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  1. I can't believe I never replied to this! It's been a few years now, but I have been kicking it with the Open Windows and then Lumina on performance nights. I'm really loving them both and the reactions they received. Especially with one of the boys - as he has depression as well and was rather rude to me for the first two plays we had together, but he's really warmed up since then and mellowed out - obviously not all my doing but I'm glad he's in a better place. However, I'm so low on both of them it's insane, need to put in another order with another spring show coming up!
  2. I received a sample of this yesterday with my order and I'm IN LOVE with it. I couldn't stop smelling my hand. I haven't tried Lace before and I was a little apprehensive about the "ditzy" vibe but wow.... Zombie Repellant is an A++ for me. I want it in everything!
  3. Since I'm such a newbie idk if it'll let me post anything but I'm gonna try. I have a boring office job and one as an assistant director for the high school plays. We're gearing up to do a spring musical and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas what I should wear around the teens / my boss? Our director can be sort of prickly at times, but she is very matter of fact and good with the kids - as long as she's not in a foul mood. Since I'm closer to their age (about a decade older) I would like to give off the approachable / fun vibe to the teens. The kind where you can talk to me about anything, but also have the ability to be respected and in charge if need be. Usually I don't have a problem with that, but as it's a musical there will be A LOT more kids and it's going to be immensely stressful so I want it to be a good, bonding environment for everyone - including myself. It takes me awhile sometimes to warm up to people because I have major depression and I'm not one who enjoys crowds so I'm thinking I need something with very good self effects too. I shine with good self effects. Plus, I just got a BUNCH of new pheros so I'm excited to try them out. I was thinking either Lumina / Open Windows / Levitation / maybe Mother's Little Helper would be good? I have only tried Open Windows with the fall kids (a smaller group) before, to decent success... I think? I'm not sure if I notice much of a difference With Open Windows honestly... maybe I'm using too much / not enough? It's hard to gauge it's effectiveness with all their different personalities and mood swings haha. Any thoughts?!
  4. I told myself I was not gonna buy anything this month (after being too crazy black Friday shopping)..... and then Pherotine starts!! Oh well. 2 or 3 hefty orders isn't gonna kill me.... right?
  5. I bought quite a few samples of other blends awhile back (I think I'm addicted) and I have tried UNLAM with the scented BAMs and I found the mix to be pretty good but generally I go pretty light on the BAM. Haven't quite figured out how well it goes with my chemistry yet, just LAM by itself makes me really bubbly, but sometimes the BAM tones down the bubbly in me but maybe amplifies it in others? Haven't decided haha Tho, I have tried UNLAM with Gotcha! and that worked pretty well on an ex ... I'm also trying to figure out if I can do any blend combos without being overpowering. Mostly still doing a lot of research in that department. Anyone else find any worthwhile combos? I just followed one of Dolly's threads about layering pheros so I'm sure I'll glean insight there.
  6. Phew.... I'll say! Never felt so magnetic in my life I'm planning on getting trials of a few scents to test drive, and then add LAM if they go over well. I'm getting so happily addicted to learning about pheros and scents! I enjoyed the few samples I got with my purchase, especially Heatwave - it's almost 100 muggy degrees here rn - but it didn't seem to last on my skin, which was unfortunate. For someone with major depression, the self hits are amazing! I feel so light and carefree when wearing LAM, which is normally the opposite of how I feel. It creates this incredible dreamy euphoria for me and I love every minute of it. I did have a question that may have been answered before, but how long do you feel that LAM lasts? I know weak (AKA nonexistent and cheap) "pheromone infused perfumes" only tend to last a few hours if that, but what about LAM? Is it time sensitive or an until you wash off sort of experience? I wonder because I thought about reapplying once last night due to overpowering bug spray scent haha, but didn't want to feel "ghosted."
  7. Hello ladies. I'm a newbie, but I read every single post on this thread and you guys CRACK ME UP. I loved reading your seduction stories! And the phero / cops tips are all fantastic. I just recently got into the whole pheromones thing and I've been reading up on it and soaking up as much info as I can and then I stumbled upon LP and voila! I saw the Unscented LAM was on special promo and so curious little me made her first purchase.... I got it in the mail a few weeks ago (and had wanted it for a special meeting with an old old ex but alas, was a day short!) but had yet to try it... until the other night that is. Brace yourselves, I tell a lengthy story! :/ I found out that the pool boy ex was having a midnight shindig at his pool and as we are in the fine process of "consciously uncoupling" I decided I wanted to torture him a little bit. ... I lightly dabbed it on - having read that an OD of cops and pheros can be disastrous sometimes - little dabs on my wrists, cleav, backs of knees and behind the ears. Didn't want to overdo it but also didn't wanna underdo it! I met up with some friends first and I was suprised at how at ease and happy I felt, it was like I was on cloud nine and the girls were in good spirits and we were having such a good time. We stopped at a bar before the pool party for a friend's bday bash and I forgot I was wearing anything, but everyone was ridiculously friendly. This male acquaintance I never really speak to actually came up and was nudging me in the arm a little bit and the male bartenders were constantly there to fill my drink. The owner even came over to our side of the bar and was talking us up. It was an odd euphoria. We head over to the pool party and the ex is there and he's being gentlemanly and procuring chairs and he gets me a chair right next to him. I didn't really pay much attention to how he was reacting, as I was engrossed in all the conversations at hand - LAM made me weirdly chatty! I really didn't think it had much of an effect on Pool Boy, but he's also very inward and he has very little tells so who knows.... but in my peripherals I could see and HEAR him fidgeting so badly he actually BROKE THE CHAIR HE WAS SITTING ON! I kid you not. Another guy I had a PG-13 fling with a year and a half ago was there too. We see each other around a lot and I drive him home when he gets drunky (that's what I'll call him)... he stopped in his tracks when I passed by him. We struck up a convo and he ended up falling / tripping on a lounge chair and walking off in a huff. Due to my nurturing nature, I went after him to make sure he was okay. It was just us in the garage and as we continued our convo he was getting oddly close to me and giving me the eyes (meanwhile I'm still forgetting completely that I'm seducing him with scent) but then a few ppl came in - Pool Boy included - and I backed away from everyone a bit and sat down. Pool Boy hovered right next to me and Drunky sat on the chair beside me. Pool Boy and I coaxed Drunky into letting me take him home. He was 8 sheets to the wind, I swear. I'm making small talk and whatnot while driving, and he's kinda, moving around a lot more than he typically does, and once I pulled up to his house he asked me if he could have a hug. So I said sure... but then he doesn't let go. He basically pounces on me, in the car, my foot's on the break, and we're in the middle of the street! Like, we're talkin animalistic liplocking... he does not let go of my face. I push him away a bit and pull away but he keeps coming at me and I'm laughing and telling him to get out of the car but he will not leave the car. He just has this DIHL look and seems not only drunk on alcohol but also on me. He REALLY wanted me to come inside "for a minute" but I told him I had obligations and he seemed quite frustrated by this. After about 15 minutes or more of this cycle, and after a loop around the neighborhood - I was desperately trying anything I could think of to get him to settle down and get out of the car hahaha - I threatened to get out and he finally resigned... He was dead set on taking our previous PG-13 to a definite NC-17! I was so flustered after that. Get back to the party and try to figure out how to explain my lengthy absence, "Oh we had a deep conversation..." hahaha and I sit by the edge of the pool, everyone is mingling about at all ends of the pool but they all end up close to me after a few minutes. Pool Boy walks past me a few times and then gets in, and I can feel his eyes digging into me and he's keeping his distance but he would occasionally make his way my direction and look confused. I doubt he could smell me from there but he likely had passed by me close enough during the nite to get a good whiff and knowing him...... he would have pounced even harder than Drunky if no one else had been around. After this I got home and I was still blown away by drunky's reaction and then I remembered...... LAM. I laughed so hard to myself and said I am never going to let myself run out of this. Ever. After reading the thread I'm v. tempted to pick up some LAM samples of the scented variety, but I really enjoy being able to put a few dabs of the UN down and then spray my fav MJ Daisy (Eau So Fresh Delight) over the top. I have never been one for smelling like vanilla but I do fancy pink pepper notes.... is the pink sugar anything like that? Has anyone else snatched up some UN LAM lately? / Do you like it?
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