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  1. I'm also heading toward menopause and find sexology great for selfies it increases my libido and makes everything more intense- I love it - partner isn't crazy about the scent but I think the scent is part of the selfies I get- but I'm going to try mixing some unscent with a scent he likes - when I wore compromising positions it was crazy good (haven't had the energy to try it again yet ;-) LFM always gets me attention from men but cougar is a much more friendly flirting kind of attention- and I have been wearing flying potion a lot for self effects of mood elevation- I notice a distinct di
  2. not sure where to post this- My daughter and I had the chance to visit the store last month and it was wonderful Mara was so nice- letting me smell and try all kinds of things- I went kind of crazy buying samples- she has so many pretty things- she was so welcoming She even gave my daughter a special baby gift -
  3. I wore this in la femme rouge to a company function and my boss who never I mean never compliments me on my appearance past me in the hall he literally did a double take and said something to himself and when I said excuse me I didn't hear you He gave me a shocked look like he did realize he'd said anything out loud - then he said you look really good tonight - it was like he was dumbfounded.. The following Monday he can up and hugged me and said he wanted to tell me how much I reminded him of Stevie Nicks when I was dancing- I said I'll take that as a compliment and he said that's how he ment
  4. Help can't find your etsy shop..:(

  5. Do you think gotch would go well with LP red?
  6. It went fairly well- thanks you guys - she listened ordered X-rays and gave me some meds( I hurt my back and I'm leaving on vacation.. She was very through and I was surprised she gave me meds for the pain- they usally won't if their not your primary doc.
  7. I love this sent - can anyone tell me if they have added phros to it and if so what- if not what would you recommend -
  8. I'm at the doctors right now waiting to see someone I haven't seen before- I just ran out to my car and put this on..after reading the post -hope it works some magic..
  9. I don't know how you guys can indenify all those notes- that's amazing.. I can get floral,green,citrus and smells like incense-but that's two more then when started lol
  10. I know in the past when I have found someone especially attractive I have joked it must be the pheromones - just knowing about phenomenons in general before I knew about wearing them in sents- I came across LP and using pheromes when researching love potions after a friend gave me a "love potion" that never failed to "hit" but I some how lost it- interesting thing is I'eve had amazing hits from the social pheromones but the only romantic hit has came from LP red
  11. Where do you sell your jewlery? I Live very close to you so my daughters been wondering if you have a store front and so have i?
  12. My daughter suffers from anxiety disorder and has been experiencing Paralyzing anxiety attacks due to dealing with an ex and a custody case her dr. Prescribed Xanax which she feels like she can't take because she can't focus at work and it makes her feel like a zombie I have unisexy and beautiful dreamer - what would be some of your recommenions? I'm also placeing an order soon - I love beautiful dreamer for relaxing before bed but I don't see it stoping a anxiety attack at least Not for me.. But then I have a high tolerance to sedatives.. All advice appreciated..
  13. So far this is my favorite- mostly because of the selfies this just makes me in a good mood and relaxes me I'm finding myself much less irritable when I'm wearing it- (I'm very premenopausal) one thing I'eve noticed I get a lot of "hits" from men in my age group 45-55ish they are much more flirty -but when I wear LFM I get more "hits" from younger guys (the 30 somethings) but I don't notice any selfies. I'm Sure there is some science behind this- I m finding this all fascinating
  14. Just dropped and broke my mega watt sample bottle in the entry way of my office building and soaked in to the carpet. Curious to see if evey one is productive the rest of the day-
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