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  1. i'm not sure if I've ever worn this before, so as far as I know, yesterday was my first time and if I hadnt felt any effects - I wasnt looking for any necessarily - I wouldnt be posting right now. half the time I'm not sure i feel anything anymore whether that be my vitamins or supplements lol. so I dont overthink pheros like I used to ~ It's either doing its thing, or doing nothing. no harm no foul (as long as I dont OD which I dont anymore bc I am not as crazy, impatient, or overexcited trying to force something. I've exerienced the ODs in different ways and I'm now a believer. I can calm down) also, I didnt think this phero would do much for me nor be something to use frequently, bc I already consider myself a tomboy. or really I'm dominant, and that's sorta masculine, so I've wanted more help throughout the years instead with estratetraenol. b2.2 has contrarily now shown me the difference between tomboyish and dominant/energetic/aggressive. so on to the review: Yesterday, I was meeting a new flight instructor at a new airport. So I threw this on to feel calm but still "up for sports". would be totally appropriate and wow it did something to me that had me wondering at the time if I was making this new type of introduction in my life - because of my new mindset recently? thinking "Wow, I've made a breakthrough after my last breakup. idk how i've learned this but I've changed somewhat, and would like to contd exploring this when I make new friendships" 😃 now I have a way to deal with my natal mars square pluto.. I felt like a tomboy yesterday but still rather feminine. I did not expect that from this phero - the feminine part. I felt yesterday like I wouldnt be considered a threat even if I wanted to engage and get excited in the conversation and start contributing or helping to direct it. sometimes my energy can be too much and you can tell that underneath my airy intellectualism, I am definitely doing my own thing and being independent. I'm excited to use this more, as it had worked and I need all the help I can get to contd to make this impression throughout my flight training and probably in general this summer.. I feel like this phero might be one that will deepen my friendly, pretty tomboy impression in relationships the more I wear it with someone.. I'm not sure I've been able to get the other pheros to work with me like that long-term in a progressive way, but I feel like this one will.
  2. awesome episode! I really enjoyed hearing Mara talk about her passions and the realities of entrepreneurship. the advice I learned is very difficult to do, but sage: dont go into debt starting a business. it's hard out there!
  3. I wore this to work and said to my coworker, "Babe, you're cute. But you're slow..." I should not have called him babe or cute lol! kay Vi.. reel it in XD
  4. Ivysaur

    Tangy Tart

    omgosh goodie! Thank ya I'm 'bout to go on a cherry spree here in a sec, er at least tart-ish. I'll see when I can buy this and 02.20 together.
  5. Ivysaur

    Tangy Tart

    Thing is, I don't have a current version or anything so I'll never know what it originally smelled like. But it's all good I would have never seen it available, thank you! What's the old site address? Maybe I should call or email in?
  6. Ivysaur

    Tangy Tart

    I am sure this has some to do with this being 8 years old, but I am surprised with how candied this smells at least from the ingredients. Tangy Tart definitely suits the name. I expected this to be on the level of freshness and brightness as Petite Baie ...maybe that's a little greener. Even like a lemon drop candy reminds me of this. ETA: 15min in and omg licorice and amber are starting to warm up. I had no idea Tangy Tart had some good solid bass notes. I almost smell sandalwood, but that's not listed in here. Whatever this smooth concoction is can put me under hypnosis and talk me into anything. Still working on getting me a cherry note fragrance, and so reached for this one since it's so candied and I am living for it 😁
  7. Ivysaur

    Shady Lady

    I do not like this wet. lol But after 30 min drydown I really love the ethereal and wishy airiness. If this floral has rose geranium, I'm inclined to believe that may be what I'm not fond of Never smelled ambergris before. Can't say I can point it out in this. Wish I could know. I'm surprised I couldnt smell spice for nearly an hour. Normally things like cinnamon are definitely there, right? I love the spice and brandy here crescending very gracefully and slowly, taking over the strict floral.
  8. I feel freaking exotic and regal in this. I was watching Prince of Egypt with my 6yr old brother and felt like a beautiful Egyptian woman living in her architecture, just general imagery in the movie. I asked him what he thought of the perfume. He said he liked it, smells like our dog lol! My home banned perfume after my father went through chemotherapy. He also has sensitivities from painting cars when he was younger. My mom is very sensitive to fragrance. If I put any on, they'd make it clear I was making them uncomfortable. But I remember applying Fairy Cake: Lavender years ago and they didn't mention it. I asked if they could smell it and they couldn't! That's another miracle from LPMP. Anywho, so I asked mom to smell Totem Lion on my wrist and she loved it. She was like, "this is the high quality stuff... Mall commercial perfumes only smell like alcohol and something else." And then she further guessed the perfume was dry grasses in the desert. Bingo! lots of gold tones in this scent.
  9. Ivysaur


    I think milk amps and is forefront in the beginning for me generally. Maybe amber combined with it too. Drydown 4 hours later leaves mainly orchid with maybe wisp of amber or vanilla. I learned I like orchid! I'm always on the lookout for new florals I like bc they're really distinct in perfume and really makes or breaks it in terms of what mood I'll be intending to wear.
  10. Ivysaur


    lol! I was just about to write another review: "gahh I wish I could smell magnolia! I think I'm still scent blind to it, but I do smell a tiiiiinge of it at the end of the note. Hopefully it'll come back to me... The freshness of Fluffy is definitely there!! Which can't be attributed to any other note cept Magnolia?" This is my exact review from last year
  11. Yeah, I think so. There's something in this that has a "smoothing over" effect. It may be the androstanone? since the description states, "tempered to try to reduce feelings of jealousy that can arise when someone else is in the spotlight." It still definitely puts this beaming light on me, or makes me feel comfortable putting myself out there in social situations, but there's really not a 'Queen B' feeling for me in this. It's not egotistical in any way. If I'm being baited by meanies, I'm really not interested in engaging them. There are plenty of nicer interactions I am in the mood for while wearing this.
  12. I could credit my day to better mental health or just that I've built a positive life surrounding me, got good stuff going no matter what other negativity. But I don't want to miss crediting miss Popularity Potion in Laloo just in case she had something to do with my temperance of a high intensity bicker today, to which I did not bite back. Of course, that's all high school stuff - or should be - but sometimes it's hard. There's feelings, you know? In any case, I really didn't take anything personally and moved on to what I'm over the moon about: that I'm feeling clear, positive, centered and purposeful right now in my work and personal growth. There's nothing to report, which is absolute magick in this case. If this stuff can erase drama like peace to end all wars, I'm grateful. I'm not going to remember anything. like, "She said who? ... That never happened."
  13. Snow Leopard has been my go-to leather/androstenone scent. It's that feeling of a Rolls Royce (not that I've been in one lol), or luxe softness with a little whiplash at the end for Ice-queen effect. I've linked a trade thread you can get it from: here or here. I also love Seelie and have described it sort of as Ice Queenie.. another trade thread for it: here.
  14. oooph. the purposes of these potions look certain for sure! just at eye-glance there are a few I have dire needs for in my life.. I forgot that virility was very much a show-off 🤭 roosters are an apt fit! I'm so curious what it'll smell like Imma need dagger because there are a lot of jerks to cut. and 2020 is the year I'm seriously shedding skins and transforming. I foresee a lot of Snake wears. I wonder if I'll finally break out my SWS and pair it with the above.
  15. I had this for two years and did not try it out of the vial, for two reasons: I went through a phero-free 2018 as soon as New Year hit, for health reasons. I also went scent blind to marshmallow and ylang ylang from practically snortnig Sensual Harmony and somehow Fairy Cake Magnolia (doesn't have marshmallow, but maybe I feel similar about the two foodie notes). Cinnamon wasn't a note I was dying to try, because it's been done in commercial fragrance and I was in a hurry to meet new mysterious, exotic notes available at LPMP. But let's just say I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to this winter.. I have been missing out! and I'm so happy I saved this (I never throw out scents untried anyway). Warm and homey but light and non-cloying, feels social like the phero blend! I'm so ready to get in on this classic.
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