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  1. Typing this as I enjoy the aroma of my sample, just a little dab on either side of my neck. Have not tried it in public yet, but I could wear this every day. Really digging it! Is there a section of the forums where we request re-makes? I'd like to put a vote in for Pashazade sans pheromones. Would totally buy a full bottle. Yum.
  2. Enjoyed a great day yesterday while wearing Voracious. 1 spray to my chest and one to my neck after morning shower. The reason I'm here to write about it is that I noticed an exceptionally high number of positive, friendly, more talkative-than-usual interactions with people throughout the day. This is all anecdotal, of course, and could have been because it was a beautiful day and everyone, including me, was in a good mood. But in comparing past interactions with specific people to interactions we had yesterday, I noticed a significant uptick in friendly gestures. For example, I was standing in line at the grocery store, and the lady in line next to me offered for me to go ahead of her. It was really nice of her and I totally didn't expect it. I didn't, but thanked her. A few minutes later the lady working the checkout line (who I go to every time because she has the most beautiful blue eyes, but is normally shy and soft spoken) started a conversation with me about the lip balm I was buying. She put it to her nose and smelled it, and said, "Mmm, smells good. You're stocking up, I see." (I bought three). I laughed and said that "Yeah, I keep losing them." I was trying to keep it friendly, but also didn't want to hold up the line for people behind me. But she *kept talking*, and was getting flirty. "Well, stop doing that.", she teased. "I always lose mine, too, and buy more, but then find the ones I thought were lost. So they're never really lost." Lots of eye contact, smiling, and not caring at all about the line. By that time I was just smiling and agreeing with her to hasten my polite exit. Later that night I went to my son's school for our group teacher-parent meeting, where the teacher brings all the parents up to speed on what's going on with the kids. I gave my neck another light spray of Voracious about an hour before I got there. I ran into a married couple (parents with a child in a different grade than mine) in the parking lot on my way in, who I'm friendly with but don't know well. But they're super cool. First the husband gave me a giant smile and shook my hand; he was genuinely happy to see me. I said hello to his wife (with a friendly smile. I didn't offer my hand or a hug), who in the past has always been friendly but reserved. She said hello with a big smile and then initiated & gave me the nicest hug. Wow. The rest of the evening I noticed similar things. Big smiles, more eye contact, and longer conversation lengths from people I was talking with (both men and women). I think Voracious is pretty awesome.
  3. Oookay. Yeah, that's a big one and reason enough to cover up a bit. This made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and good humor, Eggers! I'm happy to be here.
  4. Just got this last week. Wearing this by itself, today. No cover. Two 1-inch dabs of the roll-on on each side of my neck after my morning workout and shower. One thing that surprises me - neither my wife or son noticed the scent. Everyone was running around getting ready for school and work, though, so that may be why. I can totally smell it any time I move around. I really like it - to me it smells like I have a 'real' cologne on, even though this is unscented. Had it on for about four hours, now, just working alone in home office. Really digging scent - I could wear this every day. I've also been a low-grade turned-on all morning. Not sure if it's the scent or just me. Or both. My question to more experienced members - is there a good reason to wear cover over this, aside from additional smell-good? I mean, do some people find Super Sexy for Men (unscented) offensive due to the pheromones? Because I'm feeling inclined to roll this way frequently...
  5. Exactly! I should mention that my goal is not to get hits from my public wearing of the fragrances. I do like to flirt, and love positive attention from women (and people in general). A smile is enough to make me happy, so if the fragrance helps in that regard - awesome. Thanks for the welcome, quietguy. I really enjoy your contributions to this forum.
  6. Hello all. Just discovered pheromones, these products, and this forum on Monday. What a great community of intelligent, kind and funny people! I feel like I stumbled onto a hidden gem. After reading many of the excellent reviews; ordered Voracious (along with Super for Men). Here's a quick share of observations about Voracious thus far. First off - I'm digging Voracious for myself a little more than Super. Super smells ok, just pretty sweet for me. But Voracious smells *goood*, heightens my mood, turns me on, and makes me want to get out there amongst people. Put Voracious on this morning after my wife went to work and drove my son to his school. It's school policy to walk your child in and have them greet the teacher every morning, so I was looking forward to observing some Mom reactions while I was there. Didn't notice anything, but I still felt sexy. :-) Later on, my wife came home from work at lunchtime (I work from home office) with a bad headache. She got horizontal on the sofa and asked me to put my healing hand on her forehead. I sat beside her and laid my hand across her head. And this is where I noticed something different: She reached out, grabbed two fist-fulls of my t-shirt, and pulled me down onto her. She wrapped her arms around me, buried her face in my neck, and clung tightly to me. <- Never happened before; at least not in the context of having a bad headache. I sensed it could go further, but was supposed to be on a conference call within the next 5 minutes and just cozied with her until I had to (literally, gently tear) away from her. That's it so far. 1/2 day's worth of Voracious, and one hit. From a lady with a terrible headache. :-) I'll share more as I experience it.
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