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  1. I never gave honey much thought as perfume until I discovered LPMP. What a pleasant surprise to learn it agrees with my chemistry beautifully, and my perfume collection reflects this newfound love. On me this one is primarily buttered honey with a dash of something which reminds me of...smoky spices maybe? I can't quite put my finger on it, but it slides into the background soon after drydown. Unfortunately, buttercream is one of those notes which tends to make me a bit queasy; to my nose it comes across as either artificial/plasticky or kind of sour. Here, it's the former. Honey ho th
  2. Wet I get tangy pear warmed with ginger spiced leather. As it dries down the tanginess subsides and vanilla amber slides in, sweetened with a silky thread of honey. On me this wears close, smooth, warm and subtle, more sensual than sexual. I detect no cops whatsoever, even in the long dry-down. I love how long this lasts; even after twelve hours it stays with me, like echoes of a lover's whispered promises. Incidentally, I tested this on the same arm as Tantalize, and much to my surprise, the two compliment each other quite nicely. I could see myself (and actually did, today) wearing Tanta
  3. Even wet, this is pillowy soft and smooth. There aren't any pointy edges calling out, HELLO, I'M FLORAL. I love the scent of many flowers; wearing them is another story. A great many amp on my skin, sometimes to headache inducing levels. Not so with this. If this is what orchid smells like, then I love orchid. I can't really discern the other notes individually. They just come together beautifully. It brings to mind snuggling under a feather comforter, a faint wisp of smoke in the air from the woodstove in the next room. This is so unobtrusive I sometimes forget I am wearing it. Then o
  4. This one is made for layering; it's positively divine with Sugared Vanilla and with Sugared Honeycomb. Worn alone, there's a hint of fruit early on, but it soon fades, giving way to something a little spicy, a little syrupy. I wish I could describe it better, because to my mind it's one of the most useful and versatile scents in my Sugared collection. It goes with just about anything. It wears fairly close to the skin, but has incredible longevity, lasting 12 hours or more. If you're a little iffy about resins but want to dip your toe into the pool, Sugared Amber is a great place to start.
  5. I looooove ginger, eating it, drinking it and using it medicinally, so I just had to try this one. Sugared Ginger is nice and warm, and rather subtle. To me it smells like a combination of freshly grated and crystallized ginger (yummy!). It wears close and makes for an excellent skin scent. When layered with other scents it adds a gentle, spicy warmth, but doesn't stand out as a "ginger note" to me, not unlike how adding a sprinkle of ground ginger to a mug of warm cider gives it a little kick.
  6. This is such a nice, soft lavender; the sugar really smooths it out, so if you're worried about it turning medicinal on you, never fear. I love slathering it on before going to bed. I have found, however, the lavender doesn't have much staying power on my skin (the sugar is nice and long-lasting), worn alone but especially when layered with other scents. I was hoping to use it to bump up the lavender note on a couple of fragrances, but it doesn't last more than an hour or two. Still, I like it enough as a bedtime scent I'll pick up another bottle after I use up this one. I just wish it las
  7. Wow, I like this one! I got a sniffie of this with my last order. Magnolia's iffy on me, and I'm not sure I would have tried it had I not received the sample; like gardenia, I enjoy the scent, but they tend to amp on my skin and overwhelm the other notes. Here I think the papaya and coconut cream help it to behave. On me this is very tropical, a creamy fruity floral. While I've never been to Hawaii, this fragrance transports me there. This will be perfect in the summer. I can't comment on the phero; I don't have much experience with Lumina and I'm actually more interested in the fragrance
  8. Wet, I get...grape Kool-Aid? Hmm. As it dries down the grape transforms into berry. It's a bit artificial-smelling though, which is unusual because berry usually likes me. I can tell the patchouli's there, but not heavily so. It feels like a sturdy base for the berry. It's hard to describe, but there's also a somewhat "golden" quality down in the base; my gut tells me it's the amber and myrrh. Sounds weird, but it's almost like a "glow", an olfactory rather than visual one...if such a thing exists! Doesn't have tons of throw, but I think I prefer it that way. I don't think I could wear it
  9. Wet, something about this reminds me of Strange & Unusual--maybe the majmua? Almost but not quite fruity, with a touch of hay or grass? It's very dark, but not in the heavy sense (the scent actually hangs fairly close to the body and lasts maybe 4-6 hours), more like it feels dark. There's an almost incensey quality to it. The oud? or maybe dragon's blood? The spices--I'm mostly getting clove, and a touch of nutmeg--add depth. Vanilla's there, but not foody or particularly sweet. It kind of feels like a thread tying the various notes together. It's such a complex fragrance I find it di
  10. Love Potion is really hard for me to describe. Apart from vanilla, I can't discern any of the notes in isolation, and even the vanilla blends in so well it doesn't come across my nose as "this is a vanilla-based scent". At first sniff, I was very surprised at its almost candy-like quality. I love sweet scents, but sometimes they can cross over into sickly sweet, and I was concerned this one might fall into that category. To my delight, I was wrong. The sweetness remains, but it just blooms into straight up deliciousness on my skin. It has nice throw, yet isn't intrusive at all. I just smell a
  11. When I first found the boards looking for phero recommendations (so many choices it can be overwhelming!), I kept seeing OW mentioned again and again. Like many, I was primarily focused on the sexier pheros, not the social ones, so I relegated OW to the "I'll try it later" list. As it turned out, I'd discovered LPMP not long before Pheromas, giving me the opportunity to sample many UN pheros, including OW. And wouldn't you know, it's ended up being the one I reach for the most, even more than cops! This is truly a great all-purpose blend. I have used it before parties to take the edge
  12. Patchjulie


    It was because of Pherogirl I tried UNE, but I never got around to actually making the comparison myself. Okay, as they dry down on different places on my arm... They are very similar, of course, but I would say that Pherogirl is a tad brighter than UNE. That "lift" I was describing before is even more pronounced in Pherogirl and shifts the almost floral aspect of UNE to more fruity floral. Kind of like peach blossom meets orange blossom. I'm honestly not sure which I like more. UNE is just a little softer and smoother, but I'm really digging the brightness of the Pherogirl. Dang it!! I w
  13. This is very much how I would describe this one too. True, authentic rose, but gentler and well rounded. I find it very soothing, and so feminine. After reading about layering this with Sugared Strawberries I decided to give it a try. Very nice, almost girlish. I do find the strawberry can overpower the rose when applied in equal amounts. In the future I'm going to try just a dab of strawberry so the rose has a little more room to bloom. Now that I have a nice sized collection (starter set? ) of the Sugareds, I look forward to seeing what else I can pair this with. I wonder if this would femm
  14. Patchjulie


    It's difficult for me to describe this fragrance without comparing it to Sugared Honeycomb. They are definitely siblings, and I can wear either and get my honey fix equally satisfied. They're similar enough that, at this point in time, anyway, I have to wear them on opposite wrists to elucidate their differences. UNE is lighter/brighter than SH and more complex. While both have a powdery quality on my skin, the orange blossom and bee pollen in UNE lifts the scent and adds a subtle, almost floral characteristic. If UNE were a color I would describe it as golden sunlight. It brings to mind w
  15. I placed a combo order on Friday and it arrived at my house on Tuesday!! When I got my shipping notice from Amazon the same day I ordered, I was sure it had to be for that purchase only because of everything else I'd ordered from the main site/Etsy. What a wonderful surprise to discover it was indeed the whole kit and caboodle! Thank you so much, Mara! The pouch was that came with this order is especially beautiful. Thanks too for the extra special sample; I think it will pair excellently with a certain something with which I've clearly fallen in love. I really do appreciate your genero
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