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  1. Thanks i was wondering withone to get but will do te Ambrosia one
  2. Oh thanks again i am going to check the scwnts available
  3. Thanks girls, After reading the description i thinn SS4W it would be cool for work and the effect i am looking for, so i am gonna get it. Will get the Lace plus cops for intimate time too. Want to get some just copulins for intimate too, and i think i will do better with te occo than eith the eow oil... But how do you apply it? The eow is applyed by drops and and i want to get the occo in spray? So how many sprays equate a drop? Oh cool, the phero unscented blends can be added to perfume, i am gonna check out the ones available, thanks for telling me
  4. Thanks Dolly, do Lace plus cops smells as strong as essence of woman? I am reading the post about copulins, maybe i could get the lace plus cops dor intimates times, and get something else to work. I would like something that will put the attention on me and help me stand out and be seen very attractive, considering all the girls working are pretty and have great bodies, something that make me stand out on mens eyes wich equals more $$$, instead of being seen as just one of them. Hope i am making sence, cos english is not my first language
  5. Thanks Dolly, i am going to read your journal and the threads I know copulins smell thats why i though having then add to another potion will be less smelly that buying plain copulins. I will use them with caution
  6. Yeah stalkers are annoying but i normally get rid of them well, as i say i have a dont mess with me vibe naturally that is excellent in this cases, even do i want to appear softer to the guys i like and hoping to achieve this with pheros. Lace seem perfect for what i want, and i am really sure i want the copulins ?. Copulins is the only pheromone i have tried twice at work, and it was a very big success. A girl who works with me told me 2 months ago she will share her secret with me and told me about copulins. I wanted to try them right away but she said it was better if next day id go to her house one hour before work and try the copulins. The ones she have are essence of woman, she gave me 4 drops and the thing smelled sooo bad, she told me not to worry and after a while she applied pink sugar perfume on me and the smell dissapeared. We both did great at work that day, people only had eyes for us, not for any of the other girls. At the end of the night i could smell the copulins on me again but seemed anyone else noticed. She put copulins on me anoter day and again a great sucess. Thats how i started finding info, learned there was other pheromones and come across love potions magikal perumerie, cos i wanted the copulins effect but something that would not smell so bad. I know all cops will smell but those essence of woman are really too smelly
  7. Ok cool, thanks for telling me, i though the most cops it contained the strongest the effect. Ordering in spray.. Whats the difference between the one that is x1, the one that is x2 and the one that is x3? And would it be better all alcohol or alcohol mixed with oil?
  8. Thanks for the replies girls , it is possible to add to Lace double dose of copulins if i want it ti be very strong? I have seem that you can chose the sprays x1, x2 and x3... What does this means? I work as a gogo dancer in clubs and discos, so i live mostly at night, i want to wear them to work, to go out mostly at night as well in my free days, and to the gym ( which is the only thing i mostly do at day time), cos my gym is full of hot guys lol Thats why i wanted very strong in cops and to be strong for sexual attraction, and i want to give off the marilyn vibe. Bang and supper sexy looks good too, but eould they give me the marylin thing? Heart an soul and Cuddle Bunnie seem more like bonding thing and good connections etc, for what i understood by the description, but t moment is not what i am looking for i think
  9. Hi all, I am new and need help deciding what phero blend to order. I am 36 but everyone thinks i am 26, fit, tall ( definetely taller than many men in my country), i am very alpha female, too much i think, the vibe i send out is a bit bitchy, agressive and too strong and non approachable. All guys tell me they was scared to come tall to me before meeting me thinking i would tell me off. I am sure i want a product with many copulins on it, as main thing i want fron pheromones is men desiring me sexually a lot. I found out some products like Lace gave a sweet marilyn like vibe and i would like to habe that kind of vibe... My worry is i have read at another forum that those kind of pheros dont work well is you are very alpha, and i am, but i dont want anything that would make me more alpha. In the outside i look very femenine barbie girl but my personallity does not match that and it is intimidating. Do you think Lace will help me come out as more Marilyn type? I have seen copulins can e added to Lace, would that be strong enough to inspire a lot of sexual attraction or should i go for Like a MAgnet and forger about the Marilyn vibe? Or maybe do you think another potion would be best for me? Whatever i chose i want it to be hight on pheros specially copulins,and i want to avoid the pheros that give alpha vibe. Thanks very much
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