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  1. Congratulations on your bloomin into a lovely flower! Just in time for Spring.
  2. Congratz! I am sure we could find a sock around here somewhere for you.
  3. I am no longer the shiznay. I am now practicing magic.
  4. Congrats on the new rank,Midnight! That is what the ex and I would have called a nice MIB picture, QG. It seemed every time a picture was taken of him that he was looking away, had on sunglasses or was tucked up in a jacket so most of him couldn't be seen. You get points for the sunglasses AND a cup!
  5. Well it may not have worked out for you but the imagery was certainly vivid.
  6. Mine came today and my ivory cats were soaked but my PE was packaged separately so it was fine. I'll send an email tomorrow because its nighty night time now.
  7. LOL, Curious! You guys are making me want this one too!
  8. Ah, there she is. I was wondering when you'd see that Closer had been rebrewed. That's a lot of leather, Lisa! I like it in some scents but it can be overpowering. I wonder if it tones down with age?
  9. There is bound to be someone here who has tried to cop Cherry Divinity in the past who could give you an idea of how well it covers.
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