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  1. Thank you ladies! Back of knees - going to try that! I'm petite so I always wonder whether it'll actually waft *up* there (to their noses). Experimentation ensues.
  2. I wasn't sure where to post my question so I chose this thread as it's some-what related. And it'll be easier for people to pull up when they're searching. What are the best application points in spray for pheros if you DON'T want to be effected by them? I get afraid of applying to forearms/wrists because I'm a hand talker and always afraid that I'm being effected through the pheros wafting at me by way of my own theatrics! Eeek! Thank you.
  3. Thanks StacyK! "Love is Love" is actually what I'll be getting her. She isn't actually attracted or interested in women w/her ex being the exception. BUT.. Who knows how G/G will work in the dating realm if she wears it out and about, right? Interesting to learn and observe for sure!
  4. Thank you for your input BG! The latter part of my post in regards to spell/phero blend was totally for me and my own knowledge. Not pertaining to my friend, nor would I feel comfortable suggesting combining the two not knowing how something like that works myself. Sorry for the confusion! Totally my fault! I think I will remove that bit and start a new thread about it. But, thank you for your info on that. Insightful & good to know! & Yes, I've been noticing that about Donsie's posts. I am lending my friend my Perfect Match to play around with (in these weeks leading up to) and my Topper to kind of buffer it (the mushies) if she feels necessary. I'm also going to purchase Girl/Girl for her. I read that G/G was going to replace G2, so I guess they are about the same give or take? And she can figure out from there what makes her feel best for the sitch by experimenting with the two beforehand. I figured she could use it post-meet up @ her workplace & I know she could really benefit from it there as well. She works for a major fashion publication and although she is a higher up, the competitiveness in the industry is very unbecoming. I'm really excited to see how G/G will work in that aspect w/her usage. So... PM or G/G... *Dun dun*.... I'll report back on what she decides and how it went.
  5. Thank you all so much, you guys! She does want to get back together but she's aware of the possibility that they may not. We were just discussing this last night. She doesn't have her hopes set on it (which I was concerned about). So at least she's being realistic. I originally thought G2, G/G, or Perfect Match (connected, new love feeling). Then I thought maybe LFM (for the respect). I stayed away from Treasured Hearts, Heart and Soul, etc., because she's been so emotional that I thought it would be best to stay away from blends that may trigger that. She's a top-of-her-game, confident, bubbly, and pulled-together woman, not the emotional type at all. Strong, rock-like figure for people around her. She expressed that her emotions over this - the way she's been - freaked her out a bit. Didn't want those blends to possibly bring out something she wanted to keep at bay (Was my thinking). Hmm.. I'm thinking Perfect Match. G2 and G/G - has anyone used these in same-sex relationships? I remember there wasn't much info on that in their threads as majority of the experiences were straight usage (for lack of better term). You know, my mind completely didn't go into the spell direction. I'm a complete foreigner to that world and practice & haven't experimented with them myself so I didn't really think to consider them for her. But, I will absolutely throw that out there to her and see if she's open to them and her internal comfort level with using them since they're different than pheros. PS. Going to hijack my own thread here for my own knowledge. I remember reading about someone pairing a glamour potion w/ Cougar and the result being positive. When it comes to spell potions and phero blends that are complimentary and more linear in their intents -- like GlamourPotion/Cougar, Liquid Mercury/True Confessions, Serenity Potion/Balm Bomb, One True Love/Perfect Match, etc -- what's the general consensus on that? Wonder if I should start a thread about this. People can share their experiences & opinions.
  6. I shared my new phero findings w/ a very dear friend. Her situation is an interesting one. She was in a relationship w/ another women for 5 years. They're both exclusively attracted to men. Neither are attracted to women - so, they're an anomaly for each another. It was very much a soul-matey relationship/connection. She's been in a very soft spot post-split (10 months ago). Completely out of her element. To be frank, she's been a complete wreck. They're going to be seeing each other in a few weeks and her anxiety right now is that she doesn't want to be an emotional mess in front of her. She knows she'll breakdown a bit but she doesn't want it to be ugly. In researching what to purchase for her, I did ask her what she hoped to achieve from their meet-up, she says she wants to feel in control of her emotions, to feel like she has a handle on them, and for a respectful, open (lowered defenses), honest and connected meeting. She wants to reconcile hence the 'connected' bit. I'm in a conundrum with what to get for her given all of the above and being an unseasoned user. What do you recommend? Suggest? I greatly appreciate your perspective as I don't want to steer her wrong. Also, I did inform her that pheros don't do all the work & aren't magic. So, she is aware. Thank you.
  7. This is the best latte I've ever had! (Had to. ) Best smelling one at least. A divine, *decadent*, and delicious surprise! Rich. Silky. Creamy. Delectable. All the notes are in symphony. Nothing takes center stage or eclipses another. (Much to my surprise considering the notes, my skin chemistry, & how I thought it would play out.) It's also not dark on me/to me as others have noted. Love how fragrances vary for everyone. There's a real tactile sensation to this one for me. Like lounging on a velvet settee @ a cafe or holding a plush velvet throw pillow drinking your favorite cup. Or wrapped and lounging in ivory satin sheets. Comforting feels & fabrics. In irony to it's name, I want to wear this to bed. It has a huggable quality. Which is a good thing because in the daytime it would be totally lethal to my diet as it makes me want to indulge in rich & sinfully decadent desserts!
  8. BelleDuJour


    There's a very textural quality to this. Chewy. Like taking a honeycomb and breaking it apart. Honeys are usually very prominent on me but here - very well behaved. Objectively, this is very pleasing, light, and powdery w/ a fresh and clean character. Not dirty or smutty at all considering the honey. Subjectively, amber and I have a tricky relationship. The scent goes primarily resinous on my skin with very subtle hints of honey and unfortch because of it - I can't wear it. Sadly, une fail for me (badum chh). That amber is loud and proud. Look forward to seeing how this one evolves.
  9. This concoction is turning out to be an interesting adventure. Right out of the bottle it smells... Nutty! Hmm? I know. Like opening a can of salted nuts. Surely, 'tis the cocoa butter. And then a twinge of tuberose at the end. On my skin-- from application to about 15 minutes in -- the nuttiness disappears and it's primarily cocoa butter and musk. The latter going into the... Errm... skank territory. Like whoa. Unapologetically so. About 30 minutes in, the skank settles down and gives way to the tuberose and vanilla to dance their way through. At this point it's pretty much cocoa butter & vanilla w/tuberose at the edges. The tuberose is warm & sensuous. Not loud though. It's very light (on myself). I wish it were more pronounced on me. From 30mins to about an hour in it's a pretty and creamy fragrance. But THEN....... She disappears! The scent completely disappears on me about an 1hr+ right when it starts to unveil it's pretty! *gasp* What a tease! Will give it some time and see how this one ages. Hope more tube comes through.
  10. Thank you ephoebe23! Gorgeous avi! Helmut Newton-esque to me. Beach Goddess - Thank you! [& Yes, Kate's still got it! *snaps*] Look forward to reading about your experiences expanding as you experiment (being a newbie to these yourself). Thank you VerrryVeronica! Love the analogies! LOL @ NYE story! I love. Appears to be a hallmark Cougar hit! So neat to see & learn how they play for everyone as well as how uniquely everyone colors them in with their own effects. These observations aid in distinguishing certain facets that can be challenging to decipher when you're caught up in the... Awesomeness of it all. Informative & insightful. Hope we receive more contributions in this thread. I'll be sure to include mine once I tweak and get a handle on my dosages.
  11. Thanks so much, Halo! Crucial info. I have to say ~ 1/6 oz for $15 is a pretty *sweet* deal. & Will most certainly scope out trade pages for other Sugareds I want to try. Appreciate it!
  12. Get on it, girl! It's singin' your name! I do. I will be ordering a little sniffie of that to play around with. & It's layer-able ~ *bonus*. Thank you for the suggestion.
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome, SirenSong!
  14. HA! I know right?! Ah, the ever-present conundrum. I did see that in the NRs! I'm not a cakey girl but I AM a surprise loving one! And LPMP has unlaced quite a few for me. SO, I look very forward to hearing everyone's review on it, including yours!
  15. I'm new to pheros and I'm aware that experimentation & results really vary with the individual. Given that, I'm trying to get a handle on LFM. I *think* I'm able to assess that one a bit more astutely. PP & SS4W -- these two I can't quite gauge yet. I hope more people will contribute as I think this could be/is a really beneficial thread. There are silvers of comparison spread across the forum and certain things don't always show up through the search engine until you happen to stumble across them researching something else. It's really great to see everyone's views (if even an overview; sound bite) in a central place. You know, I don't know how I missed this ~~> *facepalm* ~~> Cougar is also a glam social (w/a very light *hint* of cops) and a big social player for most! Maybe it should have been included? Please feel free to add & elaborate on this too as/if you feel fit, guys! Edited to *thank* hearts & cutie.pie. Look forward to yours ephoebe23.
  16. A fresh, crisp, cool little number. It plays green on my skin but thankfully NOT a pointy green. *Whew*. I enjoy the slight androgynous flair. Wonder how it would wear on a man. I get the sweetness of the vanilla, amber, & sweet sandalwood right off the bat. From there it forays into this *cucumber cool*. Not sure what that is. Maybe, verbena? Hmm. It really stays in that cool stage for me throughout the day. I'm not sure what about this scent my mind & memory are associating this with --> but its reminiscent of sunny, bright, casual, weekend mornings. When you're out and about, grabbing a quick breakfast and running errands under the fresh, bright light of the smiling sun with the freedom & ease of the day in motion. This blend is very well-balanced. Sweet yet cool and serene. Composed. Symmetrical.
  17. This is a really *pretty*, light, polished, & elegant delight! On me this has a bit of a clean and powdery aura to it. Initial stage: The orange blossom & jasmine really jump through. Many perfumers try to encapsulate mogra (Indian jasmine) but the result is usually sooo strong & laden that it turns into something much heavier & opaque. Mogra originally is *light*, a bit effervescent. This fragrance captures it beautifully. Second stage: The sandalwood peaks through. On my skin, sandalwood almost always takes on a sweet and soapy quality. And it does so here as well which I think lends the scent the clean and powdery feel. The musk(s) comes forward just in time to round out the scent and anchors it. Third stage: I've come to realize that my skin amps honey (which I have started to enjoy). So after some time what lingers is a honey scent with florals peaking through & it's what remains throughout most of the day/wear. There is definitely a refined, blue-blooded, stately ambience to this. This scent plays cool & regal. I enjoy it!
  18. I know the differences amongst these have been noted here and there in various threads. These big socials all carry a glam aspect to them (please correct me if I'm wrong), hence why I didn't include Open Windows. I also excluded LFN and Bang! due to the addition of cops, lending the two a sexual quality. I was curious if we could make a thread comparing and contrasting these three powerhouses so that perhaps this useful info is all in one place? If this thread feels unnecessary and repetitious - I totally understand and admins can move/remove it accordingly. What are your experiences & insights as far as overall feel/mood/aura/character amongst this triad of socials?
  19. @Luna ~ Thank you! Ah, *decadent* -- Perfect word for how I enjoy tuberose and what I perceived the feel of this scent would be given the cocoa butter. @Reincarnated ~ I'll be ordering a sniffie; will add more once I experience this gem!
  20. I was curious if anyone could elaborate on the tuberose in this one. I *love* tuberose. I usually tend to prefer the lush, heady variation of it. I was going to add Perfect Match to either Vampire Bait or this. I haven't had the opportunity to try the note in any LP scent yet. For a better assessment for myself because I believe the majority would be familiar -- how does it compare to the tuberose in Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle or even the more mainstream Michael by Michael Kors? (Of course minus the insane alcohol.) It helps me garner a range by illustration. Thank you.
  21. What a beautiful and consistently blossoming scent this is! First stage: A lush bouquet. The notes really all seem to hit at once at first sniff. That fresh, intoxicating, morning dew scent that infiltrates the air in warmer climate locations abundant in beautiful blooms. SO *pretty*. The florals are all *full* and cohesive in their melody here. You can't pick one out over the other, for myself at least. Second stage: The scent definitely becomes sweet(er) on me w/ the honey and sugar. It's not that off-putting saccharine sweet. It's a nectarous, velvety, luscious sweet accord. The currant adds it's juicy dimension here to keep it going into a cloying, candied direction. Third stage: Interesting. I know there are no spice/peppery notes in this, but that very last bit almost feels like turmeric or cumin - like when you take a little whiff and it kind of hits you at the back of the throat slightly (but for some reason it's those two spices in particular that my mind registers). Perhaps it's the lemon grass or verbena that's translating in such a way for me. Not sharp at all but... twangy peppery. It's minute though. The musk helps contrast and balance the florals & sweeter notes by adding weight and body. With that said, this is a winsome and beautiful composition. A sophisticated, elegant [on the warmer spectrum of elegance as opposed to the cooler], feminine floral.
  22. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome ~ Saffron23, Halo0073, Cherise, Maililyahn, Rose Blackthorn, BlueBear, Quietguy, Tink333, NuTrix, Cutie.pie, Beach Goddess, Donsie, Bella15, Hearts, Beccah! @Cherise: Yes! 'Tis the ever-great Kate! @QG: LOL "Natural" musk is.. still a component to many fragrances. @Beccah: Thank you! The scents I have a harder time with are usually in the categories of foody/ fruity/ the uber & heavy citrusy (can do a light variety, well tempered w/other elements)/ green (goes very sharp)/ & acquatic. My skin amps up certain elements in these scents to high heavens. Resin (certain) and incense-like scents are also a bit of a challenge. I was born & partially raised in South Asia and many people burned incense and attars (think Oud) to fragrance their homes and stores/bazaars. So, I have a really hard time dismissing that association when sniffed, as my mind goes into air freshener territory so to speak (& not always associated with positive memories). I'm an odd one & very scent sensitive; easily affected by my environment - lights, scents, etc. Err... Sense-sensitive? Ha. I'm not sure of the proper term. Scents that I DO love: *Floral/Woodsy/Musky/Oriental* However, that's the beauty of places like this. Turning something dismissed into the beloved. ?
  23. Greetings & Salutations, lovely community of beautifully fragrant citizens! I have been a long time lurker. *Hands covering eyes*. I think it about time to join you on the dance floor! I've dabbled in a few LP products over the past couple of years (embarrassingly few) and have done as much reading and researching - albeit from afar - in the LPMP world (Including pheros! Was such an awesome find! Completely unbeknownst to me that phero world was even possible!) as one could. Over the past 6/7 years, I've forayed into the different dimensions of the fragrance world [Niche/Exclusives/the like] as I love what the sense of scent encompasses. It's evocative ability to transcend the wearer to a different mindset/persona, transport to a significant time, or take one on an emotional journey. It's always the final touch to adorn what we wear or the perfect little accompaniment to the mood we desire to create in a certain situation. I've always *loved* that. Powerful. I look exceedingly forward to exploring and experimenting. I also look forward to experiencing certain elements in fragrance that I'm not normally a fan of, as the science of Mara & Co. [as I have assessed and have been learning] skillfully takes them into different depths and hues. Neat! Cheers!
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