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  1. As Phergineer says above, this is very watermelon to begin with but that takes a walk quite quickly and I'm left with the sweet, butter cream sugar with a vague hint of amber just flickering in the background. It's a very nice sweet skin scent.
  2. CerisLou


    When I received my samples of August's new releases I thought it would be Garden in the Rain I would like out of the green scents but it turns out it is Dragonfly I like. When I first applied it I wasn't too sure as it was VERY green on me. But as it has dried down it has softened, a lot, to become a very pretty, delicate scent. After my vacation I may consider a FB of this one.
  3. This has a strange medicinal scent on my skin which it doesn't have in the vial. I'm not sure what note is the culprit as I have never smelt anything like this before. The medicinal scent does fade after about an hours dry down and it becomes much more as I would expect a scent titled garden in the rain to smell, fresh woody and green. But unfortunately I can still faintly pick up the medical background.
  4. I'm wearing this today and it is a lovely summer fruit bowl. It is very pineapple and apricot forward on me and I cannot pick out any vanilla or patch. Although having said that, as the fruits are not tart but have a lovely creamy sweetness I suspect it's the vanilla and patch doing their thing in the background.
  5. CerisLou

    Tingle Tangle

    This is a surprise one for me. I received my trial quite a while ago and wasn't keen when I tried it. But I am wondering if maybe it was suffering from travel shock and now it has sat for a while it has recovered. I have tried this again today and it is a completely different experience. To be honest I can't detect the individual notes as they seem so well blended. This is melding with my skin and creating a gorgeous warm and sultry scent. I am not getting any tartness or fruitiness which I would have expected from lemon and black cherry but instead they seem to have merged with the
  6. Yep I already have BBM and I love that too. It hard to believe there are cops in both of these gorgeous yummy scents, they are blended so well. However so far the only scent I have detected cops in has been LAM Pink which until it dries down smells really cheesy on me. But I don't get that at all with OCCO White, Pink or BBM and I love all three of them. The other night I wore UN-Cuddle Bunny with OCCO Pink and White and my partner woke me up when he came to bed to tell me I smelt of cookies. He then nuzzled me all night
  7. White - OMG!! I love this OCCO. I ordered a sample a few weeks back and the minute I put it on I knew I'd be getting a FB which I did and it arrived today. I love vanilla scents and NOCO white was one of my earliest orders and I do love it . But OCCO white is just delicious vanilla on another level. I love the way the cops and the vanilla mingle I just cannot get enough of this scent. I'm not even bothered whether I get hits or not although my partner does seem to react to cops but I have to use quite a bit for that response. But I love this scent so much I'd wear it if I were getting h
  8. I had both OCCO white and pink LAM on together. I applied it to wrists, chest and abdomen quite liberally. However my SO is in his 50's so I think a big dose of cops seems to help getting his engine warmed up. Dolly has a good post on using the sexual blends which I'd advise you to read if they're new to you. It's what I read when I first discovered Mara's wonderful potions and it was definitely informative and gave me a good foundation to build on.
  9. I bought a couple of trials of LAM in my last order, Original Honey Vanilla and Pink and so far have tried out the Pink. This is the first time I have actually smelled any pheros in any of the phero blends I have purchased so far. Up until now I have not been able to smell anything more than a slight whiff of something which has always been so slight I can't describe it. But WOW I could really smell the cops in LAM Pink and now I know you guys mean when you refer to a funky cheese smell. Thankfully though that died down after about 20 minutes and I was left with a nice sweet pinky sugary s
  10. I bought a FB of this from Maiea which I received today. I put a bit on my wrist to test a few hours ago and I have been swooning ever since and I can't stop sniffing it. It is gorgeous!! Creamy, smooth with just a hint of something hovering in the background which I am assuming is musk. I was thinking of some PE ideas of my own for when PE's open up again but I am now very tempted to order this instead.
  11. I am so in love with this scent. It fades after a few hours on me so I have took to carrying around the small trial bottle I have to top up as and when. Does anybody know if this is or will be in the permanent collection? It's not on the permanent list but I'm sure I saw a thread saying that it was intended to be but, if I'm remembering correctly, it was dependent on whether Mara could source one of the notes.
  12. PM is my absolute favourite phero blend. I mentioned in another thread how my SO seems to be quite irritable with Est blends so I always opt for PM around him as there is no Est in it. When I wear PM he is caring and affectionate and I have also noticed he is more likely to discuss our future plans when I wear this phero. I love this phero and it will most definitely be a staple for me.
  13. This is one I'd love to try. If it doesn't work for you after it settles Cutie.pie I'll happily take it off your hands and give it a whirl :-)
  14. I would think it would smell pretty similar to layering it with Phero Girl but like you said, that's a lotta cops :-)
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