major hits but from women!! Standing in line at La Madeleine and the lady behind me says (90 second pause) Damn girl you are rocking those jeans!! You are curvy like me and damn you rock those (she said this twice) What do you say to that Also women stare at me and smile like I'm their new friend
  2. Hey all!! Have been away for awhile and back with a Bang hit that bordered on rude. Hubs and a male friend and I were eating at a semi upscale restaurant(I am only female at table) and the waiter was way too attentive to me. Everytime he came to our table he would pat me on the back or put his hand on my nap until I turned around and gave him the evil eye. This happened about 4 times ,typical Hubs didn't even notice. At first I just brushed it off but it got annoying, I just want to say that I am 30 years older than this guy. Told my buddy who was paying to give him a shitty tip.
  3. Hey all, have been workin hard and haven't even seen the new offers from Feb. Back with a great story with BANG! I just love this stuff, haven't been wearing pheros lately, just in work mode. Sooo-Rodeo time and I dont know if it was rockin my boots and leather jacket or my bang(has to be my bang because I am alittle past my prime but when I wear bang I am just so sexy!) God, the attention was just off the wall- VIP service and slack jaw, DIHL from the bartender and he had to explain to me that he could only do 2 shots of Jack honey and was just apologizing, I said dont worry I will be back (open bar), next round he just stumbled and couldn;t even talk to me. Hubs was all into staring at me dance and commented on how hot I was even 2 days later. I just have fun wearing this and for some reason just relaxes me and am very open. Could have been the alcohol
  4. Wow-off to the order page- need this ASAP, going to try it with Cougar
  5. This is the same for me plus LFM, I wore this out very lightly like 2 sprays, and I got 2 hits at the same store. Have you ever been followed discretely at a store, you see someone and then the next isle you see them again , and then a few minutes later they are there again! Not a coincidence, especially once i saw him starring at the rack, slack jaw! Funny Then checking out the manager said "don't lift a finger I will unload your cart". O.KKK!. I don't see anybody else getting their cart unloaded, but I will take the help. Just too funny, I love the attention but sometimes it just makes me laugh
  6. I have been so busy, I'm just now testing some of my samples. This is just a no-no wet for me, after about an hour it transforms to fresh and light, but alas fig and me do not get along. Love Bang though, have it in the Un
  7. Please look up my review using LFM and my doctors visit, it was way beyond normal VIP treatment. LFM all the way, I used the Un with Chance Eau Tendre on top , the doc was around 58-60 ,
  8. Haha! The reason I am so obsessed with LP is not just the effects on others but self effects give me more confidence and can view myself as more sexy and that may translate to body language. Quietguy-I am striving to be a hot mama, sometimes when you are younger you fail to realize your potential because you have these hangups and the beauty of when you are older is you don't care what others think! Confidence, Cougar potion and that swing to your step is all you need However, its the pheros talking when guys alot younger than you are checking you out Thanks all- I just don't want cops when I work
  9. Is it common to have long term effects like 24 hours later with pheromones? I am just curious because the next day (more than 24 hrs later) I was at lunch and got the extended eye contact bordering on staring from 3 waiters. The day before I was wearing super sexy with added cops. If that is the case, I need to be careful wearing this the day before work because I work in peoples faces all day (medical field)
  10. This stuff ROCKS!! I received my samples and have been too busy to try out, but the other day put 1/2 dropperful of sample on wrists only because did not want to wait for dry down to get dressed. From 0-90 mph in 5.2 seconds!! Seriously it took about 1-2 minutes and I was on my back getting my first big O for the night. I also sensed more arousal. Potent stuff not for the faint at heart
  11. Well I know that Mara mixes hers(phero enhanced scents) about 33% and I tend to be alittle bit of an oversprayer so I cut down the amount of phero to 20% and that seems to work for me with this. LFM is really strong for me so I mix 10-15% only . You just have to test it out to find your sweet spot, less is more for me except Cougar which I can almost slather
  12. This feels like me only better! Really focused, without being hyper, and an increase in all my senses and I hope I dont sound weird but could see this also increase my 6th sense, you know that feeling of intuition. Sooo- I made 5 pumpkin swirl cheesecakes and 5 side dishes and 3 appetizers in 2 hours, wow I'm the queen in the kitchen and I did it all without panicking like I usually do around the hollidays trying to swing alot of work and then alot of work at home . Damn good stuff FB worthy- oh I only used one spray.
  13. Just need to give an update-Sent a custom made perfume(yeah I make perfume for my family and friends) with about 20% PP added and sent it to my sister. She works for a high end cosmetic company- she has to wear their perfume or something very clean and fresh. Anyways- she called me today and said the day she wore PP she had the best sale day ever. That is saying alot since she has worked for this company for 30 years!! I love it when my family just tried to humor me and think I am nuts, then I prove to them I know what I am talking about!!
  14. Jesus we must be on the same wave length because i just looked this up also!! I gave this book to my daughter and a few years ago and it is her Mantra! Guys have always begged her to go out with them and she just ignores them at the beginning, She is so far from a bitch, she is super nice but this book made an impact. You cant loose if you pair this book with the 4 man plan-watch out Beccah my secret to loving life and succeeding is THE SECRET in daily calendar form 6-8 bucks on Amazon. Every day read an inspiring message, most are just paying attention to all the great stuff going on around you, It only takes 20-30 seconds a day to read, and it has changed my life. The thing I tell myself and my kids is you have to love yourself before you can love others.
  15. I learned that the hard way will add cops to my next FB Ordering Bang right away!
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