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  1. Nobody acknowledging the points I make or providing the evidence I ask for... Do I say "you're not listening and btw I think you're a man"? Of course not. That would be cray cray. No worries, I get it. You've all dug your heels in so deep on this one, you can't admit that maybe you overreacted just a tad. That would be WAY too much pride to swallow. I'm not looking for an apology, I just hope that the next time a new member makes a few posts, you don't jump down their throat. If you don't like what they're saying, don't participate in the discussion. Negative and toxic a
  2. When have I "not listened"? Example please? We agree on almost everything, when have I disputed anything anyone said? When have I "dissed EoW"? Example please? Saying maybe it would be nice to have variations is hardly "dissing it". And as for not posting a 'introduction' thread/building my reputation first... what does that have to do with ANYTHING? This topic isn't about me (or anyone), it's about a severely under discussed topic, and somehow it got turned into a personal hazing. If you felt the barely 8 posts I made were "going in circles" (don't see how that's possible,
  3. I don't expect anyone to rush to my defense, there's the 1000+post clique, and then there's me, I get it. But before bedtime, I invite everyone to go back and reread all the replies starting with eggers on page 1 (I just did). There was no negativity, just a calm, rational discussion. Then, around mid way down page two, the unprovoked attacks started. I guess maybe somebody got offended when I said "stuck with EoW" (which I quickly clarified, saying I meant it's a problem of options, not quality). If anyone was upset by that then I apologize. I shouldn't have used the word "stuck", I'm sor
  4. You're joking right? This is probably one of the least discussed topics ever. If you feel the barely one page of discussion was already getting old, this is clearly not the subject for you. Debate is, in essence, selling an idea. But to jump to the conclusion that I have some hidden agenda, or I am trying to take your money, that's insane. I even flat out said I am not a perfumer/business. Yet you continue to insist there is no need to have this discussion. You are making my point for me. There simply has not been much (successful) exploration in this space. I think
  5. @Dolly/hearts - Whoa, where did all that come from? First of all, the personal attacks are unnecessary. Questioning my sexual orientation is insulting. I am NOT a lesbian, but yes I have been with women in the past. If your goal was to shame me into admitting that, congratulations. Have I ever smelled EoW before? I've been talking about it this whole time, of course I have, when have I ever said anything negative about it? Why not just use my own scent? Again, this has already been addressed on page 1. And you can't keep saying "EoW is all you need", while also acknowledging that "all wome
  6. You are 100% right, I agree. The point is, the "straight-up cooch scent" can amplify the effect greatly. I would argue that the "straight-up cooch scent" can work on its own, even if no pheromones are present. And glad to hear you've had so much success with EoW lol! I can relate to your story, you are making my point exactly! But wouldn't it be nice to have a few other options, maybe even ones that work better?
  7. I guess the thing that's most baffling is - if there was a cologne for men that instantly forced women to think about sex, it would fly off the shelves. Women have always had such a tool at our disposal, but for some reason it hasn't been talked about much (and that is why we're here). Why has nobody really explored this idea? I think luna65 hit the nail on the head when she talked about society making women feel ashamed of their natural scent. But maybe it's wrong to care if society approves. And just to be clear, I am not advocating that women should smell like walking vaginas. But
  8. I didn't mean stuck with EoW as in it's a bad product, I meant stuck with EoW as in it's the ONLY product. As has been mentioned here several times, no two women smell alike, so only have one option is limiting. Never heard anyone mention Aja or SLF before... but do they really attempt to capture this particular smell? How do they compare to the dirty/cheesy smell of EoW?
  9. Well not exactly. We got side tracked after halo mentioned the whole used panties thing (never really thought about it before). But the original intention of the thread was to discuss the idea that scent alone (with or without pheromones) could be used as a perfume/male attention grabber. If it mimicked 'that part' of the female anatomy. I am not a perfumer myself, so I have no way of making any money off this idea. I posted here on the forums because I was hoping to get the opinion of others who understood the power of scent/pheromones. I also posted here hoping to hear from someone at LP
  10. Hah I've heard good things about that show. How were they faking the smell?
  11. I talked to one of my stripper friends and mentioned the whole 'synthetic used panties' idea. Apparently she knows some women who have made a killing selling their panties online. Assuming you could mass produce the 'perfume', it seems like there could be a lot of money here... This may not be the best place to ask, but has anyone ever heard of women doing this before? I suppose there is an ethical argument to be made, but the whole porn/sex industry is based on fantasy anyway, so I don't think it's wrong to sell people 'fake' panties, IF the aroma is convincing.
  12. @Rose - I have heard of that perfume, never smelled it though... An excellent point. Add this to the list of possible applications. A woman could make a FORTUNE selling panties that could be 'mass produced' (chuckling as I write this). But seriously, imagine if you didn't have to wear them all day. I would be tempted to try this with EoW, but I think you'd need to use quite a bit in order for the scent to linger long enough on fabric... And you're right, each woman does smell different, based on many factors (like the ones mentioned in this thread: diet, ph, etc...). So there woul
  13. @Rose - It's interesting you mention civet. It reminded me of American Hustle, where Jennifer Lawrence says her perfume has almost a foul scent to it (flowers and garbage or something). There is something sexual about dirty/musky almost foul scents, perhaps a throwback to our primal days before we washed so often. Is it a coincidence that vaginas smell dirty/musky almost foul? This is news to me. Other than the products mentioned in this thread, I am not aware of any that aren't maksed by strong floral scents. (I will have to check out Cats Eye, thanks StacyK). After a quick
  14. It's nice to find other women who 'get it'. Scent alone is such a powerful evoker of emotion/desire. For example, I love the smell of cinnamon, because it is deeply anchored to childhood memories of Christmas time. To my knowledge, there are no pheromones in cinnamon, but it still has a very powerful effect on my mood. I think for men (and lesbian/bisexual women), the raw pungent smell of a vagina works the same way. So although the science behind copulins/pheromones is still in its infancy, if we could merely replicate the odor portion of the equation, I think that may be enough. I'v
  15. I agree. It's shocking that this concept has been around since ancient Egypt, and nobody has capitalized on it. When a company can accurately synthesis the smell of a healthy fertile vagina, women (AND men, for different reasons) will line up to hand over their wallets. And before anyone asks 'why not just use your own scent', there are a few problems with that. First, as many women know, as we age, our scent changes. Also, different times of the month can result in different scents. And, if you're on the pill, you may not have much of a scent at all. Thus, a synthetic alternative would be
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