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  1. Thanks you guys! I have a nice wishlist going now. Plus I just saw the november announcement. The labels alone makes me super excited for whats to come. Between this site and the up coming holiday shopping I'm going to be flat broke by the end of Nov. LoL
  2. I have been eagerly waiting for this announcement! Yay, So excited!!!!! And the labels are to die for! Now I get my chance to really play with the pheromas blends.
  3. Lady Sekhmet

    Red Fyre

    This has become my personal favorite. Every time I've worn it I've gotten compliments on it. I've gotten told either I smell like red hots or cloves cigarettes or that I smell like I was at a bon fire.All smells that I love. I love that it lingers for a long hours too. I've worn it work (12hrs shifts) and still smell traces of it on my way home. I just ordered a full bottle of it and is considering ordering more. I think I'm in love.
  4. Thank you. You guys are a friendly bunch. Bluebear I'm in love with your avi! So cute. Thank you. I might try that because I only know he is not fond of candy like sweet smells. I was able to check out the EOW video while I was at work. Very informative. I can't wait to see more. Thank you. Cougar is also on my list.
  5. Thank you all!!! And now i know I'm getting cuddle bunny for sure. I'm gonna try to hold off on my next order till the next sampler is out so I can play with all the pheros. :-) My experience has been strange though. So far I've tried Phero girl, horny, and compromising position on the bf and I've gotten minimal to no reaction. Expect the phero girl. He didn't care for me smelling, as he put it, like a baby. So it's back to the drawing board for him. The interesting part was when I went out with my strangely way more touchy than normal gay bff later that same night. That was a lesson
  6. Thank You Cutie Pie! And that's great news! I can't wait to try!
  7. Hello Lovelies, I've been lurking the forum for quite a bit of time and decided to finally join in on the fun. I'm still pretty new to perfume oils and pheromones. However, what started out as a curiosity experiment has turned into a love I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to afford. Lol Anyways, after getting my october sampler I realize there is so much I want to learn and try. There are a few full bottles I know I want (Love Potion #9, Flying Potion '14, Red Fyre) but I'm open to recommendations. Especially for the pheromones. I've had some interesting results but st
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