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  1. Thanks for letting me know that Phergineer . I'm definitely new to the whole forum thing anyway . I must admit that I was a bad girl and lightly skimmed the rules because I was too wrapped up In picking out my new goodies . Thanks for the kind and helpful advice ??
  2. Cutie Pie , your misspellings and wrong tenses will only add to your charm , in my opinion. My ipad has a mind of its own and sometimes decides to say something completely different from what I type in . Right now, it keeps leaving off my emojis for some reason. No worries here
  3. I agree about the scent descriptions . They give enough of an idea about the fragrance and formula without being overwhelming . The reviews and personal stories here have been so helpful with my decision to order the sampler . EEK ! CAN'T WAIT
  4. Thank you Maililyahn ! Glad to know I'm not the only impatient southern belle here ! I'm the most impatient person when it comes to receiving orders . I'll obsessively check the mail several times a day . I'm hoping the Bomb Balm calms me down a bit . I have ADHD , but refuse to take the meds because I hate the side effects , so I get so hyped up , i exhaust myself ! LMAO ! I'd rather be an energetic goofball than a zombie ( that's what the meds do to me ) . Happy to meet y'all
  5. BTW , Donsie . I appreciate your input about the headaches ! I actually bought a fragrance today at a local adult shop because it smelled heavenly on me and was 50% off due to the store going out of business . It has copulandrone and Copulin-alike just like the Crazy Girl line . I figured it was worth a shot for $8 ! LOL . BUT I was forced to remove it with alcohol ( learned that trick here on forum ). It gave me a BLINDING headache ? . Buzzkill ! Lol . Nice to know another headache prone woman who can tell me that these LPMP scents don't cause headaches ?
  6. Wow ! So happy to see all the new replies ! I truly find the subject of pheromones so intensely interesting ! I've always been a very sexual person with a high drive and passion . Experimenting is going to be extremely fun , and a learning experience . I'm 37 and I'm currently on Suboxone . It's the reason I have trouble with orgasm , even though the drive is there . Before suboxone , I could orgasm within 5-10 minutes . I'm slowly tapering off the drug , so it won't be a problem eventually . It's a drug for addiction . Its a LONG story as to why I take the medicine , but it works as Intended
  7. WOW ! All of you are so nice and helpful ! This is the first forum where I've gotten so many responses ! Yippee ! I'm excited to try these for sure . Seems Sexpionage works well for the orgasm thing . Must sample that one . Inspire Desire sounds like my kinda fragrance ! You've all sold me on the sampler ! I guess that's the only way I can truly find out what works for me . I've been surprised many times by samples that were randomly sent that I wouldn't have picked , based on the description, but turned out to LOVE THEM ! I have a male friend who wants me to pick a sample for him too now . Th
  8. Thank you so much for the advice , Phergineer ! I'm definitely considering a sampler . Heather recommended unscented Sexpionage , but then I read a lot of posts saying it smelled like vinegar or feta cheese . LOL ! The fact that you told me which ones intensify orgasms for you was a HUGE help ! And warning me that BF would have to get used to the smell was helpful as well . He's got a good nose . Luckily , he seems to love the scents I love . I definitely think I should bite the bullet and get a sampler . I thought Tingle Tangle sounded very nice by the description . I'm one of those people wh
  9. Hi everyone ! I've been wanting to try pheros out for awhile , but of course , I don't wanna buy " snake oil " and waste money . After a lot of searching and reading , I stumbled upon LPMP . After reading everyone's posts , I feel confident ordering from here , but I'm overwhelmed by the choices ! First of all , I have a very high sex drive , but I have difficulty with orgasm UNLESS I'm ovulating OR about to ovulate . My boyfriend has a high sex drive as well , but not quite as high as mine ?. I've noticed we're both all over each other and having sex constantly during my ovulation week. But
  10. Which formula increases wearer's sexual stimulation

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