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  1. I think I've tried a scent with ozone in it before (can't recall which), but not one with hedione. It's funny to say that I can "smell air," but inhaling it is indeed like smelling cool air with the a hint of vanilla powder. Very nice.

  2. I smell salty cucumber melons.


    Yes exactly. I like the salt coming out after the initial melon blast (although that's pretty too); I like how it balances out the sweetness.

  3. The other night I put two drops of LAM Sandalwood onto my chest, let dry, and covered with NOCO Sandalwood and a bit of Sugared Leather. It had been a long time since I'd worn LAM, but I put it on because I needed the lift it would gave me. I was in a good mood by the time I got to one of my usual watering holes. People were super chatty and smiley with me--yes, particularly men, although everything remained social as opposed to flirtatious (they were all taken, so that was just as well). The term "happy sauce" is perfect--I was reminded that LAM is a reliable pick-me-up that I'm so glad to have.

  4. I've been playing around with this more and I'm enjoying the thick, smutty dimension it adds to fruity scents ;) I wanted to try this with some mangoes so I layered this with my Sweet & Juicy PE last night, and in the morning the scent that remained was basically...mango-scented ladyparts. :Emoticons04263:

  5. OK I went ahead and ordered this :P It does have a bit of soapiness on me as well--it's like a very chic cherry blossom soap you'd use at a high-end spa. I'd happily wear this alone but it will also layer well with other sugared florals. It's also very nice with Sugared Pink Musk!

  6. Have been wearing this for an hour and on me it's kind of like a vinegar-laced version of Sugared Honeycomb. The vinegar-y aspect was more prominent at application. Around 30 minutes the whole thing took on a slightly...flat (??) quality. Now at the hour mark the vinegar is faint. Sugared Honeycomb was a scent I really enjoyed but couldn't wear because it went plastic, but this doesn't. I'm not sure I could wear this alone (the vinegar hint has me feeling a bit self-conscious), but this would be lovely paired with various other scents.

  7. I heart this. Love the aquatic notes with the florals adding a touch of elegance. I might make this into a spray for my hair.


    ETA: This morning what's left on my arm is a hint of musk with the florals still making themselves known more than I was expecting. Very pretty. :purr:

  8. I have been wearing this more and more often, frequently by itself (which I didn't expect to do when I first ordered it). As far as "skin scents," Caramel Musk is subtly sexy in a slinky sort of way while Oakmoss is like its more casually sensual unisex cousin.

  9. When I put this on, it was a tiny bit sharp. After dry down, it turns to a clean soapy cherry blossom scent to me. However, since I found LPMP, I noticed that certain scents smell differently according to my cycle. So I will probably try this one again in a week or so.


    Gininfl, I'm considering this one; was it still a bit soapy to you when you tried it after your cycle? That wouldn't be a deal-breaker for me (I like soapy scents sometimes) I'm just curious.

  10. I got Gotcha UN with my last order and I'm glad I did so. I had it mixed in a scent before, but the pure stuff worked some magic for me yesterday. There was animated chattiness at the office, at the same time I got a lot of things done. I refreshed in the afternoon and added one sole spritz of DHEAs.


    Maroon, I just came over from the Topper thread where people were saying that they felt it would be counter-productive to wear Topper with Gotcha because Gotcha's vibe was too calm and laid-back. I wonder what other people's experiences have been with Gotcha + DHEAS (given that Topper is DHEAS + Alpha-nol) and if it seemed like it gave them the same "something's off" vibe as Gotcha + Topper. Gotcha + DHEAS seems to have worked for you, though. When I tried these two together, I felt a bit off, but I'd put them on right before going into a situation where I wound up feeling very nervous, so it may have been the circumstances that caused the feeling as opposed to my combo being iffy. Hm.

  11. I've started carrying this around with me regularly in a small spray bottle (scented lightly with Caramel Musk). I love the lift it gives me, plus I like how it consistently makes others seem to regard me as more attractive and/or mesmerizing, hehe. When I spray this on I don't get DIHLs exactly, but people look at me a bit longer than usual and with atypical intensity (in a good way). Even people who already know me seem to look at me more intently when I spray on some DHEAS (or wear a phero blend where it's a major ingredient). :)

  12. CB has become one of my favorite pheros--I think I'm an Est-y kind of girl ;) It helps that a lot of the men I am frequently or occasionally around seem to be Est responders :)


    I wore CB UN earlier this week in my cleavage, covered with NOCO Sandalwood & Resins and NOCO White. Met some friends for drinks at a spot where I'm a regular. I always get a bit spoiled by the staff but I got more spoiled than usual, and the male staff and male regulars I know were slightly more touchy-feely (but not to the point of being inappropriate) and hovered closer to me than usual--CB reliably results in hovering. Est + cops = deadly! :Emoticons0424:

  13. This is so pretty. The lavender's pointy-ness went away after a bit and more of the marshmallow came through.


    I NEED a bottle of this for sure. It's pillowy lavender and marshmallows. It's the perfect cuddle on the couch with soft blankets all day kinda scent.... Or when you wish you could lol!


    Pretty much! This is meant for breathing in deeply and relaxing with.

  14. I did that too...I think may just be a spice amper. Which is ok to a degree, but right now the spicy elements are overshadowing the floral/fresh ones. Will go back again later. I really want this to work on me. This is such great idea for a fragrance :hearts0425:

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