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    Sure Tyvey! I don't see email on your profile. PM?
  2. As a rule of thumb, sexual products like BI and gotcha should be worn in roll on oil. What about ones that has small amounts like Girl/Girl and lumina? Or it's best to get anything that has cops in oil roll on?
  3. That makes sense, pheros will taste like some body product. I've got another question about silicone bases. I live in warm weather, DPG will probably do the job of diffusion. Considering getting silicone base because more diffusion is always better especially when I'm indoors in AC. If 60/40 Oil/ Alcohol spray lasts 3-4 hours, how long would the 60/40 alcohol/silicone spray last? Also for the sexual blends like G2, Girl/Girl, Bang, Audacious, Gotcha. Silicone roll on would provide more lift, how long does the silicone roll on last compared to oil?
  4. Hi, I'm considering gettng some of the UNs in Silicone. Would my partner be ingesting silicone off my body when we're getting it on? That can't be good? Searched everywhere, could not find an answer
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    I'm having a great gushing time testing the samples. Gone through half of it. Yes, sure looks like I'm gonna buy them all!!
  6. Thank you for all for chiming in. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Definitely gonna try more pheros. I've asked Mara for her opinions as well. I think everyone knows how I feel about wanting a result badly. That's what all newbies go through.
  7. I've read posts on the different pheros and of course girl/girl. There isn't much info or testing by women on women. Used love is love once since getting the sample. Applied 4 swipes. 1 split between side of neck, 1 split between back of forearms, 2 on chest. Went to a club with friends and didn't observe hits or anything out of the ordinary. Is that application too much?
  8. Hi, I started getting interested in pheromones to up my game with the ladies. I'm a gay women. Initial research in 2005 showed that lesbians reacted to pheromones the same way as men are attracted to female pheromones. It really does seem like gay and bisexual women are a lot more complicated when it comes to mones. Recent study by a Chinese research shows that "Bisexual and homosexual women, meanwhile, didnt respond to the effects of androstadienone or estratetraenol." http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2014/05/01/smell-of-sex-pheromones-colors-our-perception-of-gender/#.Ve6O3GbXenM Girl/Girl has those ingredients. I'm curious to know if the lab that LP does the mixes are aware of these studies. Any lesbian, bi women or women with sexual hits from other women while using certain products on the forum care to chime in with their experiences?
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