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  1. Everything I have is a sample vial so far. So those are oils. The only one in spray is Voracious, oh and the three Essential Waters scents I have. I am considering both options (oil & spray) for Full Bottle and I am glad you made the suggestion. I was going to post about that very thought. What do most people use? Oil or spray? And why? Sprays are a good percentage more cost-wise. Is it because there is that much more product? Will it last longer? Just curious to know preferences of oil vs spray from the Full Bottle users.
  2. I don't know what Moon Eyes are, but if they stare at your pelvis and then lick their Moon Lips, then okay! That's the pitcher of Margaritas talking. I don't know what it is, but I still have not had one woman say a dang thing about any scents I have worn yet. I am not wearing them to be complimented, I am wearing them because I like them. BUT it seems so many people get compliments about what they wear. Voracious is obvious, they don't have to tell me, but they HAVEN'T. I always ask a woman what she is wearing when she smells good, and tell her she smells delicious.
  3. I read a LOT about the NIP and I am definitely looking forward to trying that one out. Plus it say Girl Nip in the title ;-) And as far as narrowing it down, it is not like I don't like the other scents. I just like these ones listed tops.
  4. Okay so... I have tried 48 of the 51 samples and another has hit the list. I like all of these in their own way, however there are 15 that I love enough. It appears one of them is sold out, so I may try and see if there are any samples of it left. The ones that I love enough for Full Bottle are (in no particular ranking: Steamy Daydreams - This one is delicious and I am surprised it is not more revered on here. Full bottle at some point. Thrill of the Chase - I just really like the smell of this. It also has the Hunter Trapper phero in it. I have no reports on any of the pheros yet. Just the smells. Valhalla - FB's Sold Out. Need to check on any remaining samples. Dirty Old Man - This one makes ME horny. I don't know about the ladies, but makes me crave oral sex! Dive in. Salute - I don't even remember why, but it is on my list. I write them down while I am wearing them. I will remember next time I am wearing it. Also has a phero in it, but...I don't remember! Tonka Musk - I don't like the picture of the dude on it (LOL), it should be my picture on it, BUT I think the smell is captivating. I wore it at a softball game and one of my friends said, "You powdered up, nice!" It does have a powdery effect for a while, but overall this one just smells great on me I think. Lucero - Great scent. I get a lot of the coconut with the wheat and poppy poking in here and there too. North Pole - I love Ginger (see, I even capitalized it) and this smells fantastic! I was told I would have comments from the ladies while wearing this. Nothing yet, but I love it and that matters more to me. Sand Box - This smells really good and beachy. I wore this last night and just kept smelling my wrist. Voracious - I am not afraid of the foodie scents. This one is magnetic to ladies. I have not gotten any comments on it, but did not need to. It was obvious. TMI - Another sweet scent. Also boosted with TMI pheros. The Hunter and the Woodland Nymph - I am wearing this right now. It's funny, just like I wrote about Salute above. I didn't remember why I liked it, but wrote it down. Now that I am wearing it again I know I really like it. More of a classic cologne, maybe? Goal! - Another scent that comes off a little sweet to me, in a good way. My expectations for this one were low being a sporty themed scent. But Oh was I wrong. It also has pheros involved. I think MVP. Love Potion: Homme - I wasn't really looking that forward to this one either. I tried the Love Potion #9 a couple times and I am not crazy about it. I suspected it would be similar. It is not even close. This is much different and in my opinion I love the scent enough to wear often. Pashazade - I just ried this the other day for the first time. I immediately loved it. Such a different smell and welcoming too. I think it's got pheros as well. Again, I don't pick them for the pheros. Smell and how I feel wearing them. There are three that I still have not tried yet. Based on the percentages of 15 out of 48 above, I will most likely add one of them to the list. One of them is Super and I understand that this is UN with SS4M. I already know that I am not crazy about UN. I don't dislike it, but there are so many I have listed that I like a LOT better. Here are the three I haven't tried yet: Eternal Sunshine Super for Men Fronds with Benefits for Men I have the 10 samplers for November ordered along with two freebies - Moon of the Falling Leaves and Soul Food. A couple of these new ones on the way are certainly sparking my interest. Laissez Les Bon Temps Rulez!
  5. A roofied ho... that may play into some guy's abnormal fantasy
  6. I am a little relieved that it's for the gals. I just purchased the November Sampler and some Unscented phero mixes on top of that. Sheesh, all I need to do is turn right around and get more. Although it sounds like I would fit right in with this crowd if I were to do so. I am getting close to ordering my first full bottle after having tried 47 of my 51 samples so far!!! I love having so many very different smells to play with!
  7. I guess you could say that less is more here. Three ingredients? Wheat, Coconut and Poppy? Where do you come up with these Mara? I think luna said something about clean. Yes indeed, clean. Not sure what I like the most about this. Sometimes you get a little coconut, which I like. Then what? The wheat or poppy, I don't know. But it all smashed in together (I'm sure Mara is a little more delicate than I am describing) comes out fantastic. This makes a list of potential full bottle. I am just trying so many darned ones, then you create more every month too! I literally have 14 on a list of potential bottles, yet I am ordering more samples. This one is worthy.
  8. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one mainly because of the name. Of all of the men's or unisex scents I have tried, I am not falling in love with Love Potion #9. I made a false assumption that Love Potion: Homme would have some similarities. Wrongo buddy boy. This is completely different and completely better to my nose. I don't shy away from the sweet ones. I think this combination goes very well together. I am tending to like the deeper scents and I think this one falls into that category. This would also be a great cover scent to any unscented pheros. I like
  9. I just read this and I had to tell you that Dirty Old Man makes me HORNY! Worth a go!
  10. Aah Snoopyace you've said the word that describes it...MAGNETIC. I wore this out for the first time Saturday night. I ran into this gal that I met the night before while she was out with a group of her friends from a town about an hour away. She came up and said hi right when she saw me. We were at the same place we met the night before. Boring, right? Anyway, all of her friends came and said hey as well. But this particular one kept coming back. Each time staying a little longer and flirting a little more. Nose in my ear talking really close. It was like a...MAGNET. Grabbing me and dancing with me. I flat out called her out - Diamond on the finger! Yup married. Anyway, that made it even easier for me to deal with her as I wanted nothing out of it. Anyway, she would leave and each time the length of time shortened before she came back. Once she even said "I just can't stay away. You are so sexy." We did some close dancing, she did a lot of sighing and I just smiled. Now I really liked the Voracious smell. She never commented on it, but it was clear she liked it too. Now, to be fair, I had on four sprays of Voracious from the small sample bottle. I don't know how many sprays that would be from a regular bottle. BUT, I also coupled that with 3 drops of True Essence from True Pheromones. TE is their cops product. Smelled a lot like cantaloupe. I used the Voracious to cover the TE and it covered it like a masterpiece. Couldn't smell anything but the Voracious. The night did end fairly innocently as we gave each other a small peck on the neck (promise that was all, just one), except I felt like messing with her and gave her the ever so slight bite along with the peck. OOOh the look she gave me after that. And she knew I was teasing her at that point. I would never have sex with another man's Wife, but I don't have a problem flirting with them. I will definitely be experimenting more with Voracious, both with and without other pheros. I like it!
  11. Snoopy, I don't care if they do love it or not (I guess I really do) because I think it is amazing for me. On my first wear this is one of my favorites! Also, I left a post on your "Mark's Girl Nip Boosted with..." I was asking you about P83 as you have stated that you used it a lot in the past. If you would either post a reply here or on that post I would greatly appreciate it. I have some P83 and could use a few pointers in usage suggestions and how it worked for you. I did send you a request to 'add me as a friend' whatever that means. I've seen you post on Pherotruth as well and it appears you are an experienced user of several pheros. I am very glad to have taken a chance on LPMP. Some of these scents are just so money!
  12. First time trying this today as I roll through my 50 different samples! This one is awesome!!! This works very well for my nose. Simply wearing at home right now, but need to go to the store soon. The scent changes for me with every whiff. The vanilla is delicious. There is sometimes a spice scent, sometimes a woodsy scent. I don't know how a lady could resist me in this. I barely can.
  13. Woke up with this still faintly on my forearms and it still smells very good. I really like this one.
  14. Snoops, I know this is digging up an old post, but i am curious about two things here. The Mark's Girl Nip sounds like it had amazing reviews. I don't believe they have this anymore. Do they re-brew it ever. I suppose I should ask Mara. Part 2: You stated that you are an experienced user of P83 from Androtics Direct. I have some of that and I would greatly appreciate any tips on uses for it. Coupling it with any other pheros or if you used it stand alone. It was very interesting to me in forums so I got some, but not sure what to couple it with or how much to use, etc. If you could shed me some light on your experiences I'd love it.
  15. Got the trial yesterday and tried it yesterday afternoon. Very good manly scent. I wish I could pick out more notes like most of you in this forum. I certainly can tell if I like it or not. I definitely like it. I just noticed the open Windows is in there too. I wore it around the house on my own, so can't really report on pheros. I am usually in a good mood anyway, so if it is a moodlifter I was already there. Smellies goodies
  16. I can just picture myself singing (in a Black Sabbath sort of way)... I...am...Maple Man! Duh...Duh...Duh, Duh, Duh......Dudda, Dudda, Dudda Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh! It lasts forever. A little goes a long way. Being originally from Vermont, of course I like it. It's weird though.
  17. Gonna have to try this one a c few more times. First review is very citrusy/lemony. Jury is still out.
  18. I just got a trial size of this yesterday. Tried it tonight and I think this smells great. I only put one dab on and smudged it between wrists and forearms. I am like my frickin dog with all the sniffing I keep doing. It is really good to hear the gals' reviews of these men's fragrances. Although I like just about every one I am sampling, I wonder what the ladies will think of them. Sometimes I find them a little powdery after a while. Still very good, but powdery or sweet. I wore UN today on my torso and that just doesn't go away. Not a bad thing, but it sticks with me a long time. The Tonka Musk is so very different and it makes me want to keep sniffing. The picture's gotta go though, c'mon, that guy looks like he's having fun, BUT he's a dude and we are dudes. More asses like on Sandy Bottom...NICE! Tonka Musk is great to my nose.
  19. What to me was a simple question...blew up...for no reason. Anyway, thank you Sputnick for your suggestions. Everyone just needs to be careful how they type. You cannot hear typing, therefore do not know the tone of said typing. luna, if you meant no jabs, I believe it is right to give you "the benefit of doubt" and trust this is true. Therefore, I must've taken your post in an unintended way...my bad. I went ahead and sent an email to Mara. To my surprise and delight she called me within minutes to discuss "dosing", etc. A very good conversation indeed. For anyone interested, it appears around 4 of my "dabs" would most likely equate to the application that Mara would apply (roller belly button up to the goods). That leaves me with what Sputnick stated and Mara told me that somewhere in the range of 2-4 "dabs" would be the intended range to start with, THEN whatever works for you can be worked in - up or down. Kudos to Mara for calling me. Very classy to take the time to answer my question over the phone and be glad to do it. I told her that her products are very cool and that I am enjoying testing them. Looking very much forward to the even larger stash I have on the way in the mail. Try 2-4 dabs. Now that would have been very easy to say. Love you all. Peace Thank you Mara for calling. I enjoyed our conversation! HappyGoSkillfully
  20. I don't know what mansplaining is, nor do I need to or want to. It sounds like darts are being tossed. I avoid negativity.
  21. And what is the perspective that I approach the process of using these mixes? And who are "we?" Do tell...
  22. Okay, okay. That is definitely more specific. That would make these sample trial vials last a very loong time then if only using between 1-3 swipes. Those swipes are less than one of the droplets I have been describing. I am not a French whore ;-), but that doesn't seem like much to use at all. Now I wonder how people are going through so many bottles that I read about. How often are people re-applying? Wait...let me guess - that's up to you/me hahah...I kill me, LOL All in good fun kids SIGH
  23. QG, You swipe with the trial size vials? These are what I am working with. I have actually tried to drag the vial across my arm, keeping it on my skin so not to spill all over, and that produces less than if I were to tilt it upside down and right side up to get a droplet. And...I know it depends on the person. I mentioned that in two other posts on here. You can't tell me the person who concocted these potions didn't have a target dosage or ballpark. That would be completely throwing darts into a mixture then and saying "everybody is different, you figure it out." This is not meant to be an argument, but in the name of science, could someone who has made one of these potions please chime in and give me a hint? Please. Please. Bueller...Bueller...
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