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  1. As Phergineer says above, this is very watermelon to begin with but that takes a walk quite quickly and I'm left with the sweet, butter cream sugar with a vague hint of amber just flickering in the background. It's a very nice sweet skin scent.
  2. CerisLou


    When I received my samples of August's new releases I thought it would be Garden in the Rain I would like out of the green scents but it turns out it is Dragonfly I like. When I first applied it I wasn't too sure as it was VERY green on me. But as it has dried down it has softened, a lot, to become a very pretty, delicate scent. After my vacation I may consider a FB of this one.
  3. Just put in my order for a FB of this one, hopefully in time, so it can come on vacation with me. I'm not leaving until the end of August so it should be here (UK) by then. Can't wait, I'll smell all sunny for my holiday.
  4. I think I have found my holiday perfume. I tried this last night and not only did my SO like the smell I adored it. It really is summer in a bottle. It's sweet and creamy...and...well...just pure unadulterated lusciousness. This is a definite FB for me.
  5. This has a strange medicinal scent on my skin which it doesn't have in the vial. I'm not sure what note is the culprit as I have never smelt anything like this before. The medicinal scent does fade after about an hours dry down and it becomes much more as I would expect a scent titled garden in the rain to smell, fresh woody and green. But unfortunately I can still faintly pick up the medical background.
  6. I'm wearing this today and it is a lovely summer fruit bowl. It is very pineapple and apricot forward on me and I cannot pick out any vanilla or patch. Although having said that, as the fruits are not tart but have a lovely creamy sweetness I suspect it's the vanilla and patch doing their thing in the background.
  7. As I have never tried any of these I sense another sample set coming on.
  8. I quite like this one as it smells exactly as the title suggests, beachy and hot with a hint of fresh floral, which I'm guessing is the cactus flower. But unfortunately the smoked sugar cane smells of cigarettes to my SO, which he hates, so no FB for me of this one. :-(
  9. My sample package has just arrived and I am so very happy! Out of the bottle I love the smell of all of these, they are so summery. I have tried a little bit of Steamy Bikini on my arm and so far I'm loving it. It's only been on for a few minutes so not long enough to go and post a review yet. I have a feeling I may want FB's of a fair few of these and I think OCCO Ambrosia may well be one of them.
  10. I had my notification that my sample set of these has been dispatched so they are winging their way to me as I type. Can't wait to try these summery delights
  11. Just ordered the trial pack of these new scents. Can't wait for them to land!
  12. ooooooooo....I can feel a complete trial set order coming on.
  13. CerisLou

    Tingle Tangle

    This is a surprise one for me. I received my trial quite a while ago and wasn't keen when I tried it. But I am wondering if maybe it was suffering from travel shock and now it has sat for a while it has recovered. I have tried this again today and it is a completely different experience. To be honest I can't detect the individual notes as they seem so well blended. This is melding with my skin and creating a gorgeous warm and sultry scent. I am not getting any tartness or fruitiness which I would have expected from lemon and black cherry but instead they seem to have merged with the chocolate, amber and musk to create a smell that has a very comforting, warm and sensual vibe to it. I've added it to my FB wish list.
  14. Yep I already have BBM and I love that too. It hard to believe there are cops in both of these gorgeous yummy scents, they are blended so well. However so far the only scent I have detected cops in has been LAM Pink which until it dries down smells really cheesy on me. But I don't get that at all with OCCO White, Pink or BBM and I love all three of them. The other night I wore UN-Cuddle Bunny with OCCO Pink and White and my partner woke me up when he came to bed to tell me I smelt of cookies. He then nuzzled me all night
  15. this is a surprise one for me. It was a sniffler in my latest order and when I read the notes I thought that is not gonna work for me. Aja tends to go a bit dirty on me and amber and honey sometimes (weirdly it is only sometimes) amp dirty on me too so I thought this would be dirt overload. But...it's really nice and it seems while I can't detect the berry notes to any great extent they seem to be cleaning up the dirty honey on me. I'm going to see how it progresses throughout the day but if it stays this pleasant then I think I may have to go FB.
  16. White - OMG!! I love this OCCO. I ordered a sample a few weeks back and the minute I put it on I knew I'd be getting a FB which I did and it arrived today. I love vanilla scents and NOCO white was one of my earliest orders and I do love it . But OCCO white is just delicious vanilla on another level. I love the way the cops and the vanilla mingle I just cannot get enough of this scent. I'm not even bothered whether I get hits or not although my partner does seem to react to cops but I have to use quite a bit for that response. But I love this scent so much I'd wear it if I were getting hits or not.
  17. Today I received a bottle of this which I purchased from Rose Blackthorn. I really like this one although I can only detect the slightest hint of raspberry but I am getting a delicious dark (very dark) chocolate which is yummy.
  18. I'm also looking forward to PE's re-opening as I to have one I'd love to have made. But I also understand that your very busy with lots of things so this is not meant as any intent to rush you...far from it. But just putting it out there that I have my ear to the ground for these re-opening. ps...the store looks great. Wish I could visit but alas I'm miles away in the UK :-(
  19. It went really well. The lady who interviewed me was very friendly and said she thinks I am the kind of person who would fit well with the company. However she said she thinks I was over qualified for the position I applied for so she got me to take a couple of aptitude tests which she said she was going to pass on to their finance people with a view to training me as a mortgage consultant. She said I'll hear from her although she didn't say when so now I just have my fingers crossed that it wasn't all just hot air and she will get back to me. I really need to get out of the job I'm in as I have been there for 13 years and I've had enough as I'm going a little stir crazy with boredom so I really hope something comes from this. It really was a encouraging interview though so I think a hit for SWS.
  20. I have a job interview tomorrow and will be interviewed by a woman so I am thinking of wearing this. Is this a good choice for this purpose?
  21. As I have just taken a shine to Dance with Desire I am considering getting a bottle of Tuberose Fairy Cake. Are these scent comparable? If I like one will I probably like the other?
  22. I'm wearing my trial of this one today. It is very tuberose forward on me and at first it is a little bit in the grandma territory. However I am considering a FB of this one as once it settles in it really softens up as the vanilla does it's thing. I'm only getting a very slight hint of the musk which is loitering around in shadows and this is predominantly tuberose and vanilla with maybe just the vaguest whiff of cocoa butter. This is a very potent scent and a little goes a long way. I've added it to my possibly/maybe FB list.
  23. I had both OCCO white and pink LAM on together. I applied it to wrists, chest and abdomen quite liberally. However my SO is in his 50's so I think a big dose of cops seems to help getting his engine warmed up. Dolly has a good post on using the sexual blends which I'd advise you to read if they're new to you. It's what I read when I first discovered Mara's wonderful potions and it was definitely informative and gave me a good foundation to build on.
  24. I tried my little sample of this earlier today and I really like this one. It's very sheer which I like as without smelling like them it reminds me of LP: White and Flutterby both of which I love but this one has that slightly more musk note to it. The musk isn't overpowering it a lovely delicate base which the sugars and moss just sit comfortably on top of. I'm currently undecided as to whether to order a FB of this or stick with what I was going to do and get another LP: White....decisions decisions!
  25. CerisLou

    Totem: Monkey

    I had a little sniffly of this one and thought I'd give it a go as it is not one I would order from the description. It is very pineapple forward on me with just a hint of banana hovering in the background. I'm not getting any teak and it's all fruit which is not my kind of thing. I don't mind a bit of fruit but this one is a bit full on for my tastes. But all fruit lovers will love this as it really is very, very fruity.
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