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  1. An horchata pefume!!!! Really!!! Omg omg omg...
  2. I'd be very glad to have the EST and Cops formula that's in Dance of Passion become a regular one. It's so good, so feminizing and warm. I also love LFN, Dominance, and Heart Throb (on my man).
  3. I'll be wearing this for the next jazz show where a really cute, slightly older musician will be playing next week. I became friends w. him over the past year or so, and it's a shared groove - musically speaking. It is about music, no puns intended. Thing is, he keeps peppering our conversation with random comments on my size or that I look fit, sorta off-handed cues that he noticed my shape, and he likes it. I don't think anything will happen, it's just sheer curiosity to his reaction. I wore Dance of Passion around him in the past, and I think he responded. ETA: Not sure about the rest of the band playing w. him. There's the guitarist in the group who striked up a conversation w. me in a previous show where I danced, and he was there taking pictures of the whole event. Still curious. It's the cat in me trying to get a rise out of people. ?
  4. Thank you Mara. I sure can benefit from something like balm bomb. I gather it will be fine, but will follow my instincts.
  5. So.... yeah. It's stressful. I've been prescribed with hormone injections etc., and it's a real hassle. Does anyone have any advice on whether pheromones are recommended or safe to use in such situations? Thank you.
  6. Ooh, Bang is awesome for salsa. I don't mind wearing the sexy ones, even as far as BI. I'm def. Taking the remnants on my Banged LP Incandescence to the salsa congress with me next month. Thanks for reminding me.
  7. !!! OH. MY. WORD. The labels are fantastic! Waiting for the notes!
  8. I was inspired to wear this after a woman came in to the shop wearing something with a similar vibe. So here I am, on the bus to work, wearing PG with a dab of Sug. Apricot. Good stuff. Feeling femme.
  9. Damn, I need this and I'm broke.
  10. Black Fyre, Indiscretion, Liquid Shadow, Just Desserts. Looks amazing.
  11. Any chance of re-making Woodland Man? Even a "virgin" type, just the scent.
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