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  1. On another note, best seller doesn't always mean best...thinkin' sheep following herd sort of thing. As stated before, I seeked this site out for something different, therefore intriguing smelling.
  2. I suppose if Cry Havoc! smells better, I can always fill in gaps with some pheromones then. Thanks for the help peeps!
  3. I think I was leaning toward Crayon: Burnt Umber for the sole adolescent reason it was listed as sexual. Yep 46!
  4. Awesome description...I'll go with the North Pole. I kinda like being drooled over and especially eaten up ;-)
  5. Same deal...I will choose one in trial vial. Getting a bunch of others. Opinions?
  6. Thx for replies. Way to jump on it guys/gals. Both get very good reviews. I think I am leaning toward North Pole because it is 'different'. That is why I came to this site, looking for different scents, to stand out if you will. Unless, of course, I hear something overwhelming from someone else.
  7. As the title suggests. Would you rather smell Excalibur or North Pole on a fairly attractive, fit fella? I'm 46, BUT am very healthy and appear anywhere from 28-38 on any given day. Talk to me :-)
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