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  1. Hi just wanted to say thanks for the amazing service you all have give! Place an order in last week and when I got home from work there was a parcel waiting for me. 8 days from order to delivery to the UK thats amazing So thanks again.
  2. Thanks for that :-)
  3. That's good to know just waiting for it all to arrive.... I have no patience though and can't wait!!
  4. Indeed it is a lovely day maybe summer has arrived.... :-)
  5. Yes I am from Leeds in for once sunny UK.lol
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome !!
  7. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    Hello all I have been lurking around for quite awhile and at long last placed my first order, as its my birthday soon I decided to treat myself! I have placed the following order: Mark's Girl Nip 2014 w/ Perfect Match, Blue for Men w/ Super Sexy 4 Men, Dark Desires w/ Heart Throb, Dirty OId Man-Phero Enhanced Best Selling Men's Collection, So cant wait for this all to arrive! ,if anybody has any pointers of the best way to use these please give me a shout!
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