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  1. I wear Aja often, shoulders, nape of neck, hair, usually people just tell me how good I smell. It doesn’t seem to come across as perfume but as my natural scent so I wear it solo when fragrance isn’t a good choice, like appointments. It always provides a lift for me, the “I feel pretty” thing. . I don’t think it gives off the unclean vibe but I suppose that could also be individual body chemistry. Some say it doesn’t smell good on them. If it works for you try it, I make a small spray with perfumers alcohol. I prefer the spray in my hair and find myself pulling it close and sniffing it throug
  2. Ive certainly received the cat pee reaction a couple times over the years but if I remember correctly it was layered with other honey scents. I love Aja, wear it solo often, when fragrance isn’t ideal. It always makes me feel better on blah days & often people tell me how good I smell.
  3. Hedione on its own smells almost like nothing to me. I think that’s normal. I do like to use it when creating my own blends, specifically fragile scents, like citrus heavy. ( I love blood orange and jasmine together, essentials, heavy on the orange, light on the jasmine ) not a floral girl. Citrus evaporates so quickly, I find a bit of hedione gives them some staying power but doesn’t change the scent much. I’m not certain about having noticible phero-like effects, perhaps just a little of the “I feel pretty today” vibe. Hedione is a jasmine derivative, and jasmine is documented as an aphr
  4. I always order Aja in the oil bottle, and make a bit in spray with perfumers alcohol. Aja addict, I like to wear it solo, or combined with almost anything. it always provides a strong case of the " I feel pretties". I'm hoping it's not one of the things one can build a tolerance to, it's my go to anytime I'm a bit under or just for phero / fragrance free days.
  5. Update: I think I applied this around 1:00, it took less than an hour for the coffee to disappear. I took care of a lot of paperwork then went to my in laws around 3:00pm. Chainsaw in tow to chop up a rather large fallen tree in their driveway. I only went in to say hello. I conquered that tree, thank you Dom! Now home, MM is now very soft, hardly detectable, but still more a slightly sweet clean leather on me. The hubby was already home and I didn’t use that spritz of DHEAS I’ve been experimenting with. Yep, Dom is still a no on it’s own with me. I didn’t last 3 min having convers
  6. The men in my life love the smell of fresh coffee, always commenting on it, honestly wish they reacted so well and with such frequency to my fragrance choices. Often I have considered simply wearing a straight up coffee "essential oil", or rolling around in fresh grounds to get their attention, since no fragrance smells like fresh coffee brewing. If he drinks coffee, I'm going to say the answer is yes. wearing this for the first time, just recieved my bottle yesterday. I like it, it starts very coffee on me, more true than other coffee scents so I got super excited. But the coffee
  7. Actually I’ve worn that combo 3-4 days in the last week, deliberately around the hubby, in laws and in public just to see. ( my bday, I was alone, terrible day however, power outage, 18 degrees, unprepared, stressed) Dangerous game the other days, my experience with Dom has never been good around others. It definitely overrides my normal zen demeanor, makes me intolerant to downright hostile. Experimenting because the Mistress Mine has me drooling. Black cat mojo and LP black are two of my favorites. So far it’s been good, not my normal get shit done, work out like a maniac resul
  8. Time to order, I've been procrastinating because I can't wear Dom around other humans. I too would love a virgin version of this . ive been experimenting with Dom + a spritz or two of DHEAS, I don't get that "I'm ready to conquer my universe/"to do list" vibe as much. But I haven't murdered or driven anyone off the road, or chewed the hubby's face off yet.
  9. BCM!!!!!! i keep looking at this and drooling, but I too have a bitch switch. I have not tried DHEAS with Dom, I'll have to give it a go, withBCM for good measure. Hubby working from home today, good testing ground. I normally won't wear Dom around him. I would consider several virgin bottles as well, like last year's Bad Girl. I tend to like separation of scent and phero, so I can wear my fragrance as I choose and as many days as I like. This one really sounds amazing.
  10. I have Un TH. & Themescuria, spelled wrong, but haven't had my coffee intake yet.. I could send you a sniffy size of choice ( on the house/ pay if forward) if you would like to ask for email exchange.
  11. Balm B for me, and I love the scent lingering on my pillow the following night. i suffer from severe insomnia and ADHD. Oddly Aja is the only other that makes me feal noticably calm, at ease with the world, but with the " I feel pretty" vibe. BB makes me want to cuddle with the kitties under a blanket and read a book so I only reach for it at night, or when in stressful social situations, if I don't mind getting nothing done. I'm a go, go, go person, in multiple directions at once, chilling out just isn't part of my skill set. BB + BBM gets a great reaction from the hubby. TH was
  12. I can't wear phero girl around the hubby, he thinks I smell like cat pee, though I wear plenty of honey and amber scents. I had to give up on this one. Timing is also a thing, I love Aja but every so often it goes vinigar on me and I sadly need to cover it, also a cat pee response when it does that. He is a weirdo though ? Always smelling something no one else can detect.
  13. I think I receive more hits from ladies with Aja. Really long hugs that require pulling away, from ladies I don't know very well or have just met. My mom and I both seem to get reactions from women with cougar as well. love the Aja selfies, always provides a nice dose of " I feel beautiful", I also find it calming. A mix of feeling one with the universe and the sassy step of Poison Ivy when she declares " Hell, I am Mother Nature". Its definitely one of my most used LP products, love mixing it with LFM, leather, H&S, honestly with just about anything, it works well with every LP
  14. I can only imagine the perplexed look on my face when PTO was being discussed. My head was "PTO, PTO, ....PTO, oh shit! That's paid time off! Whoa!"I had always considered being a FA, having that gypsy blood in my veins, but have never known anyone to discuss the pros and cons of the profession.
  15. I didnt find a thread for the virgin bottle of this. I just wanted to say that for me it seems the fragrance alone works as thoughleather is there. Perhaps it just some mind bender thing because Im associating the two together, and have the leaded version as well. The fragrance may just trigger that because I tried the phero version first. Or its simply another testament to how awesome Mara is with the perfect blend pheroed or not. I accidentally spilled LFM and didnt want to waste it but paired it with virgin bad girl to save the intention for my night. It worked great, like I had the ben
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