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  1. I really wish 2013. spell potions would be rebrewed. All of them. Especially Black Cat and Hex Breaker. These new spell potions just do not work for me, I did not connect with them... Please?
  2. bruja

    Tunnel of Love

    @luna65 Silly question maybe, but is it more coconuty or more honey? Thank you
  3. Thank you Luna. I loved Black Cat Hex Breaker from 2013. for reversing luck. That one was amazing! Still trying to find something that powerful. 😊 I do have The Dagger. Must try it with more focus. Thank you
  4. Would any of these spell potions be good for reversing and changing my bad luck? The last month has been awful...
  5. Not sure if it's a good idea, but how about a coconut/beachy scent with Balm Bomb, for total relaxation 😁
  6. Wow, thank you so so much for answering. I know I don't even know you, but I was scared to open up and I'm ashamed of what I turned my self into. Like I have no self control. Yeah, I love food with sugar too (too much). It just gives me comfort. When I get frustrated, I eat 😔 I tried to cut back, but one bad feeling, and I'm all over sugar again. I will get Balm Bomb, and will try Levitation and maybe Leather (I know I have a sample with it). And def will order Mega Watt. I tried Dominance before but it was in Sex and Violins but it just wasn't my kind of a scent.
  7. Not sure if anyone will read this, but I could use an advice. I've been through a lot, and I had to spend a big part of my life doing a job I do not love or like. For more than a decade. That left me depressed, lethargic and bitter. And obiesed. Because I fed the hole in my heart and ate my emotions. It also gave me panic attacks. I decided to change that. Decided to work at this job until the end of summer next year just so I can save enough money to start my own business I always wanted. And move more and change my diet. But the bad feelings are still here. And somedays they
  8. How long does a pherotine last, I mean til when will the unscented phero trials be available?
  9. Wooohooo 🎉🎉🎉 May I ask, is there a change in the formula, I mean is Popularity potion the same as Charisma for women? Because PP doesn't work for me, so I'm not sure should I even try Charisma?
  10. Anyone else coming to the forum every hour to see if the NR are up? Just me? 🙈
  11. Check out these: https://lovepotionperfume.com/products/copy-of-the-dagger-cimaruta-spell-collection-2020-hex-breaking-potion https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/new-releases/products/the-key-cimaruta-spell-collection-2020-a-potion-for-opportunity-pheromone-enhanced-w-swimming-with-sharks Horn of plenty and The Key, one is for money and one for new oppotunities. 🍀
  12. Oh wow, we get NRs AND rebrews???!??? ❤❤❤
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