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  1. I got my order! And I love it! ( review on velvet kisses page ) I got 3 testers ( THANK YOU ) 221B for women, Candle in the wind, to soothe a broken heart... I will review these later.
  2. My scent is not that great ( ironically ) So sadly I might not be able to describe it perfectly .. BUT my first impression is BOOM! have some cocoa slapped right in your face. I LOVE THAT, After a while it became more subtle to me... But I could still smell it. ( normally I wont be able to smell my own perfume after a little while so I bet it is still strongly present to other people ) and when I smell my wrist it smells like a combination of cocoa and something soft and cuddly? girly? I cannot place it but I really like it. it might be slightly addictive even? like wishing it was a bit stronger everytime I smell it. could be the pheromones.
  3. Hello everyone. I have recently ordered Velvet Kisses. Cant wait. mostly interested in the cuddle, social and status pheromones right now... Favorite scents would be foody and green scents. Not much else to add for now, hello
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