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  1. I really enjoyed the sample. I was disappointed when I tried to buy it and realized it was moved to the "archive" section. But maybe for the best (for now) as I have already spent lots of money now. I would vote for a re-brew too. Edmund is somewhat close to it so at least I will enjoy that one.
  2. By the way, I ordered it from ETSY store Question that I have been curious about for a while, is this and Mark's Nip named after you snoopy (due to SE)?
  3. Aha, thanks! Ya it seems I have missed it. I searched for cry havoc in the search function and this one showed up before the other one. Didn't expect there would be two.
  4. Hey Stacy, I'm interested in charisma. I can either buy Leopold for simplicity but 1) I don't know its oil/alcohol ratio 2) it's 33% in strength (which I know that it is still effective). However, I'm considering buying Charisma UN with 60/40 Alcohol/oil and order 2 different fragrances (X and Y). Then mix 1/3 of Charisma and fragrance X in one bottle and another 1/3 Charisma and fragrance Y in another bottle (Snoopyace taught me this...I don't want to take credit). Even though it takes extra time than ordering Leopold, I think I'm getting the best of everything when doing that: Having the pheromones at full strength rather than 33%, having it with a ratio of 60/40 and it's already pre-scented. It's also nice in terms of variety. I could have Charisma in 3 different scents from one UN bottle. Hey QG While skimming through the forums, sometimes I see you mentioning that you bought a bottle (or going to) of X or Y. When you do, do you go for the roll-on or spray version? If you want to wear a pheromone on a certain day, do you spray unscented and layer it with one of the LP fragrance that you bought or do you boost your fragrance with your favorite pheromone? Basically I'm interesting in knowing how do you toy around with LP products. Also guys, how come some releases are limited; while others permanent? Bad Boy only lasted for very few months but Crayons Umber and Cry Havoc are labelled as "limited release" yet they seem to be out around 3-4 years ago. It is it encourage sale? Because now that I discovered Cry Havoc, I'm worried it goes out of stock (although it's been out for years)
  5. The label represents the scent well. It's exotic, and can definitely smell the attar. Even though I'm not Indian, I am familiar with such a scent. When I opened the sample vial , I thought "Ahhh....ya I smelled this before". If you enter an Indian grocery store or clothing store, you may smell something similar. The strength of the scent was also on the strong side. Therefore, little dapping goes a long way. I may keep the sample vial as it would be nice to wear it once in a blue moon. Even though I could wear it, I'd see myself opting for something else so for me, I wouldn't buy something bigger than the sample vial. For the men reading this, it's definitely masculine and you will definitely smell unique compared to other men.
  6. I'm surprised by the amount of reviews this one is not getting. How come it looks less popular than others? I'm happy that Mara included this as a gift sample with my first order. I didn't request it; it was among those very small vials that she added. Since the quantity was tiny, I already finished it on one try. But wow! I'm ordering a bottle - oil or spray....that is the question. I'm really not good with detecting scents. Maybe because I'm still new to this whole thing so I don't know exactly what I'm smelling. QG wrote "The deeper notes like the mahogany, teakwood, and oak come through the strongest on my skin" . It could be the case with me too but I don't know lol. In layman terms, it smells soapy to me which I really like. When reading the ingredients, nothing soapy is mentioned but when reading the product's description, it's mentioned. I've had this for the past 7 hours and I could still smell it. Longevity is an important factor for me and this one passes it.
  7. VERY sugary if you sniff straight from the bottle but once you apply it on your skin, it's different. This is why if you order it as a sample vial, don't judge it from the bottle, wear it!! Over time, the sugar smell disappears and something elegant comes in place. I'm not very good at picking up notes but it could be the Oud. I agree that it's dark. It's somehow strong in strength but still soft to the nose; not harsh at all. LP fragrances are somehow complex (in a good way); but for this one, despite being complex, it also smells like a simple nice commercial cologne. This could be worn as a night scent, even on a date. I definitely see how someone would be interested in a FB. I may pickup a second sample vial.
  8. A review may not be necessary anymore because unfortunately it's already sold out. Nevertheless, here's one: I was really excited for this one. Due to its name and the fact that there's a leather scent to it, I thought it was going to be manly/aggressive kind of smell. When I opened the vial, though, it was the opposite. It was too sweet; it was the vanilla. It smelled really soft. I believe "Sweet Boy" would have been a better description than Bad Boy. After a couple of hours, you will have a subtle scent on your skin; which I believe is the leather. My initial reaction is that I was slightly disappointed. Not because it doesn't smell nice because it actually does. But because I had a different kind of scent in my head so I was caught off guard when I realized it was a sweet one. I was actually considering a full bottle but I was torn between this one or Steamy DayDreams. Even though they smell different, they also had their similarities. Sadly though, since it was a limited release, it's already out of stock. To tell you the truth, I was somehow annoyed when I noticed that but at the same time, it simplified my decision. I guess I will go for a full bottle of Steamy Daydream
  9. I fell in love with this one. It could be a bit feminine to some but I like it. It reminds me of the scented wipes that we put in dryers. Smells cozy and with the addition of Teddy Potion BB, I could see how someone close to you would want to cuddle with you. I'm considering a full bottle on this one. Only "drawback" is that there's something a bit harsh on my nose. I can't figure out what it is but I still find it a cozy one. The second time I wore this, I was calm and serious. A bit more confident in the way I talk but also slightly introverted. I'm not sure if it's the Pheromones or if it was a coincidence (I get moody sometimes) so in terms of phero-effects, I require more testing but love the scent.
  10. Trees! I smell like a garden when I wear this. Green/earthy. Think of it like you are walking at a public park; or as someone has mentioned, a forest. Sometimes it gives a "sand/earth" smell. It lasted for hours on my skin; not many scents do that with me. So in terms of longevity; it's great! When I sniff my finger after opening the sample vial, I like what I'm selling. Having said that, however, I'm not a fan of greens. This is not something I would see myself wearing for the whole day. I also believe this is best during summer. If you smell greeny during winter, it may feel like a "clash". This is just a theory though, I may be wrong.
  11. Thank you all for the welcome! Maili, the oil+spray combo is actually a nice idea. Although that technique is costly if I do it with all the fragrances that I like A cheaper way would be spray + sample vial. I'm currently debating on whether to buy a roll-on or the spray version of Steamy DayDreamers. I'm leaning more towards roll on because you are right, I could still smell some of them (like teddy man) on my skin after hours and sometimes I get the feeling that others get a "whiff" as well. I could see how during the summer they will provide both, sillage and lasting hour. If ever I feel like having a spray version, I could try the DIY way: removing the ball, pour some oil in an empty atomizer and put perfumer's alcohol at a good ratio. I'm sure the fragrance won't smell as good as Mara's spray version but I could always try. Hey Halo, nice to see you here too. Yep my second cart has November's pheros included. I can't wait to try Corwin w/Open Window and Leopold w/ Charisma as I was not fond of "Salute w/ charisma"....I'm not a fan of green scents. Quietguy, yea, I have noticed the male:female ratio Skimming through the forums, it seems as if there are only 4-5 regular male posters StacyK. I got the men`s sample plus a couple more. My second order will contain another 16 sample vials. In the end, I will be close to having tried all the men's fragrance that are currently available (I skipped the green ones). But my first order consisted of: - Men's sample - Bad Boy (already out of stock ) - Steamy Daydreamers - Sandbox - Crayons - Salute with charisma - Touchdown with MVP - Sugared Patchouli - maybe 2-3 more that I can't remember
  12. Hello, I have heard of Love Potion from PT message board. I've been a member there for a year now but it is only recently that I have decided to try LP. I made my first order in October, got my order 3 weeks later (I live in Canada). I think I put myself in trouble because I can see how I could be addicted in trying new ones; thus less money in my bank account. Mara, if you are reading this, you should be proud of what you are creating! My problem with commercial colognes is that they barley last on me. Maybe 2 hours tops. I really wonder why I bother buying them. I'm hoping that the spray form of LP will last much longer on me. Now that I have smelled all the sample vials that I bought, I find the commercial ones (e.g: Black XS) too "fake". With my first order, I have requested 2 free samples and mentioned my username on PT and in here. It is time for me to do what I have promised; posting reviews. In PT's forums, I have posted a thread containing reviews of a couple of the sample I have tried. I will post more when I try them thoroughly. My question is, how should I post the reviews on this message board? Is it preferable to create one thread that contains all of my reviews or do I post a review to each product individually ?
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