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  1. I know there aren't any rose scents in this blend but it reminded me of soft rose. It smells really good ,not old lady-ish or teenage girl but,a nice sophisticated beautiful scent. I love Hedione and it's perfectly balanced in this.
  2. I love it. It kind of reminds me of candy or Starburst or something.After drydown I only notice a hint of patchouli I normaly don't like wearing patchouli but, it's so light it doesn't bother me in this.
  3. I get chocolate right away then after about an hour it disappears and all I smell is the rose and maybe a hint of Amber or Musk. I really love the soft rose scent , If there was a bottle of just that rose I would definitely buy it. It's funny because I'm not a huge fan of rose but, it's just so perfect in this blend.
  4. Never mind, I got my e-mail to work finally. So I just sent an e-mail.
  5. I'm not sure if this is where I would ask this and if not it can be deleted. I ordered "Glass Slipper" with "Heart & Soul " added. I had no idea I had to pay that much extra for the scent . When I finalized my order it had only come to 30$ so I assumed it was the final price . Could I cancel the order and just get the "Heart & Soul" unscented?
  6. This is my dream scent ! A few years ago I had a lotion that smelled just like this but , I think the company stopped making it because I could never find it again. SO I was insanely excited when smelled this. It's like this sweet fluffy lavender,not sharp or medicinal just softness and wonderful- the vanilla makes it perfect like that I think I want to wear this every night (or maybe every other night so I don't overdo it )so I am going to put this on my "Full Bottle" list Oh, and the Balm Bomb is like Valium to me. This is such a relaxing blend. I hope it never goes away !
  7. Oh yeah it's a good one , my husband loved it and he never notices my perfumes so it says something for me
  8. When I wear this I feel this serious focused feeling. Like If I'm working on something I get it DONE instead of procrastinating. It's almost like I can think faster or my wit is quicker or something. I don't know what phero in it does that to me but, when I need to get things done this is the blend for me.
  9. I tried the OCCO Pink wow I love this! It's like sparkly pink lemonade to me. So yummy. At first I can smell a hint of the EOW or dirty feet smell LOL but, it wears off pretty quickly. The strange thing is ,when I take a smell from the vial I don't smell any cops at all but on my skin I notice it right away. Anyway this will be a full bottle for me soon.
  10. I ordered a trial of this and will be getting a full bottle. What scents stood out to me most were White musk,Vanilla and Jasmine. I love Jasmine and the other notes with it are a perfect combo. I got compliments when I wore this out. "you smell so good what is that perfume" kind of thing. Heart and soul phero worked well for me too. It seemed to get a lot of smiles and who doesn't love that?
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