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  1. Screw the green...go with North Pole for some gingerbready fallutin comfort in a scarf
  2. Maililyahn, I just found it. Ironically the place is called lovepotionsite.com. Rings a bell but it was so long ago. I think I used it.
  3. I THINK that is from Luv Essentials? Either that or Love Scent APC - Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate Bottle definitely looks familiar. I may have had that in my first exploration into pheros over ten yrs ago.
  4. Mr. Perfect may like the new one "Blue" from November. My guess is that you would like it too. It is classic and classy. I have only tried it once in my sample, but every time I liked something the very first time trying it, it has become a favorite.
  5. Here wind, here's your caution. I'd say wear it anytime. IF he gets too much attention at work, then discontinue using there. He's using Voracious at work. Otherwise, why wouldn't you want to smell good all the time?
  6. Okay, I had to search over in the women's reviews to find something on this. And very limited too. I just tried my trial vial for a 2nd time last night. The first time this did not go on any special list. THIS time it gets elevated to the possible Full Bottle list. I read the description after I put it on and noticed it says to shake the bitch before applying. Maybe I didn't do that the first time? I don't remember. I did this time. I am shaking them all now before using. Anyway, this smelled fabulous last night. There is an X-factor here. During the daytime I wore Dirty Old Man (which is on the eventual Full Bottle list). When I put the Tails of Mystery on, I just put it on right over the DOM. Right before I applied ToM, I could still definitely smell DOM. So this could be the result of a very symbiotic combo of DOM and ToM. LPMP is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get...especially when you combo a couple.
  7. Oh I didn't realized you asked for it. Not a fool then. And as far as a loving home for your DD...no risk I've got your back
  8. Unsniffed! Heavens to Mergatroid even! I have no idea what his 'tastes' are, but report back on if he likes it or not. I don't want to feel guilty if he doesn't like it. I think it is a Winner though. If he doesn't like it, YOU will. And if you don't, I will. (It won't be hard to dump to someone)
  9. In my first order of Full Bottle(s), Steamy Daydreams made the short list of two. Got the spray. The other was Pashazade in oil. This way I will be able to see which way I like the presentation of each.
  10. LoveStruck, I just ordered a Full Bottle of Steamy Daydreams and I have a small (3.5ml) each Unscented of Wanted Man, SS4M, Heart Throb and Charisma. I am going to try all of them (separately of course) with Steamy Daydreams. I think it is great alone and I almost boosted it, BUT I wanted more flexibility with it so I got it un-boosted in spray. Steamy is probably my favorite scent out of the 73 or so I have tried!!!
  11. OHHH...I thought I was supposed to dab it in the crack of my ass!?? No wonder JK- all the normal places - neck, wrists, chest, inside elbow crease, even top of head (I'm a shaved head guy). It dissipates fastest on top of head. I can and do smell the scent a long time throughout the day. I put some on in am, then put a different one on for pm just to get a variety. I put one drop of Heart Throb on inside of left elbow this am and did not cover it with anything. I still smell it and I will tell you I LIKE the smell of it without cover. I told Mara today that it actually smells like my natural sweat. I'm not a stinky guy sweater. But the fragrances last long time on me. halo - it is most likely just a matter of time before I get Sand Box anyway. Such a beachy smell to me. Just comforting and vaca-like. I do like the TMI very much as well
  12. Yes you were close, but NO! My intent is to smell good which I don't think I can go wrong with any of these. I would also like others to think I smell good too! TMI and Sand Box will have to stay on the wanted list for a while longer, for now. I had an email conversation with Heather/halo about Steamy Daydreams. I was thinking about boosting it with SWS and cops. I asked about it because those in a combo may be confusing. I am all about testing things out and pushing the envelope, BUT it would have been an expensive envelope if the combo didn't jive. I also didn't want to pigeon-hole the bottle for only certain situations, SO I went with a spray bottle of regular ole Steamy Daydreams. It is probably my favorite fragrance yet, so I really wanted to have this longer term than just the sample vial. I also went with a bottle of Pashazade. I have only tried my sample once, but immediately put it on the Full Bottle list right away. For me these are two killer fragrances that I will really enjoy wearing. I am still waiting for a beautiful woman to tell me I smell great, though. Maybe I need to wear more? I am have been wearing 2-4 dabs of each scent when I wear them.
  13. Hey ladies, This is a no-brainer. Get at least a sample of this and slap some on your man. Proceed to go down on him, because you'll want to. And if he is a real man he will return said favor ;-). He will wear this again.
  14. I just threw this on and fuck yes! I don't know what ZOMGosh means, but this is an instant love scent. It appears as though a ton of stuff was thrown into the mortar and pestle with this one and I can see where QG says it is deep. I agree and I find that I like "deeper" fragrances as well. I am about to order some Steamy Daydreams which is deep and does magic for my nose. I am definitely getting the cinnamon right away and that is a good thing. With undertones of choc and other spices. I immediately love this one and could give a flying fish if anyone else does. HOWEVER, it would be nice if some of the people with vaginas in this world would like it on me as well (schoolboy pokes through now and then). This is right up there with the best of the best for me. I could pour it on a sundae!
  15. I am going to order my first FULL BOTTLES! I literally am picking one from each of two different groups of three. Here they are: Group A: (I will choose one) Excalibur oil T.M.I. oil w/cops Pashazade oil Group B: (I will choose one) Steamy Daydreams spray w/pheros & cops (considering SWS phero, but does this clash w/cops?) Sand Box oil w/ Teddy BB Salute! spray Can you guess which ones I will get and/or do you have opinions on my choices?
  16. Alright Girls, I took one from out of the page of the ladies on these forums. This came to me as a very small sample (unasked for and thanks Mara!), I guess these are called 'sniffee's'. I see all you ladies wearing men's fragrances. Well I tried this one and come to find out I like it. I think it might be more appropriate to wear to sleep rather than around town, but hey, it smells good. I like eet.
  17. Okay so tried Blue two days ago. What I can take away from it is that it smells classy. I'm not taking away an asian hint as others are. It gave me a personal feel of 'you da man.' I am a confident fella anyway, but this just made me feel like 'you should all be looking at me.' Kinda silly, yes, but that's just how it made me feel. I always try things a few times before final judgement. On first try this is a potential Full Bottle.
  18. CerisLou, I'm only a few months in myself. Watch yourself...I've already made three orders hahah!!! Also I am in the VAST minority being a guy. It is great to hear the women playing tricks to seduce their men into the natural fun ;-) Welcum aboard
  19. After a few more hours this smells remarkably like Sugared Frankincense & Myrrh to me...
  20. I wore this one last night and had some difficulty with it. Something in there was harsh to my nose. Not sure what, but it was smackin' me. I will definitely use the entire trial vial, this will take getting used to. I have noticed other scents I have liked after trying them more than once. We shall see...
  21. I am wearing this one right now and find it probably more feminine than masculine. It smells great though and I would love it on a female for sure. Just wearing around the house right now with no interactions so I can't comment on the pheros or other's perceptions of the smell. Very sweet to me, but I pick up more of the sweet notes anyway. Smells very good.
  22. Hey Y'all, (I have to say that now that I have arrived in TX for the Winter). Thanks a ton for the responses concerning oil or spray. I guess I will just have to try both, right? Then I will be able to see which I like best. I am wearing Unisexy 2014 right now and I can say that I would love this on a girl/woman/broad/chick/honey/etc. My olfactory tends to pick up sweet notes first. Very Vanilla-ey with some amber in the background. Is there even amber in this one? I'm not sure this is very manly, but I like the smell so to anyone who may think I'm a little soft, I guess - 'F' off! Hahah I wore Elementary Chapter 5 last night and I am going to have to try that one again. It seemed a little harsh to me last night (around the house). So far that one is a no go. I am just getting into trying these Nov trials. Good times.
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