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  1. I tried this last night at the New Release party. At first, it is very earthy, it reminded me of Haunted Hollow and Punxsutawney Immortality elixir. As it dries down, it becomes warmer and sweeter, such a pleasant surprise! Perfect for a 5 month pregnant woman 😉
  2. @Potion Master thank you! I am actually going to try to make it to the store this Saturday. I didn't realize how close it is to Portland!(traveling there often)
  3. @PotionMaster: are any of the Halloween 2018 new releases reminiscent of Exotica?
  4. Luna recommended this as a scent reminiscent of LP: Exotica. I will get a sample, but wanted to ask other forums how they think the two compare. Thanks!
  5. Is there another scent reminiscent of this? One that is currently available for purchase. I have a quarter of a sample left and just realized I'm in love with it... Maybe it's the aging of the scent maturing of my nose that caused the shift. So sad it's no longer available ?
  6. Great to hear about the party! Will PM+WM blend be available in trial/dropper bottle form this month? Thank you!
  7. This one reminds me of sweet rice milk with lemon zest. My mom used to make it when I was a child. I love it!!! Also, the honey is a clean, sweet honey on my skin. Great scent, I think I like it better than Caressfull Breeze!
  8. Outside of OCCO Ambrosia 2014, it's been difficult for me to find a cops scent that does not smell smutty to my nose... until this one!!!! I love it, and so does my SO. The honey is sweet, but not dirty or powdery like other honey scents. I was also afraid the milk note will go wonky on my skin, but no! It's definitely full bottle worthy.
  9. Are there any other scents similar to this one(preferably virgin)? I'm running low already.
  10. Wow, I can't believe this is sold out!!! I love it and was hoping for a virgin version.
  11. I've never tried Cougar with Lace, although I do love Lace + topper as well. It gives me a more girly, feminine, fun vibe. There is still glamour and VIP feel there, but in the case of Cougar + Topper I wear bodycon dresses, while in the case of Lace + Topper I wear Stepford wives style dresses (dictated by the selfies)
  12. I ended up wearing this to a work dinner, with Topper. Wow. I felt so glamorous and VIP. And the men were all over me. Talking to me, giving me long looks. I even got messages afterwards about the impact I made on them. And no, not sexual messages, but more along the lines of "you are awesome" or "you looked stunning". This may be one of my new favorites for going out. It definitely makes me feel great about myself, but also more open, which is important for introverted me
  13. How does the OCCO line compare with LP Tropique or fascination potion in terms of concentration? I use about 6 x 2 in stripes of LP Tropique, and now I'm starting to think I'm ODing!
  14. how close would you say it is to "A taste of luxury"? That's one of my favorite LPs, but I don't find it floral. .. more like an expensive perfume. Thank you!
  15. This one is very clean incense-y on me. My husband said is smells like a candle, which is what he usually says of most foodie and/or herbal scents. I don't get candle smell, but it definitely reminds me of a type of incense (must be the frankincense).
  16. Another great SWS scent! I love how fruity it is, and that unlike the PCMP 2 this one smells like fresh apples on me, not baked apples!
  17. So... I accidentally slathered this thinking it was Open Windows, since my husband usually keeps OW in his bathroom drawer, next to his other scents/blends. It was early in the morning, both labels white and blue, and I didn't realize it was SS4M. No wonder people gave me odd looks. People were not talking much to me nor around me. I was very relaxed though, but I think it also made me disengaged and tired. Thinking it was OW, I reapplied in the afternoon. I based it on having an off day, until I got home and saw I had the wrong bottle.
  18. I finally got to try this. I was worried the honey would turn on me, but wow, this is beautiful! It is a honey in between light and smutty. Maybe it's the brown sugar combined with a lighter honey that gives off that vibe. I may start liking this better than Sneaky Clean!
  19. The lemongrass lingered on my skin all day. It's fairly soapy, sharp lemongrass. I was looking forward to a potion with open Windows, but this seems a bit too sharp for me. It might work better after I let it rest for some time.
  20. I love this one. It's the first scent enhanced with LFM that works for me. It's white, but a slightly sweet, soft white potion.
  21. Yes to the Eve of Darkness part! I like that the underlying note is berries and not orange - it's less of a head shop scent from my perspective. Still a little too raisiny for me, but it works on cold winter nights! I think I'd like my husband to try it for me. He currently wears Goal! with Teddy BB when he wants cuddles.
  22. Essence of (green) tea! That's what it is. I couldn't pin point on what it reminded me of. Now I know: Tabby, but it also has a floral aspect to it, like in Betrothal potion. As it lingers on my skin, a slight powdery note emerges.
  23. phergineer


    This one smells like berry tea on my skin. It's fruity, but not fresh berry fruity. I like the red musk doesn't make it smell like a head shop, but it grounds the berries a bit.
  24. phergineer

    Titian Sweet

    This is what I envisioned Pure Sugar to smell like. On my skin, it's more of a soft, spun sugar. I think it would go well as a layering scent, to add sheer sweetness to other potions.
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