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  1. I put off getting a sample of this because I was wary of the civet. Initially it was like Sugared Honeycomb to me (I've never tried Phero Girl so I can't compare) with a hint of "dirtiness" under it, which was fine. Especially because Sugared Honeycomb went plastic on me after a while; the other elements in here kept it from doing that, and I was pleased. Eventually the honey faded, leaving the "cat pee"-ish scent, sadly.


    I look forward to testing this with a TG, but will also wear another scent (non-phero) so can mask the pee, haha.

  2. Yay, glad you're enjoying!

    I'm wearing Unisexy (2017) w Perfect Match; I can't wear too much PM before having adverse effects, but now I can slather some Snuggle to get more of this sweet woodsy goodness on me without OD-ing on PM.

  3. I'm so happy with this. I also requested that this mix bump up the sweetness just a bit without being too sweet, and there's just the right amount of vanilla and maple in it to accomplish that (while staying true to the scents that inspired it), and anchored by the warm snuggly sandalwood and oak. I keep sniffing my arm; true to the name, I want to snuggle with myself. :P (And I love the label, of course!) Thank you Mara! :purr:

  4. Everytime I wear this in a more one-on-one social scenario, I get stared at lol I feel like they're trying to figure out where I get all this energy to be peppy at that particular moment. I'm a light bulb going off the charts and that's what they're staring at.


    Definitely my experience with this too.


    I've been using this more frequently for when I need that boost. There are occasional special group meetings I have to have for work and I usually wear this for those.

  5. I'm thinking about getting a bottle of this, but it sounds like the almond fades into the background after the initial blast, and then it's mostly pistachio (with a bit of berry)? I was hoping for a more almond-heavy scent, but if its presence is still detectable later on, around the pistachio, I might still be interested in this.

  6. This is intriguing! The fresh pumpkin scent, the cool crisp autumnal air about it, and the funny way that it seems like there's a bit of pumpkin pie spice in it at first when there actually isn't any at all. Really nice!

  7. Hm. The green-ness of the fig is unfortunately kind of soapy on me, which was a weird thing to smell alongside the yummy foody-ness of the other notes. With time, the soapiness has softened, but is still just detectable enough that I'm not quite sure if this works for me. I'll let it age and try again.

  8. I was hoping the vanilla wouldn't result in a plastic attack, and sadly it did. I loved the almond extract-like blast in the beginning, but I'd say around the 10-15 minute mark it became plasticky vanilla. However adding a bit of another scent to the trial vial controlled that aspect, so I can wear it now :)

  9. I like this. It took a while for the lemon to recede, allowing the buttercream to emerge. What's left, after dry-down, is a pretty buttercream with a hint of lemon. Overall a softer scent than I expected.

  10. I had the opposite experience. The berries receded rather quickly, leaving it mostly allspice with the pumpkin behind it. I would've liked it if my skin hadn't swallowed up the berries as much, but it's still a nice autumn scent for sure.

  11. AD-PE-WittyKittyZing.jpg

    Witty Kitty's ZING!

    Witty Kitty came up with a lovely combo, a really nice take on the popular ginger/citrus pairing, with soft candied ginger and equal amounts of lime and orange (Sicilian mandarin and neroli) essential oils. We added white sugar, sweet sandalwood and a touch of vanilla to the base to make it smooth and soft, but still with that little ginger Zing! (Get the label? :lol: )


    I hope it's OK that I started a thread for my PE since I have my hands on it already. I wanted something refreshing and energetic; a wake-me-up / pick-me-up sort of scent, and that's exactly what this is.

    At first it's a big lime blast; later it recedes enough for the other elements come through. I didn't want this to be spicy, so the ginger is subtle, adding a little tingle. I put it on last night and what was left this morning was the touch of vanilla that Mara added. For phero pairing, I think this would go nicely with Open Windows and Mega Watt.

    Thank you, Mara!

  12. It has tons of throw and lasts crazy long on my skin, too. As it dries down, the berries deepen and become more complex, like a berry compote simmering on the stove. So delicious!


    I've been considering trying this for a while. If it does indeed have some staying power, I may take the plunge...

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