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  1. When I smelled this in the bottle.....I immediately thought to myself "I wish I had the creative genius spark of the folks at LPMP". Seriously. This is like smelling true honeysuckle. It is lovely, feminine and soft. When I put it on my skin, something makes it go straight to a sharp, clean smell for some reason, like dove bar soap. But after 10 minutes it is absolutely perfect on me. This is another scent that makes me purr! I actually imagine this would be great with Lace or cuddle bunny.
  2. This is an intense peach in the bottle. When I wear it, it calms down and is a happy mellowed out peach/vanilla that seems perfect for summer time. I just love it. It does have some staying power and a happy vibe to it. I don't think there is anyway to be down or blue or upset when you wear this scent. I will use what I have and then get it in spray form.
  3. Boy the name of this scent is so spot on! It is a hint of peach, but with a soft fruit vibe. It makes my mouth water! Out of all the LPMP scents I have, I do believe that this is now my favorite! Some scents are too sweet and some are too fruity. This scent is the perfect balance with a creaminess that I just want.to.lick.myself! I am going to get a FB but I am unsure if I want it by itself or boosted with Cougar. Either way, I will have a FB of this scent.
  4. I agree with other reviews in that it is sheer but not as sheer as LP White. On me the patch screams out and drowns the other notes. In the vile it smells like a powdery flower that I would wear to a Sunday church picnic on a beautiful warm spring day. It almost has a virgin/innocent-like vibe to it! I think those who like LP white, sneaky clean and soft whispery scents will love this. I would wear this in a locket instead of on my skin. The creative genius of Mara and her crew never cease to amaze me!
  5. I'll wait a few more days. If it's not here by Monday, I will file a complaint. Would that be a reasonable time frame? It seems like they would know where it is IF THEY WOULD SCAN IT AT EACH DESTINATION, like UPS and Fedex! The guy that left me the voicemail was so nonchalant about it like "oh, well your package is lost". I guess this is what you get when your agency is insolvent. This aggravates me so much because that was all I was looking forward to this week!
  6. The latest tracking info on my package said it left Portland on 2/10. I contacted them to see what is going. A usps worker left me a voicemail stating that he doesn't know where the package is and it is probably "missing or damaged". Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I'm sooo over USPS you just have no idea.
  7. Wet, this smells like my 2 yr old put the entire box of fabric softener sheets in a small load of laundry. It smells clean and fresh, but very intense. When it dried down on my skin.... LPMP perfection again. It calms down into a light fresh, unobtrusive perfect clean scent to wear to the office. It wears very sheer like others have said. Anyone who likes clean scents will really enjoy this one.
  8. Are there normally NRs in February? I have decided on what I want in my next order, but I am unsure if I should wait to see what they have next month....
  9. I just wanted to add here that I put a couple dabs of OW under my nose and it successfully flips my bitch switch to "off".
  10. I got a sample of this, but also ordered a FB. This is bright upon application. I would describe it as a bright, sunny, cheery scent you would smell in the morning while on vacation somewhere on an island. I guess I am thinking of our vacation to Honolulu. If I had a choice of what to wear in Hawaii, I would have chosen Saisha w/Bang. After dry-down, it is still bright but it behaves itself very nicely on me. Sometimes bright scents end up being too sharp for me. This is not the case here. I ordered a FB because 1) my husband loves this scent, and he responds ridiculously well to SS4W (I get a kick out of his DIHLs with this and sneaky clean), and 2) When I sniff it just makes me happy, cheerful and makes me want to smile.
  11. When I put this on, it was a tiny bit sharp. After dry down, it turns to a clean soapy cherry blossom scent to me. However, since I found LPMP, I noticed that certain scents smell differently according to my cycle. So I will probably try this one again in a week or so.
  12. This lavender is not sharp at all. After dry-down, it is very soft but fades rather quickly. However, it did make me keep sniffing my arm. I think this would be a perfect scent for bedtime. To me, it whispers "lavender" in your ear. I love it.
  13. My husband heard the mail lady pull up at 9pm to deliver the mail and I got my package! I'm glad he was in the office and heard her pull up. Otherwise we wouldn't have known she was there (our driveway is really long and part of our yard is natural). I hate to think of anything being left in our mailbox at night with all the losers stealing everything in our neighborhood.
  14. I just got a text from USPS stating that my package was "delivered to the front door/porch" at 7:01pm. There was no box on the porch or in our mailbox. The box is small and they always put it in the mailbox. So I am baffled as to why it said it was delivered to the front door. We checked again 20 mins later and still nothing. Has anyone had any luck dealing with the post office on this issue?
  15. I put a few drops under my nose. Everyone that said they use Leather to get things done, I concur. It seems to give me the motivation to get things done around the house.
  16. This smells a little sweet on me and I almost want to say like coco butter?? I like how it smells on me. It definitely works because I was in a crabby mood and hating life with all the issues going on right now, and it just lifted me into a better mood in less than 5 minutes. It also worked on the husband and he was in a better mood also. I plan to get a full bottle.
  17. I have UN LFM in oil. This phero makes me feel like I am pretty, sexy and definitely in charge. I notice that I have a swagger in my walk with my 4" platform heels that I did not have before! I came in the office this morning and our HR lady said, "Gosh you look so pretty!" (even though I've worn this sweater and pants before). I want to paste a picture in my review that perfectly illustrates how LFM makes me feel, but I am unsure how to do that?.....
  18. I never tried Beautiful Dreamer. But this is the perfect bedtime scent. It feels like it is whispering "You've had a hard day. Come to bed." I normally put it on my wrists and have a cup of Stress Relief tea before bed. This scent is exactly what I imagine heaven and angels smell like. Hopefully I will be able to confirm this one day lol. But I don't think so.....I keep getting advertisements in the mail for air conditioners, which makes me think that where I'm going it is gonna be hot.....
  19. I love the smell but on me it is very sugary and seems to drown the orchid. I layered it with Two lips and a kiss to take the sharpness off the florals. It worked, and now Two lips and a kiss smells delightful, without the floral sharpness. ETA: I have been wearing FC Orchid off and on for several weeks. Now it does not smell as sugary as it did when I first tried it. StacyK is 100% correct on this scent: I smell soooooo good right now! I am wearing it with open windows.
  20. At first sniff I didn't think I would like it. While wet to seemed to scream "tart fruit"! which I believe is the raspberry. After about 10 mins, it turns into a bright, happy fruit smell, but not loud or sharp. It seems like it is a perfect scent for me being a mommy: bright and happy (mood-wise). MLH: This worked on the husband and he was definitely helpful all day! I will need to remind myself to wear this during spring cleaning time. I actually did feel very calm wearing this one. I am still relatively new to pheros, but I think I will always need to have MLH and SWS in my stash .
  21. Hi ladies, I am in love with Sneaky clean! I agree with the others regarding the smell-it truly does smell like a luxurious soap! It is like I just stepped out of a rich, relaxing bubble bath. I wore it to a workshop I conduct. The attendees are usually all men, maybe 1-2 women. I had alot of DIHL! One man came up to my podium and asked the same question like 3 times! Then he kind of just stood there like he didn't know why he didn't want to leave! lol One man came up and asked me a question and just kept getting closer and closer to me! My husband decided to drop by and take me to lunch that day. It is the first time he has done that, even though his office is extremely close. Sneaky clean is currently my favorite.
  22. Hi Ladies, I am new to LPMP. I will be starting a new job in a few weeks. It is an office setting with I think one man and the rest are women. However, most of my time will be spent traveling in the local area and meeting with employers at their offices. I will definitely need to wear something that is office-friendly, but also establish myself as a professional and get them to "see things my way", if you will. I currently have a lot of samples so I can see which ones I like. I have a FB of Money Multiplier with SWS. I am in love with sneaky clean-I work part-time and wore it to my workshop last week....lots of DIHL! I have ordered the unscented popularity potion which should be here next week. I am unsure if I should wear MM with SWS, or sneaky clean, or the unscented popularity potion with LP Pink (I love LP Pink- it is so intoxicating). What scents do you ladies wear to the office on a regular basis?
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