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  1. So I'm trying to make things a little smoother between me and a newer person I know socially. I don't know him or his wife well yet; I get along very easily and naturally with her, but I also usually see him in groups without her (she's more of a homebody), so I've had more contact with him.


    The term "hot and cold" is a little strong; overall I think our rapport is positive. We also kept in occasional brief, friendly (distanced) touch during the shutdown and have seen each other in the usual group situations since the restrictions were relaxed and people can socialize in person again. Since I've known him, there have been times when it was very easy/fun to talk to each other, but roughly every other time I've seen him in person, I get the distinct vibe that he feels a bit awkward around me. Not in the sense of being put-off, but I get the feeling that he doesn't know how familiar to be with me, especially when saying hello or goodbye.


    We certainly do not have to be good friends, but I'd felt like we were becoming more reliably comfortable around each other until the other evening, when I got that awkwardness from him again. I anticipate continuing to see him periodically in these groups, and I just want everything to feel more natural when we're together since we have all these people in common.


    For background, when I hang out with this crew, I usually wear a sexy social like Cougar or SS4W, so I think my signature has been pretty consistent when he's been around me, so I don't think it's because I'm giving off varied phero-enhanced vibes that might be making him feel like he doesn't know what to make of me. I'm thinking of wearing Gotcha when I expect to see him again to help disarm him some more, but I'm wondering if there are other pheros that might work better for this type of situation. Any thoughts?

  2. On 5/10/2020 at 1:29 PM, bruja said:

    Wow, thank you so so much for answering. I know I don't even know you, but I was scared to open up and I'm ashamed of what I turned my self into. Like I have no self control. Yeah, I love food with sugar too (too much). It just gives me comfort. When I get frustrated, I eat 😔 I tried to cut back, but one bad feeling, and I'm all over sugar again. 


    @brujadon't feel ashamed; you're only human.


    I echo what others have suggested; I've never used Teddy BB, but Balm Bomb always works for me. I've been feeling very down myself (longer-term problems being exacerbated by the current Covid self-isolation), and Balm Bomb reliably lowers my anxiety before bedtime. I've also been starting to feel sluggish and unable to concentrate during the workday, and am going to start using Mega Watt on those days because I do feel the difference in focus and energy.

  3. I've been using LFM when I have to go out to run errands. Given how people are very stressed/worried these days, and sometimes the store can be a site of heightened emotions when people discover supplies are low or think someone is standing to close to them (or sneezing with what could just be allergies!), I'm just trying to reduce the chances that people will be disrespectful/suspicious/irritable toward me. I haven't noticed any markedly different behavior toward me compared to others, but so far I've managed to avoid uncomfortable/upsetting encounters. Wondering if anyone else is using LFM for this purpose.

  4. On 1/16/2020 at 4:47 PM, FlowerPower said:

    I would LOVE advice on wearing this with my boyfriend. I wore it around him for the first time this past Sat as I wanted us to remember our romantic connection and he seemed sweet towards me, but not necessarily romantic. HOWEVER, he seemed more romantic towards me and thoughtful THE NEXT TIME he saw me. AS FOR THE EFFECT ON ME, we had just gone through something emotionally taxing and I was SUPER WEEPY AND TOUCHY FEELY, SUPER CUDLY, which is not like me LOL...I kept touching him and stroking him. It made me TOO EMOTIONAL. I like the closeness, but I don't want to be a crying mess LOL. I wore it in a scented blend. Please helllllpppp!! 

    I know that when some people find themselves in this situation, they like to apply it away from their faces/heads: wrists, backs of knees, etc. So it should still reach out to him, but it won't be right in your face hitting you hard. I haven't tried this myself though. Another idea is to add a spritz of DHEAS to yourself to lighten the effects a bit. (I guess you could do both these things.)

  5. It's been a while since I've used this; it's so pretty. I took it out today because my (sometimes) difficult cousin is staying with me for a few days and this afternoon she threw one of her tantrums, so I had pull out the old "bitch tamer," as some of you call it :D She had been in the guest room sulking and when she left it to shower, I squirted this a few times the room and also a few times in the hallway just outside. Then I went back into my room.


    I heard her emerge a bit later and return to the guest room and shut the door. About an hour later we were both in the kitchen and she was still not talking, but I could tell she was...quiet in a "neutral" sort of way versus giving off the angry vibes. (Assuming she had noticed the scent in the room after her shower, she never brought it up, so presumably she thought I'd just "freshened" the place up for her :P.) 


    I've never tried to use LPs on anything other than my person, but I didn't know what else to do when she wanted to be left alone and I couldn't wear it around her to try to get the phero out to her the usual way. I like to think Treasured Hearts helped, because usually when she gets like that, it lasts for a few hours before she comes back down to neutral. 

  6. Yeah, I've also been thinking of how to approximate Bang with what I already have (when I run out of SS4W and can't try to experiment with wearing Cuddle Bunny with it). Bang is a special heavy hitter for me that I wear with caution :P  


    I always wear Cougar with some cops; I might try wearing more cops or maybe Cuddle Bunny UN with it in order to give it that sexy, Bang-like punch. 

  7. I don't think I've hit my sweet spot with this yet; I don't seem to get reactions that are particularly noticeable compared to other sexy/attractive socials.


    I'm particularly interested to hear people's comparisons of this with SS4W since the latter will no longer be offered and it seems, as far as I can tell, that PP is the most similar terms of giving one a "respected celebrity/VIP"-type glamour in addition to the social boost.

  8. 47 minutes ago, SugarKitten said:

    In the vial and briefly on my skin, I loved this. It was sweet and soft on me, very much a skin scent. But it went wonky and I suspect it was the PM, which I haven't smelled in the other perfume I have (Girl Nip), at least, not that I can remember. That said, if I could have a virgin version of this, I'd get it (after I knock a few more things off of my wish list, because I've been wanting to FB some other things for a while). I think it's lovely, otherwise. 

    SugarKitten, my PE Snuggle is a simplified non-phero cross between Unisexy and Bosom Bows; I don't know if there were any bottles left after the sale, but maybe it will pop up in the trades.

  9. OK, I'm back in this thread to say that I would be thrilled if this became a permanent OCCO someday. In addition to working with floral scents (obviously) as well as fruity/floral and watery/aquatic ones, this pairs wonderfully with tea-based perfumes that don't naturally lend themselves to the usual OCCOs. I've worn this with LP White, Sparkle & Shine, and with green tea-scented body lotion. :love:

  10. This is a nice sweet scent. It's indeed very similar to Fairy Cake: Lemon, particularly once dried down; I have a bit on each wrist. Overall Orange is a bit softer than Lemon, and the cake in Lemon is a bit more prominent and stays around longer. Eventually they both smell like frosting with those little flower-shaped sugar sprinkles. :love:

  11. 5 hours ago, Kayla said:

    The LFN seems to have reinforced your behavior by letting her know not to mess with you, that you are above her type of nonsense.  I think this will go a long way in driving home the point that you do not perceive her as a threat, but more of an annoyance, if anything.


    Yes, it seems the "status" aspect of LFN does give off the vibe of "you aren't a threat to me because I'm above you" feeling, which sounds like it worked perfectly for this situation! I'll have to remember this thread if I find myself in something similar...

  12. 7 hours ago, Eastwood22 said:

    Here is my son's review:


    "I like it because It doesn't come in a clunky Bottle and it gets very foooooamy I use it on my hair every time I shower. It's smells good, like cuddles and kittens. :kitty4:  My mom said she wouldn't cut me another slice until I wrote this essay.

     :cathug: "

    This is the most adorable thing.

  13. This was a Sugared it never occurred to me to try; I'm glad I got a sniffee; I really like this. Effortlessly, undercover sophisticated. I enjoy breathing it in once it's on my skin, as I do many clean types of scents. I'd like to smell this on a man as well.

  14. I like soapy scents, but unfortunately Embla 2 just doesn't work with my skin; it comes across like dishwashing liquid. I wonder if the first version would have worked better on me with the additional ingredients to sweeten and soften it.

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