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  1. When I smelled this in the bottle.....I immediately thought to myself "I wish I had the creative genius spark of the folks at LPMP". Seriously. This is like smelling true honeysuckle. It is lovely, feminine and soft. When I put it on my skin, something makes it go straight to a sharp, clean smell for some reason, like dove bar soap. But after 10 minutes it is absolutely perfect on me. This is another scent that makes me purr! I actually imagine this would be great with Lace or cuddle bunny.
  2. This is an intense peach in the bottle. When I wear it, it calms down and is a happy mellowed out peach/vanilla that seems perfect for summer time. I just love it. It does have some staying power and a happy vibe to it. I don't think there is anyway to be down or blue or upset when you wear this scent. I will use what I have and then get it in spray form.
  3. Boy the name of this scent is so spot on! It is a hint of peach, but with a soft fruit vibe. It makes my mouth water! Out of all the LPMP scents I have, I do believe that this is now my favorite! Some scents are too sweet and some are too fruity. This scent is the perfect balance with a creaminess that I just want.to.lick.myself! I am going to get a FB but I am unsure if I want it by itself or boosted with Cougar. Either way, I will have a FB of this scent.
  4. Are there normally NRs in February? I have decided on what I want in my next order, but I am unsure if I should wait to see what they have next month....
  5. I just wanted to add here that I put a couple dabs of OW under my nose and it successfully flips my bitch switch to "off".
  6. This lavender is not sharp at all. After dry-down, it is very soft but fades rather quickly. However, it did make me keep sniffing my arm. I think this would be a perfect scent for bedtime. To me, it whispers "lavender" in your ear. I love it.
  7. I put a few drops under my nose. Everyone that said they use Leather to get things done, I concur. It seems to give me the motivation to get things done around the house.
  8. I have UN LFM in oil. This phero makes me feel like I am pretty, sexy and definitely in charge. I notice that I have a swagger in my walk with my 4" platform heels that I did not have before! I came in the office this morning and our HR lady said, "Gosh you look so pretty!" (even though I've worn this sweater and pants before). I want to paste a picture in my review that perfectly illustrates how LFM makes me feel, but I am unsure how to do that?.....
  9. I never tried Beautiful Dreamer. But this is the perfect bedtime scent. It feels like it is whispering "You've had a hard day. Come to bed." I normally put it on my wrists and have a cup of Stress Relief tea before bed. This scent is exactly what I imagine heaven and angels smell like. Hopefully I will be able to confirm this one day lol. But I don't think so.....I keep getting advertisements in the mail for air conditioners, which makes me think that where I'm going it is gonna be hot.....
  10. Hi ladies, I am in love with Sneaky clean! I agree with the others regarding the smell-it truly does smell like a luxurious soap! It is like I just stepped out of a rich, relaxing bubble bath. I wore it to a workshop I conduct. The attendees are usually all men, maybe 1-2 women. I had alot of DIHL! One man came up to my podium and asked the same question like 3 times! Then he kind of just stood there like he didn't know why he didn't want to leave! lol One man came up and asked me a question and just kept getting closer and closer to me! My husband decided to drop by and take me
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