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  1. OMG will you look at my labels!! I *love* them Mara!! Also, now I'm über-excited for my PE's! I'm thinking they'll represent both sides of my feminine personality really well. Very curious how the Iris shines.
  2. It's that I had been looking for a fragrance that combined these notes, because to me, they fit so well together. And then there was Bittersweet! I love the Love Potion renditions, so this should be a win. I'm excited and finally ready to order!!
  3. gaia

    Spring Fever

    I love this grassy, springy scent! Put it in a scent locket when I was feeling a bit blue, so I could get a pick-me-up every now and then.....the smell of spring always cheers me up... Worked like a charm! The grass, the flowers, the brightness....it's all there. I have a little bitty sample, but am seriously contemplating a bigger size, it's *that* good.
  4. Awesome! Can't wait till I get my tax return so I can order!
  5. I need this in my life. ...that is all....
  6. Yes! Spicy, sweet carnation!! It's everything I hoped it would be. As soon as I saw the notes in this one, I knew I had to have it. I had a previous carnation love that resembled this, but sadly that was an LE that has been long gone..... This is perfect for my carnation needs and I adore it! Thank you, Bruiseviolet
  7. So ehm...Mara, do you think Bittersweet will cover a dose of cops?? I need this to be teh sexay
  8. Can I have 1 Pinky Sweet, please? (also....*hangs head in shame* I kinda sorta forgot how to go about paying for such a bottle....in spray form.....with pheros added..... sorry)
  9. Good lord, I've been away for way too long! These look awesome! Might have to get a sampler of these....
  10. I'm not blessed with lots of patience......ánd I'm a curious girl......you do the math. I'm ready for the NRs!!
  11. There are no Jubilee reviews yet, are there? I'm tempted to at least try a sample of it, but I don't do chocolate....the rest of the notes sound really good though..... I'll definitely have some Sneaky Clean! And I need a bottle of UN phero.....probably either Lumina or La Femme Mystère....hard to decide.
  12. Oooh, I need to at least sample Jubilee (depending on notes) and them musks look mighty okay too.....I'm thinking either French, Pink or Vintage musk must be mine! When can we expect descriptions???
  13. I'd like the other bottle of Lina's Summer Sweet, please!
  14. I think I need that Purple Puff.....no......I definitely need that Purple Puff.....
  15. Finally made another order.....hope I didn't forget anything (kinda feels like it).. Just the bottle of Rosie's Wedding Cake and a couple of samples : Sogni Incantati, Heart's Ease, Red Lace and OCCO SLF...... *yay* for new perfs to test!
  16. gaia

    Top Five

    Darling Clementine The Captivation Equation T.M.I. Sweet Gaia The Masked Man (on G-Man)
  17. This is a total comfort scent when worn by G-Man, I love it on him! It's sweet, but not too sweet. Normally I'm not a fan of vetiver, but it has it's place in this scent. I love the white amber( a favorite note of mine)/leather combo.....very protective/badass.
  18. Right....this stuff works.....well..... G-man's been beating me at my own game, using pheros on me without me knowing, I'm having fun though. It's very interesting to experience the other side of these..... So yeah.....the Wanted Man mix works very well on me......(oh and I think I like the scent as well )
  19. gaia

    Velvet Moss

    I love this scent, but it's just a little too far on the masculine side of things to wear myself.......so I made my sample into a little spray and gave it to G-Man...... Took some time for him to start wearing it....(since he was only used to commercial type perfumes), but when he did......Oh....smelled so good! On him it mellows out into this soft smelling skin scent that's really comforting to snuggle up to....(ofcourse I find it comforting to snuggle up to him regardless of what he's wearing, but it's a nice bonus. ) I had already bought a big bottle of this, hoping to give it to him if/when he was ready to step into the smelly side of life with me...... *yay* for enabling!
  20. gaia

    Hello everybody!

    Well.....it's not......it's his actual name....('G' that is....the letter pronounced in Dutch is his name....I think Gaia's Man is infinitely cuter though! )
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