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  1. Ah- that's right. I had them backward. Thanks! And thank you, Androstenol! Glad to offer some input; you guys have helped me a lot.
  2. LaVolpe

    Totem: Raccoon

    Love this. I was once told by an old gypsy woman in barcelona that I "reminded her of a raccoon"- I've always had a little extra affinity for the animal. And this is a fitting tribute scent to the creature (we raised several growing up). I don't know if you've ever tried "caramel apple pops" (my favorite candy as a kid), but it very much reminds me of those at first blush. Think of a sweet/tart jolly rancher apple candy, with just a *touch* of deep, dark chocolate and caramel. Very rich, but subtle. But you're eating this confection... in an herb garden. I love it. On the drydown, bizzarely
  3. LaVolpe

    Inspire Desire

    This one really caught me off-guard. I generally stray away from orange scents, and sugar-sweetness, but this was awesome. I got it in my "freebies" along with my recent order (thanks, Mara), and it's one that, admittedly, I would have never otherwised tried. But it's one of my favorites now. It smells like someone took fresh mandarin oranges and tangerines, just SLATHERED them in honey and the sweetest sugar, and popped it in the oven for a while, then muddled it all together and poured in on fresh yellow cake. Awesome. Winner.
  4. Woah, this is way sweet. A little too much so, for my tastes, at least to wear by itself (then again, I prefer some bitterness). However, this is AMAZING at adding at "brightening" more muted or subtle flavors. I mixed this one with a little PG, and (separately), Blushing Milkmaid. Nice combination, again, adds some "bright" to what is alone very warm, rounded, and rich. Would probably go well with another layerable (though, this is my only, currently) like a strong chocolate, coffee, or bready note. Good mixer.
  5. So this is my first review: This is a really nice blend. VERY sweet with a little bit of "bite" (grapefruit +ylang?) when first applied, but the sharp-sweet fades out within 5 minutes and the notes blend really nicely and dance together with nice balance- the softer notes play up and the nutmeg and pretty light licorice (I LOVE licorice/anise scents) comes out, breaking through the grapefruit. Beautifully blended. I'm pretty new to pheros, so not sure what to expect, but I did get a bit of "giddiness" (surprising, I thought levitation was w/o the DHEAS, which struck me as the "giddy-enhancer
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