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  1. on a positive note, even in a case of 'buildup" from regular use, the pheromone concentrations here are in micrograms as opposed to daily intake of 5-10 mg daily intake of supplemental pregnenolone
  2. that's the meo est Stacy i'm interested to know where you found the info regarding absorption into bloodstream? of course I'm willing to take risks but a calculated one so to speak. and I agree with you... loving LP for being transparent with blends and looking out for the best interests of their clients... not only being effective but being safe
  3. actually I just found that silicon and silicone are different with the former being naturally derived and can be found in quartz and sand while the latter being synthetically derived and is the one you were referring to with regard to breast implants. I'm pleased to find that in the context of pheromone and perfume blends, silicon is totally safe and inert. this is also backed up by Mara from this thread: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=6120&hl=%2Bpheromone+%2Bsafe&do=findComment&comment=157619 at least even with hesitations and questions about pherom
  4. hehehhe so I've been doing some research on pheromones and can't quite find enough solid info on safety with regards to hormonal balance... please correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that pheromones are hormone derivatives mostly (meaning they are the byproducts of hormones that have broken down) and so 'don't really pose a risk' with regard to affecting hormone balance (especially oestrogen balance being a girl and all).. i'm loving this whole pheromone adventure and how it can enhance social lives and opportunities but i'm really particular with what I put on or in my body too. like parabe
  5. I'm concerned about pregnolone blends... Are they safe? in the sense that they don't mimic estrogens or something similar?
  6. um, so bottom line i'm scared of using products with pregnolone... will it affect the level of hormones in your body even just by smelling it and not ingesting it? i.e estrogen since it's a hormone precursor (dont want to screw that up - cancer risk
  7. ok... can you hold the fb of cherry divinity for 2weeks after sending the sample bottle? I want to try it out first if it's allright
  8. You've made a very thought provoking point phergineer. I myself intend to use Pheros for self improvement . Even though I have confident times, I usually lean on being soft and timid/quiet but when I'm confident I usually exude a bright lighthearted aura according to my family and friends. You've just tackled the other part of this question regarding self effects if they 'rub off' on you not just on people at some point so that like you said you have the confident, take charge feeling even without Pheros... Perhaps, consciously remembering your state of mind or disposition when wearing Pheros
  9. So you mean you don't get burn out from daily use as long as you rotate every day? Do the self effects for your phero mixes rub off on you somehow?
  10. How about with regard to self effects? do the self effects of pheros eventually rub on you even just a bit? What are the best pheros for self effects? from what I've read there's Dominant that can make you focused and more energetic (love a phero blend with that effect to get stuff done), Lace and lumina, LFN and LFM or cougar for confidence(?) and Empathy and heart and soul to get you more.... "sensitive" so to speak? is that right?
  11. So Eggers, since your clientele are used to the two signature phero blends that you stated, do they tend interact with you in a lighthearted and pleasing manner even without the pheros?
  12. wow, thanks androstenol and Dolly... so you mean to say that if for example I keep using the pheros that blend with my personality well, I eventually have an extra "oomph" from pheromone use even if I don't use it (meaning they will treat me a bit better without it as opposed to just getting used to the vibe and not noticing it)? My personality is mostly viewed by others as "soft and gentle" with a mix of bubbly and bright but sometimes that with that persona, sometimes people don't respect my "voice" so to speak but on a positive note, I do get a lot of helping hands and some people treat me
  13. For those people who have been long term pheromone users, is it possible to acquire some of the 'self-effects you get from the pheromones you are using especially if you tend to use the same ones like for example if I use the empathy potion a lot, will the 'empathic' traits or some of the thought patterns or feelings rub on you so that you still somehow have that trait without using Pheros or is it like totally back to who you were phero free each time all the Pheros are out of your system? Also wondering if you can imprint so to speak on other people if you constantly use the same Pheros on t
  14. oh wow! that helps alot! Goodie saves me from deciding! I will be waiting!
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