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  1. Question, I purcahsed a Phero Enhanced Cougar (1/3 fl. oz.), that's over $25.00 can I still get a freebie? Or does it have to be at the same time you purchased the perfume? I only saw this thread after another purchase today (almost $25.00 )If only...if only
  2. ashlei

    Totem : Horse

    I smell the strawberry...ahhhh soooo good So glad I've got this freebie (this one I like out of the 3 freebies). I am considering buying a FB.
  3. ashlei

    Totem: Monkey

    This is one of the freebies I've got with my FB order of Cougar Potion. This smells delicious. I mean I like it but not really love it. I am waiting for a much nicer weather to give it another try. I bet it will smell better in a warmer weather?
  4. I've got this as a freebie and I really wanted to like it. It's smells too much coffee when you put it on but once it dried down, it mellows a bit. The funny thing though is I am a coffee girl. All I drink is coffee until dinner when I actually eat something. Self effect: concentration/focus. I think just by smelling it makes me actually focus doing my homework As for effects on others... hubby is not a fan of coffee but he doesn't mind the smell. My son and my dog loves it, go figure
  5. I am so excited to try it! I will stalk my mailman again I swear this place is heaven
  6. I have found LPMP thru pherotruth forum. Now, I am not your typical Cougar, I am more of a cute "lolita" image because I am your typical tiny asian woman. So I've got a FB (oil) of Cougar Potion as my very first order from LPMP. I have spent so much money from other companies, I can't believe I haven't heard of LPMP before I really thought it was because I was applying it wrong or maybe it's because I'm asian Well anyway, I was blown away with the scent It smells so good I want to eat myself When I visited my hubby at work, I hugged him and he said, wow you smell good. For the 9 years of us being married, he never ever complimented my perfume . I am 31 years young and went back to college to get another degree. I am actually liked by a lot of people from my school. I am always the "cute" one and makes everyone have a good time. I decided to buy Cougar because of all the reviews here. I wore them to school because I really love the smell. So I applied them on my forearm, torso and cleavage. Anything more than that, I'll get a headache. Now for the effect on others, nothing too obvious but all my male friends keep on looking at me funny, like I caught them glancing at me all the time (even when caught)... that never happened before. They all know I am in love with the hubby . The effect with women,well nothing out of the ordinary. As I said, I have a lot of friends and a real social butterfly. We love to chat a lot Self effects: Vivid dreams. WOW! I didn't even want to wake up I am so happy I purchased a FB. I am not sure if I want to buy a spray version as well. (I just purchased a trial of OCCO Red, LP Red, Scented LAM, and SS4M for hubby).
  7. Thanks for the suggestion StacyK I will buy me the original scent!
  8. Hello. I am new and this is my first post (and not an English native speaker), so please bear with me My first order from LPMP was a FB Cougar Potion. It smells so good The 3 freebies (LP Latte, Totem: Monkey and Horse), I didn't like them as much. I am planning to buy a trial size of LAM and was wondering which scent is similar to Cougar? Thanks!
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