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    There's a very textural quality to this. Chewy. Like taking a honeycomb and breaking it apart. Honeys are usually very prominent on me but here - very well behaved. Objectively, this is very pleasing, light, and powdery w/ a fresh and clean character. Not dirty or smutty at all considering the honey. Subjectively, amber and I have a tricky relationship. The scent goes primarily resinous on my skin with very subtle hints of honey and unfortch because of it - I can't wear it. Sadly, une fail for me (badum chh). That amber is loud and proud. Look forward to seeing how this one evolves.
  2. Thank you ephoebe23! Gorgeous avi! Helmut Newton-esque to me. Beach Goddess - Thank you! [& Yes, Kate's still got it! *snaps*] Look forward to reading about your experiences expanding as you experiment (being a newbie to these yourself). Thank you VerrryVeronica! Love the analogies! LOL @ NYE story! I love. Appears to be a hallmark Cougar hit! So neat to see & learn how they play for everyone as well as how uniquely everyone colors them in with their own effects. These observations aid in distinguishing certain facets that can be challenging to decipher when you're cau
  3. I'm new to pheros and I'm aware that experimentation & results really vary with the individual. Given that, I'm trying to get a handle on LFM. I *think* I'm able to assess that one a bit more astutely. PP & SS4W -- these two I can't quite gauge yet. I hope more people will contribute as I think this could be/is a really beneficial thread. There are silvers of comparison spread across the forum and certain things don't always show up through the search engine until you happen to stumble across them researching something else. It's really great to see everyone's views (if even an ov
  4. A fresh, crisp, cool little number. It plays green on my skin but thankfully NOT a pointy green. *Whew*. I enjoy the slight androgynous flair. Wonder how it would wear on a man. I get the sweetness of the vanilla, amber, & sweet sandalwood right off the bat. From there it forays into this *cucumber cool*. Not sure what that is. Maybe, verbena? Hmm. It really stays in that cool stage for me throughout the day. I'm not sure what about this scent my mind & memory are associating this with --> but its reminiscent of sunny, bright, casual, weekend mornings. When you're out and a
  5. This is a really *pretty*, light, polished, & elegant delight! On me this has a bit of a clean and powdery aura to it. Initial stage: The orange blossom & jasmine really jump through. Many perfumers try to encapsulate mogra (Indian jasmine) but the result is usually sooo strong & laden that it turns into something much heavier & opaque. Mogra originally is *light*, a bit effervescent. This fragrance captures it beautifully. Second stage: The sandalwood peaks through. On my skin, sandalwood almost always takes on a sweet and soapy quality. And it does so here as well whi
  6. I know the differences amongst these have been noted here and there in various threads. These big socials all carry a glam aspect to them (please correct me if I'm wrong), hence why I didn't include Open Windows. I also excluded LFN and Bang! due to the addition of cops, lending the two a sexual quality. I was curious if we could make a thread comparing and contrasting these three powerhouses so that perhaps this useful info is all in one place? If this thread feels unnecessary and repetitious - I totally understand and admins can move/remove it accordingly. What are your experiences
  7. What a beautiful and consistently blossoming scent this is! First stage: A lush bouquet. The notes really all seem to hit at once at first sniff. That fresh, intoxicating, morning dew scent that infiltrates the air in warmer climate locations abundant in beautiful blooms. SO *pretty*. The florals are all *full* and cohesive in their melody here. You can't pick one out over the other, for myself at least. Second stage: The scent definitely becomes sweet(er) on me w/ the honey and sugar. It's not that off-putting saccharine sweet. It's a nectarous, velvety, luscious sweet accord. The cu
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