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  1. I am with Nightlife on this one.. to me it smells like a garbage truck... see told you my sniffer was bad..lol in other words.. gross.
  2. CC hang in there girl.... while it may seem bad love is worse than none... well it isnt... just make sure you dont fall into the same previous type of relationship... and I speak from expereince here...Decide what you wont put up with in your life and stick to it... There are alot more men out there than woman... Or if you are like me decide you really dont need one except for a little recreation and have a ball...
  3. I love the self effects and the buzz I get wearing certain pheros/perfumes. Today I wore treasured hearts, sweet valentine with EST, the newest love potion, and some cuddlebunny... lovely cloud and so sweet... All I can say is it works.. well... when you hear a man muttering under his breath... this wasnt supposed to happen...lol you know you smell amazing...And the truth is I wasnt expecting it to happen at all, even with the pheros...because of neg circumstances unrelated to me...going on right now...anyhow it was a surprisingly fun unexpected afternoon delight... my fav kind... and after th
  4. I am very interested in this as well. My hubby HATES cops... and can smell it a mile away... And no he isnt gay... but he sure doesnt like them... which sucks cause I have alot of scents with pheromones in them. but I wear them for fun and enjoy the reactions and attention I get and laugh to myself. I know thats bad.. but its the truth...
  5. Ok I am coming by tonight to have a little smell fest... text me when is convient for you..lol not if!!!and yes we have this kind of relationship lol...she is the better friend..
  6. Thanks for your thoughts on this. It will definitely change my decision making of when to wear this. I really do like learnng something new....and there seems to be alot here I dont know.
  7. So if T-DHoc can give you a second first chance and can erase the memory, does that mean if it was a favorable first impression that will be erased also? Trying to learn but feeling very blond at the moment
  8. This from a woman who plans to work with "nuts" like me for a living...and I am giving her very good practical experience...Plus having spent close to a decade in therapy, I could shrink myself... but I do get to encourage her by telling her she sounds just like a therapist already... <-----ME
  9. well I am an extrovert, but have learned thru the years and many faux pas how to dance a round myself and my life pretty well, with the exception or 1 or 2 close friends. So I guess for someone like me, it was bound to happen...I guess though it worked out for me, as now I have another friend who actually knows "me" .
  10. OMG. I am generally always careful with this stuff. I try to put it on the back of my neck etc so it doesnt get to me, cause I am the queen of self effects... if anyone ever wore them around me.. I would probably be thier slave....lol... so I went to have dinner with a new friend, just platonic dinner at his very cool country house. 200 years old. I have done historical remodelling so I was dying to see it...At it was last night during the storms and tornados we had here in Ga... We sat on the front porch alot and watched the nature show.. obviously it was really damp..But even with my friend
  11. well I can attest to rop your guards approachability.... lol. I put some on the other night, for the obvious reasons and had to spend a bout 30 mins wth my sons psychologist, and he was telling me all about his kids and family etc... I couldnt get him to quit so I could leave.. The next stop was why I had worn it... going into business with someone and wanted to just spend some "quality time" with them and talk a alittle.... It was great. The funniest thing was him saying" you know I never talk about myself to anyone. There is just somethng about you that really seems to be bringing out all m
  12. I really love this scent. I am not a "professional reviewer" like most here. I just know what I like. Today is the first day I have worn it and I got this most amazing vibe all day. It just seemed to attract fun and laughter and keep me smiling... and normally this day would not be like it was today. I am totally hooked... the scent, the vibe and self effects were amazing for me... I am going for day two...and curious to see how friday turns out..I am smiling thinking about it..
  13. Ok, this is probably a dumb question, but after a perfume is applied and dries down- oil based, does anyone have any comments from partners, so, or casual fun-lol, about if they taste bad, or are noticed?I am trying to find some places on me that wont be kissed, so as not to be tasted.. I thought of along my hairline, and use the top of my hands as I talk with my hands alot. But then I seem to wash them alot too,, so that gets to be a problem. But I prefer being kissed as to not.lol so trying to find a solution. Thanks
  14. I just looked in "my controls" and the correct email is there. Tell me where to email in to and I will be happy to.
  15. I have looked and dont seem to be able to find out how to request and email exhange. Not sure if it is because I am blond or just not looking in the right place..lol I would like for the powers that be to please send my email address to sultry brunette...or send me hers... or whichever way you work it. She offered in a post I made today, off topic about psychological reversal and scent perception. Thanks alot...
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