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  1. Try this once go to night cafe, this is good scent for nightime the leather smell strong but balanced...
  2. I apply this on my neck today its hot on my skin in the first hour...
  3. Got my stuff today have a roll on oil based of LP: Homme then i open it and roll to my hands so i can sniff the scent... My first impression of LP: Homme, this is sweet, i smell light cofee on the top and yes deep vanilla then something like wood on there, i still smell this scent on a hour after take bath... Need to try this more...
  4. No Proble for me, I'm still happy to get my order and maybe some sample they throw with it and have fun after.
  5. Thanks... The atmosphere very nice here... Very lovely...
  6. I already check but maybe already sold out there. Only some fragrance still left... Sadly i just can hope it will come as sample beside my order...
  7. i would love to have this on my first order on LPMP with unscented SS4M & Homme.
  8. yay i finally made my first order after read some good review from nice reviewer here, there was Homme, SS4M Unscented & Voracious actually i hope to got some vial of unscented Perfect Match & Charisma but they dont offer vial for this unscented so i ask for a sample & some that containt this phero as alternative but i will love to get sample of unscented, i dont know if anybody got an unscented as a sample before or they never throw the unscented as sample. hmmm hope it come fast in south east asian.
  9. SS4M unscented i believe a bottle of this one could make a good start for me with LPMP, can we request other unscented phero as request beside my reguler order because i dont see lpmp offer vial on unscented phero.
  10. hmmm i should have sample of this first on my first order.
  11. This one with LP:Homme have my attention. What smell more dominant on this fragrance, i read on the review that have motor oil inside, this is unique combination... There's anyone used this to cover unscented mones ?
  12. thanks, firstly i'm looking for the phero then i see that also have fragrance, so why i dont try the fragrance too actually yes i love to try the fragrances too and first i look for the fragrance that have a deep vanilla scent some review here help me so much.
  13. thanks qg this is help me long lasting on hot humid condition and yes i live on thas condition, this is good for my first try.
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