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  1. I'm wearing the Sugared Vanilla and Honey. It's heavenly. It's hard to believe there is something stinky in there!! I've fallen in love with them for how they smell, not so much for the effect they have or would have on anyone else. I think I'm going to try what Dolly suggested and try one that smells like that but maybe isn't quite so ..... dangerous? effective? not sure what the right word is! Haha Is there a Phero blend, minus the Cops that would smell similar?
  2. I just recently received a bunch of new samples that I purchased and I've fallen completely in love with Tropique and LAM. I love the way they smell and love the way I feel when I wear them. Having said that, in the past I like it when I walk in an elevator and people comment that I smell good or co-workers would say, I knew you were already here because I could smell how great you smell. Because I'm new to pheromones and cops I'm nervous to put very much on. How much can I wear?? I've read that you shouldn't put cops near your face, is that because cops normally smells bad and that wouldn't apply to these two because they smell wonderful or is there another reason??? I want to bathe in this stuff!!!! By the way you guys have created such a great forum here!!
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