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  1. Thank you Maililyahn ! Glad to know I'm not the only impatient southern belle here ! I'm the most impatient person when it comes to receiving orders . I'll obsessively check the mail several times a day . I'm hoping the Bomb Balm calms me down a bit . I have ADHD , but refuse to take the meds because I hate the side effects , so I get so hyped up , i exhaust myself ! LMAO ! I'd rather be an energetic goofball than a zombie ( that's what the meds do to me ) . Happy to meet y'all

  2. BTW , Donsie . I appreciate your input about the headaches ! I actually bought a fragrance today at a local adult shop because it smelled heavenly on me and was 50% off due to the store going out of business . It has copulandrone and Copulin-alike just like the Crazy Girl line . I figured it was worth a shot for $8 ! LOL . BUT I was forced to remove it with alcohol ( learned that trick here on forum ). It gave me a BLINDING headache ? . Buzzkill ! Lol . Nice to know another headache prone woman who can tell me that these LPMP scents don't cause headaches ?

  3. Wow ! So happy to see all the new replies ! I truly find the subject of pheromones so intensely interesting ! I've always been a very sexual person with a high drive and passion . Experimenting is going to be extremely fun , and a learning experience . I'm 37 and I'm currently on Suboxone . It's the reason I have trouble with orgasm , even though the drive is there . Before suboxone , I could orgasm within 5-10 minutes . I'm slowly tapering off the drug , so it won't be a problem eventually . It's a drug for addiction . Its a LONG story as to why I take the medicine , but it works as Intended . Anyway , I'm not one to settle for a side effect like this . Everything happens for a reason . It's caused me to learn so much about my body and how it works , which led me here to get to talk to all you nice and helpful people . I ordered the newbie sampler and Heather is going to be nice enough to let me try Compromising Positions/ Sexpionage ! I'll be setting up a tent near my mail box ! LMAO ! The neat part about this forum is that I see everyone getting to learn from each other . I see so many honest and true stories from you all . This whole predicament with the " numbing " sexual side effect of my meds is what made me learn about how to track ovulation because I noticed that during my fertile week , the big O was so much easier to come by . Now I use my knowledge for natural contraception . Knowing that we ladies release more Copulins during ovulation ( something I learned on these forums ) is what made me think that these blends might just help . Thank you to each and every one of you lovely people for taking the time to welcome me and advise me ! I look SO FORWARD to sharing my experiences with you all during my experiments . This will be my new ( more healthy ) addiction ! Lol ! I actually used the Crazy Girl lotion before I foung LPMP. I dunno if it was placebo effect , but my BF was all over me the first few days I wore it . It has synthetic cops . Also , a male friend I was working with told me he couldn't come near me without feeling turned on when I wore it . The other guys I was working with seemed to go out of their way to help me with things that week too . None of them knew my secret until I finally told my friend , after he kept going crazier than usual for me ! Sorry for the long story ! I'm a southern chatter box who never met a stranger ! Big hugs to each and every one of you ! Im wishing I'd have ordered sooner ! The anticipation is gonna drive me crazy ! Ordered Blue/Super Sexy for Men sample for my neighbor . It sounds like a great scent . Also got a sample of Balm Bomb for my grumpy days ! YIPEE SKIPPY

  4. WOW ! All of you are so nice and helpful ! This is the first forum where I've gotten so many responses ! Yippee ! I'm excited to try these for sure . Seems Sexpionage works well for the orgasm thing . Must sample that one . Inspire Desire sounds like my kinda fragrance ! You've all sold me on the sampler ! I guess that's the only way I can truly find out what works for me . I've been surprised many times by samples that were randomly sent that I wouldn't have picked , based on the description, but turned out to LOVE THEM ! I have a male friend who wants me to pick a sample for him too now . This is so exciting talking to real people who say this works for them ! Big hugs and thanks to all of you : Phergineer, Eggers , Androstenol, Halo0073,Quietguy, Bella15 ! Y'all are so sweet for helping me ! Now I'm off to the dreaded grocery store ! Wonder if any of these make grocery shopping less torturous ! I live near Gatlinburg, TN and our grocery stores are always so crowded and pricey ! Wish I could shop online for groceries ! LMAO

  5. Thank you so much for the advice , Phergineer ! I'm definitely considering a sampler . Heather recommended unscented Sexpionage , but then I read a lot of posts saying it smelled like vinegar or feta cheese . LOL ! The fact that you told me which ones intensify orgasms for you was a HUGE help ! And warning me that BF would have to get used to the smell was helpful as well . He's got a good nose . Luckily , he seems to love the scents I love . I definitely think I should bite the bullet and get a sampler . I thought Tingle Tangle sounded very nice by the description . I'm one of those people who spends DAYS making decisions before I buy things . Thanks again for your fast reply ?

  6. Hi everyone ! I've been wanting to try pheros out for awhile , but of course , I don't wanna buy " snake oil " and waste money . After a lot of searching and reading , I stumbled upon LPMP . After reading everyone's posts , I feel confident ordering from here , but I'm overwhelmed by the choices ! First of all , I have a very high sex drive , but I have difficulty with orgasm UNLESS I'm ovulating OR about to ovulate . My boyfriend has a high sex drive as well , but not quite as high as mine ?. I've noticed we're both all over each other and having sex constantly during my ovulation week. But other times , we sext all day , only for him to come home tired and not as much in the mood anymore , but I'm all for it ! Long story short ... I'm looking for a formula that will get him more in the mood and possibly intensify my sexual desire to the point it is during ovulation , making my orgasm come easier . Poor guy ! He's the most amazing and generous lover , but each day post ovulation, my ability to orgasm gets weaker . He's a trooper though ! He won't stop til I'm satisfied ! I'm a lucky girl ! The strange thing is that the more he WANTS me , the more turned on I am , which makes me orgasm very easily . Any suggestions on my first order would be GREATLY appreciated ! Thanks so much ? PS , I'm sensitive to many scents . Many perfumes give me horrible headaches . I'm tempted to order unscented , but I've read it's harder to cover the scents yourself than it is to buy a pre scented one . I'm looking for a scent similar to Chocolovers. That's one of my favorite scents and doesn't give me a headache . I love the chocolate orange scent of it . I like gourmand scents with vanilla , chocolate and orange . Or clean fruity scents are good . No heavy florals . My faves are : Chocolovers, Organza Indecence ( smells like vanilla incense) , Sun's Eye Sweet Patchouli ( vanilla patchouli ) , Escada Moon Sparkle ( fruity) , Lovespell ( fruity ) , Egyptian Musk( sexy ). That list is to give a general idea of my taste ?

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