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    I really love this scent. At first I wasn't sure but it is growing on me. Great for fall and winter. It is similar to LP Pink, but better because it it not that sweet plus I love the smokey note.
  2. I love this. I hoped it would be similar to Summershine w/Topper and to my nose it is. I need to use it sparingly because if I overdo it I might get a headache, but it has a nice lasting effect so no need to reapply. Very happy with this one !
  3. Eastwood, do you put it right over it (ie. mix those 2 together) or just next to it?
  4. So how does it work? Should we reserve these here on Monday? Will it count towards the sale? Since the sale begins on Tuesday? I am a little confused here
  5. Yes, I would like to know at least when the SALE begins..I will be on holidays.. And also with the time difference..I need to make it work ? when will we know the details?
  6. Mara, please reserve me the bottle of Jasmine Whisper. Thank you
  7. The vibe I am getting from this is similar to Vain or Bewitching hour...somewhat medicinal..which is interesting and I like it. But the drydown is not good on me unfortunately.
  8. I didn't care for this one wet, but it is sooo great after few hours. I just love it. And people also love me when I am wearing this. I got a free glass of wine from the waiter
  9. Hello, does anybody know how to set up the notifications? I am getting emails for every new post for all threads I am following. It is pretty annoying, I tried to turn it off, but it doesn't work. Any idea? thanks
  10. Hello Mara, I would like to reserve 1 FB of VIRGIN Compromising Positions. Thank you.
  11. I need to watch myself when applying this scent. It has a throw ! And when I overdo this, I get an immense headache. Otherwise, I like it although I am not a bif floral girl. But I don't wear it as often as the other scents (due to the headache inclination).
  12. I love the idea of this tropical scent, however something goes plasticky on me. I think it is the coconut
  13. Ok, so it is not limited by the end of February. Good to know.
  14. Hello, when will the pherotine offer end (the trial sets and the unscented trials on etsy)? I need to figure out my order, so I would like to know how much time I have
  15. Blanche

    Vampire Bait

    I love this one too. I got a compliment on wearing this yesterday along with OCCO black. The person said it reminds her of some smoky Asian type of perfume (the smoky part must have been the occo).
  16. I would love Desire me. I had a chance to get a sample and I love it !
  17. I agree, it is very light. I have a sniffie only also. I hope when I get FB that I will have a chance to slather. Maybe to convert it to spray. I hope that on clothes it will stay longer. Otherwise, I love the scent. Mostly crystalline sugar and vanilla on me.
  18. I would like to reserve 1 FB of Betsy's Apple, please.
  19. thanks, FP. And did you use the scented or UN LFM, please?
  20. And what is your sweet spot dose, please?
  21. Thank you, Tiny. This is exactly what will help me when doing my decision. I always thought that musks are kind of heavy. But clearly not, if some of them are soap like. Thank you for taking your time to desribe the scents.
  22. I am not familiar with the retro 70ties style, unfortunately. I read all the posts, but I guess I will have to try it to know for myself. Now personal dilemma - if this one or the Dolly Rama musk
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