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  1. I want to make sculpture perfume bottles. for mainly oil

    artistic oil vials

  2. I might be healthy enough to start donning pheromones again!

    Oh my gosh the wait has been loooong (7 months!) :bugs_015: and some of my scents are blended with pheros, so I'm soo excited to be putting vampire bunny sometime soon

  3. Unintentionally - Day 1 of pheromone use again after 3-4 months of probation by health! :D Let's see how it goes

    Zakura + Perfect Match

  4. I've been in the mood for some orange scents.. I wonder why that is

    I never like orange scents

  5. does anyone check out http://scentury.com? perfume stories!

  6. I wear perfume to bring my mnd to the present moment, not to relive a memory

  7. instead of feeling emotions, put on perfume instead. incessantly distract yourself

  8. I'm super into apple scents recently and the color red. happy February

  9. today is a great day

  10. wish I could wear pheromones daily with no health repercussions #addictivepersonality

  11. No, I don't like working out anymore lol I'm done with that phase. Maybe in another week.. I like to work out 4 days straight and then take a few days off..

  12. working out and showering is nice. I get to put on more perfume afterward =D

  13. My week has been terrible, getting sick with multiple viruses and then a couple other health-related instances. I'm sure this is due to Karma. I have not been paying enough attention to certain accounts! #DueDiligence

  14. I've OD past 2 weeks ;( #sicktoday

  15. First day of new job and I didn't apply any perfume or pheromone. Congratulations to my self control and discretion lol

    1. Ivysaur



      i started wearing pheros for TG - whom I got for xmas ^_^

  16. my bottle of Irish Rose isn't going to last long

  17. the way I slather, if I obtain this new office job, I'm going to be a fckkked fume addict. I can't even smell lighter applications anymore, and am only going to be self-tessing at work all day

  18. I've just gotten back from yoga after not exercising much in a long time, and I also just ate meat after having not for a long time, and I feel greasy and sick (。>ω

  19. Going to get a [hopefully small {due to budget}] reading today. I'm so overdue ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

  20. I feel like going on a sushi date ( ・・)つ―●○◎-

  21. There are some people I really can't wait to tell off (*´∇`)┌θ☆(ノ>_

  22. I'm having to go fragrance free for a couple days because of diminishing scent returns (O_O;)

  23. I worked out for the first time in like a year! C= C= C= C= C=┌(;・ω・)┘ It felt nice, went at my own pace, but did take it up a notch

  24. Going through a breakup (╯︵╰,) Calling upon LPMP comfort scents to help provide me the cushion cloud of "There, there..." I'm really glad to have these in my arsenal of preparation for times like these

  25. Breakthrough after Breakthrough after Hardship 。・゚(゚>

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