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  1. Trying to summon the summer, so I'm wearing Celebutante today. Got really a lot of compliments! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love a glamour potion like that...coconut, lemon grass, grapefruit...yum!!! Hopefully there will be something similar this summer!!! โคโคโค
  2. Quick help please, if you have the time to answer; I found out about some animal cruelty and I can't help but to cry and feel super sad. And this feeling will stick with me for a long time (I know me). Not sure what would help, a calming phero or a mood elevating phero? Asking, because I need to make an order and not sure what to order, as I have limited budget. Thank you
  3. I can't wait to read the notes!!! And make an order to reward myself.
  4. @Potion MasterJust one question... Catch me...on label it says Charisma 4 men, but below it says Swimming with sharks?
  5. I so hope there will be something with Treasured Hearts!
  6. Any chance we know if it will be in February or March or later? No pressure, it will just help me plan when to make my order. Thank you!
  7. Petit Four Your Thoughts please please please please pretty please? ๐Ÿงก
  8. Sorry if there's already a topic like this, I did try searching, but couldn't find it. I have teenagers that are the smartest people on this planet right now ๐Ÿ™„ And have a different opinion about everything... And we argue and argue and argue... Peaceful home just doesn't do the trick. I know not to use pheros around the younger kids, but could I use a social one around my teenagers? Maybe Open Windows or Treasured Hearts or Balm Bomb? Thank you
  9. I really wish 2013. spell potions would be rebrewed. All of them. Especially Black Cat and Hex Breaker. These new spell potions just do not work for me, I did not connect with them... Please?
  10. bruja

    Tunnel of Love

    @luna65 Silly question maybe, but is it more coconuty or more honey? Thank you
  11. Thank you Luna. I loved Black Cat Hex Breaker from 2013. for reversing luck. That one was amazing! Still trying to find something that powerful. ๐Ÿ˜Š I do have The Dagger. Must try it with more focus. Thank you
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