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  1. Bad Girl is sexy, so I understand why you'd rather not wear it in professional situations. But would you be comfortable wearing it under your clothing only, and perhaps further down on your body, so the scent isn't close to your nose? At least until a possible Leather UN order arrives, if you anticipate seeing her again before that.


    I like Beccah's suggestion of LFM as an alternative, which you already have. It does encourage respect from both sexes.

  2. I love Lace and wear it frequently; I finally recently experienced a bit of the "ditziness" some have reported when accidentally putting on a bit too much. I wasn't exactly airheaded per se, but during my second glass of wine, I became a bit hyper, talking faster than normal. At a certain point, I realized I was just blathering, and I told myself to calm down, haha. Next time I put on a bit more than usual I'll dab some of it off.

  3. The cherry reminded me of a more sophisticated cherry candy or slurpee. I was worried about the tobacco in this, since that tends to amp on me and leave me smelling stale or dirty, but this one was no problem. I think this is the first time I've tried something from LPMP with oud. I'm not sure if this is ultimately "me," but I'll be trying again later for sure. I do like the depth of of what's left behind after the cherry dies down.

  4. I've revisited this a few times since I first got it and the cake now comes forward more. Ultimately though it becomes a general bright sugary scent with the pink coming out quite a bit, which is nice (but I miss the cake a bit).


    I just got FC: Orange and will wait a bit before testing. Am curious to see how it is in comparison.

  5. On 21 janvier 2015 at 9:46 AM, StacyK said:

    Layered this with Sandy Bottom, really made a nice scent. So sunny and uplifting. Now I need to get Sugared Coconut, to pile on.


    I just got my hands on this and I've layered it with Sugared Coconut too :) 


    I don't know why I didn't try this one earlier. It's just lovely sweet pineapple (but not cloyingly so) and is a great pick-me-up type of scent.

  6. Mm, I really like this. The lemon and the cake kept dancing around each other during drydown and taking turns being more prominent. Ultimately, once dry, the lemon stands out a bit more on me than the cake--the opposite would have been my preference (I love love love the cake and have been looking for a particularly cake-y FC), but I enjoy this all the same. :wub:

  7. This thankfully didn't go plastic on me. It's more honey-forward than I'd prefer but a lovely floral honey nonetheless; I prefer it about 30-45 mins after application when the soft cake comes out a bit more. It's sexy in a sweet way. Look forward to layering this with many things.

  8. I wish this stuck around a little more but...that's the nature of Sugareds sometimes. This is a yummy and homey scent (and count me as one of the people who smells a hint of cinnamon). Lots of good layering possibilities.

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