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  1. I LOVE THESE LABELS! I want a vampire bunny as a pet Excited for the notes!
  2. I'm still trying to get a handle on this. I have it in trial vials (Goddess of the Blue Moon and Petals of Silk). I wore GoBM yesterday, with normal casual clothing. I was out all day, interacting with people in shops, servers, bartenders, etc. and I had good but not over-the-top service. It was a pleasant but normal day. In terms of selfies, I felt quietly self-assured. Basically, I felt as I do with LFM, but to a slightly lesser degree. All of this may be because, due to treading carefully with 'none because I have such little experience with it, I put on only a small amount (which also may have evaporated relatively fast because it was warm outside and I was walking a lot), so the 'none may not have been present enough to make a difference in how others treated me or in how I felt. Will increase the amount next time. Definitely would love to find my femme fatale sweet spot!
  3. I have no idea, Tinkerbelle. Would be curious to know myself though. I've found two sweet spots with BANG. I put three little drops on my chest/torso when I want to be full-on bombshell and the attention that that involves. I use two if I want the sexy and confident selfies (since I don't usually get selfies from other pheros) but I don't want to deal with quite as much male attention. (Although there's always some with this phero! )
  4. I have a sample of LAM Sandalwood & Resins and also a bottle of NOCO S&R; can anyone compare that with this? (Other than the fact that there's amber and a bit of patch in S&R.) Does this sandalwood seem lighter/darker? Is this perfume is more/less sheer overall than S&R?
  5. Phoebe Figalilly! (How have I posted 500 times??)
  6. Can anyone compare this to how Lait du Citron smells (which I like)? More/less lemony? More/less vanilla-y or buttery? Similar in "feel"?
  7. Wonderful, Rose How are you liking OCCO Pink and Ambrosia? I wore OCCO Pink last night after a considerable break from it, and it packs such a scent punch. So bright and feminine; perfect for when I feel girly and fun.
  8. This is great with some Sugared White Musk for a bit of subtle femininity.
  9. Haha I also wear Lace and H&S with this too, StacyK! Tinkerbelle--if you ever get your hands on those (although H&S is in short supply now...) they'd be great with it too.
  10. Tinkerbelle, IMO this is a natural match for Gotcha and PM; I enjoy wearing both those pheros with this scent. They fall right in line with its "fresh young love" sort of feel. The scent enhances both pheros and vice versa.
  11. Had a fabulous time last night with this plus OCCO Ambrosia (2015). Cougar always does well by me, and wearing it with OCCOs is always a good boost But last night was one of those times when I really felt like I was "sparkly." I got a lot of fun, friendly (and some slightly flirty) attention all night; people really wanted to chat with me and seemed delighted when they did. I was also spoiled all night in terms of free drinks and food. So much fun!
  12. Aha! I had posted a while back that when I tried this I could have sworn there was patch, but the description in this thread seemed to prove me wrong. Now I know my nose wasn't playing tricks on me
  13. LFM probably does the trick the most, with EST-heavy blends and/or cops being quite reliable too. One phero not on this list that has had people going the extra mile for me is Perfect Match--and not even romantic situations, but out around town w strangers and service staff, who spoiled me while gazing at me adoringly.
  14. This has become one of my favorite Sugareds. I layer it with so many more scents than I expected I would.
  15. I adore this scent and it was a wonderful surprise to see virgin bottles of this offered in the sale--thank you, Mara!
  16. Witty Kitty

    New 2016

    This is the only version of New that I've tried. Warm, sweet innocence. The milk and vanilla began to go slightly plastic after a few minutes, but thankfully that went away not long afterward. It's so comforting; I just want to inhale it.
  17. Witty Kitty

    Time Turner

    This describes it perfectly for me. It's an interesting new way to wear a coconut scent. The resins draw my nose in.
  18. I've never had previous versions of this so I can't compare. This does read to me as on the masculine side of unisex. It's warm and snuggly and I'd love to smell this on a man.
  19. I like this a lot; it's refreshing and the water lily and lotus give it a bit of elegance. The water lily is a bit pointier than I'd prefer for about an hour, then it's just right.
  20. This is mostly pretty hibiscus on me, with tea and hints of mango underneath. The mango + white tea kind of recall LP White to me (white tea and apricot). I'll enjoy wearing this one.
  21. This fragrance overall is potent with good lasting power. However I'm not sure yet if tuberose is my kind of flower. The blackberry is more noticeable than I expected (not necessarily a problem). I have to put this one aside and try it again later.
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