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  1. Hey everyone. I tested out some scents this weekend and here is my Newbie review. I am not good at describing scents but here are my thoughts… I put a drop of each somewhere on my body and let it sit. Every hour or so I would do a smell test and see how good they last. I will honestly say these scents are great at lasting. 12 hrs later almost all were still present in smell. I did fall asleep with a slight headache from having so many scents on… WOW… very curiously interesting dreams.. LOL… Anyway here is the run down on the scents I tried… Sugared Honeycomb – Loved this scent as a stand alone. My 7 year old niece loved it too... On a different day I wore this scent layered with Coquette and loved it. Felt sexy. Did not get any reactions to it… but I think I didn’t use enough…. Coquette with Bang – Absolutely LOVED this. Felt really sexy with this. Sugared Ylang Ylang – Loved this scent as a stand alone. On a different day I layered it with Cuddle Bunny. Felt refreshed with this. Cuddle Bunny – Makes me think of a clean scent. Loved it – but did not get any results from it when I wore it. I am thinking I did not use enough. I kept reading reviews when people said a little goes a long way… so I did very little… and it seemed only I smelled it and got really cuddly with myself. LOL. Will try again with a little more next time. Cougar – initially loved… but disliked the grapefruit scent in it. This is just me personally. I am not a citrus/fruity scent person. But I will give it another try. Sexology – I really liked this scent. UNE – Nice light scent Horny – I was not displeased with this scent… but it is one I have to build up too.. sense it is a little stronger. LP Red – LOVED IT. Couldn’t stop smelling myself. LP White – Nice low key sexy scent… LP Original - OMG… LOVED IT!! Compromising Position – I was really surprised. I really loved this scent. Felt that it could be a good match with LP White. Phero Girl – initially loved it… but scent faded fast. I did shake up the sample as instructed but maybe not enough so will try again… Eni Mini – (free sample) – sexy cinnamon fun. Loved this. The amount in this bottle was just enough because I did get positive male reaction when wearing this one. The amount is most likely how much I should have been using when wearing my other scents out. LOL… well lesson learned… although I had no problem smelling myself over and over again on those occasions… So overall, I need to try the scents with more than a swipe here and ther when wearing out. Also I see why the “roll-on” perfume is the best. The only roll-on one I have is the Sugared Ylang Ylang and I loved how that really worked. The scents washed off really good with a Tea Tree Bath wash I have from Trader Joe’s… but cannot wait to try some soaps by Mara when they are back in stock…
  2. Excited for you! Just received mine and do not know where to start... LOL! Welcome to LPMP along with me.
  3. Aww man... Okay I will update though when I use it to at least let you know what it was like.
  4. EXCITED!! My order has shipped!! Anxiously camping out by the mailbox... LOL!!!
  5. NuTrix - thanks for the info also... I am so excited to try them out. I truly appreciate the info that you and VerrryVeronica gave.
  6. You guys are so awesome!! Thank you so much for the welcome everyone!! (Bella15, tink333, cutie.pie, quietguy, donsie, rose blackthorn, nutrix, hearts, beach goddess etc.) Halo0073 - you were awesome. Thank you for putting up with my million of questions etc. VerrryVeronica... you rock! Thanks for the info. I will keep all of it in mind. This group rocks and I feel so welcomed and excited!!
  7. Hello LPMP World! I am a excited Newbie joining your world. As a gift to myself in this new journey... I purchased the following samples: Love Potion Incandescence w/bang Compromising Positions - Phero Enhanced Coquette w/bang Horny - Phero Enhanced Sexology - Phero Enhanced Spell 2015: Fascination Potion w/Copulins Bam Love Potion Bittersweet Sugared Honeycomb Sugared Patchouli UNE for Women Sugared Ylang Ylang Love Potion White Spell 2015 - Glamour Potion Best Selling Women's sample collection and... to top it off, I also purchased the following Wax Melts Honeyed Apple + Sexology - Phero enhanced Spa Mint + Balm Bomb - Phero Enhanced Sugared Vanilla Rose + Cuddle Bunny - Phero enhanced I am excited... yet nervous ... I am not sure what I got myself into... LOL. Some reviews from forum members on another site led me here... and I was hooked by so many options... The above list is actually what I "toned-down" to. LOL. I have a very romantic engagement that I am planning for and wanted to have something extra in my arsenal to add to spice. I would gladly appreciate opinions on what I have chosen and your experience with it. Especially when it comes to layering with another LP scent... And the effectiveness of the Phero's anyone has had with the Wax Melts or Scents. So please share your thoughts... I kindly thank you in advance.
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