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  1. Love potion Original LFN Audacious Treasured hearts Been eyeing up that pinapple cake on Etsy too!! In the cold of winter I like to mix it up with a tropical scent once and a while to keep my hopes up for spring
  2. Hello yes I did get 1 sample from pheromas. Topper. I haven't tired it yet. I just decided to take a leap of faith with my money and buy full size of the unscented pheromes. From what I have tried they haven't let me down!! I love them all. I think I have become a collector!! My reasoning is that I don't have children so I can afford to spend this way. lol. I do have fur babies though, but they certianly have enough toys and treats already. Im happy that I discovered that I actually get selfies and have experienced hits! I will have to divulge them on this forum at a later date. Everything I have purchased, I love! The plain perfume and phermones! I want all the scents lol. I now understand why all you ladies refer to your perfume and pheromes as "my precious" hehe.They are so precious to me as well. I'm so guilty of being a lurker on these forums, I'll have get with the program and post some reviews. Here is a list of what I have so far.... It might be a lot for a newbie so don't judge lol. This stuff is just so cool. Sneaky Clean- with Super Sexy For Women- A FAVORITE Mara's Rocket Fuel- with Super Sexy For Women LAM- vanilla honey BAM- vanilla honey Compromising Posistions- with Sexpionage- This works great Pirouttete- with la femme mystere OCCO- white shield Fideau Teddy Man 2 Essence of Women La Femme Mystere unscented Swimming with sharks unscented- A FAVORITE Open windows-unscented Dominance unscented- A FAVORITE Leather-unscented Blatant Invatation-unscented Stone Cougar- unscented Perfect Match- unscented MegaWatt- unscented Balm Bomb- unscented Aja Trouble with truffles Kitten heels- #1 Favorite Curiosities Sugared HoneyComb Love Potion Red- #2 Favorite Aquamarine Valeries Misty Melon Patch October Sampler November Sampler- yum yum New ones coming Pink Elf Elfin Plum Snoman Poop Reindeer droppings WInter Wizardry Warm Jammies Snow Musk Dominance scented from November Balm Bomb- scented from November So I don't know if you can tell but I'm hooked!!!! Open to suggestions for future purchases, though I think Ill just use these for a bit
  3. This is my first pheromas and I'm really excited to order these! I think ill get my husband the mens set too! I have been phero bombing him for the past 2 weeks. He is really perplexed as to what is going on. I haven't let him in on the secret yet. I just laughed and said that I must have bewitched him. This is going to be fun Bring on the smells!
  4. Totally fun! I never thought of Leather. It seemed to Alpha for me at first but now I think of it it could be good for respect from peers and patients. Because who can't use more of a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Ill probably try that at a late date or maybe this Pheromas that everyone speaks of.
  5. Just tried Vampire Bait sample today and I love it. It smells more like a berry on me. Delish! Hello there fellow RN!!!! Im going for my FNP. Mega watt crossed my mind for a study aid as well. Im hoping Mara will make some more of Focus Potion as I never got to try any of that because I didn't know this store exsisted.
  6. yea bring on the Pheromas! im SOOOO EXCITED for this!!! Can't think of anything cooler right now.
  7. thank you all for the warm welcomes!! Wendy lynne, I have an appreciation for ALL scents. But I especially love foodie ones at the moment. I tend to like juicy fruity citrus scents, the most. Next comes the vanilla creamy scents, then dark scents with amber, resins and sandlewood, florals like me the least. Florals tend to give me a headache after a while. There are certian florals I can do but I absoloutely can't do gardenia. I work in a hospital as a nurse and am going back to school for my masters. I'm hoping I can find some pheromes/ scents that are 1. nonoffensive and 2. can persuade my professors and patients that I'm awesome and be like playdough in my hand!
  8. There is so much reading isn't there! I've spent hours on here. It's a really great way to procrastinate
  9. WaterNymph


    Hello and welcome!
  10. Hello,and welcome! I'm new as well and also addicted! just tried out a sample with some cops in it today (Eros Ambrosia i think its not available anymore)... oh my goodness I was swarmed at home depot while looking for rugs! My husband wasn't in the same isle as I was. I couldn't believe all the attention and flirtation I was getting. It was an over the top show. Yikes! When my husband showed up they all scattered lol
  11. Pheromas! That sounds exciting, is it some sort of sample sale?
  12. Hello all! Im new to Love Potion Perfumes forum and using Love Potion perfumes. I have been reading the forums for a few weeks now. There is soo much material here! You are all so knowledgable in the phermones and perfumes! I'm so excited to a part of this community. I have been tinkering with phermones since I was in high school (14 years old ) with Inner Realm and Realm. Those were my signature scents. I'm now 27 and still love perfume but haven't worn those scents in a long time. I couldn't believe it when I happened upon lovepotionperfumes! It was like a dream come true!!! I just recieved my first few pheromones. Perfect match and Sneaky Clean ( Super Sexy for Women) and I love them. I really think they work... almost too well!! Now I want to try out every pheromone and scent!!! This is so addictive. At first I thought I might want to get mostly sexual phermones, but now Im thinking that I should focus more on socials. I think they could make my work life soo much easier. I definatly want to try Swimming with Sharks and Open windows for that. Im open to suggestions for any others.
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