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  1. Not sure where to ask this, but Treasured hearts, there's only UN and a full bottle of Altar of Venus? No samples or anything, right? @Potion Master Sorry to bother you.
  2. Thank you, tried it, but it's just not it. Maybe it's the lemongrass in Celebutante that gives it that vibe...
  3. I know this is a long shot, but I so so wish for a rebrew of all spell potions from 2013., especially Shut up and get a job, Lucky Dog, Glamour Puss, Gimme money... Also that years Pherotines were wow to me, I pray for their come back.
  4. That's OK. I so can't wait to try it! And Juju is what I was hoping for there'll be in NR, chocolate + coconut, that must be yummy!!! 😀
  5. Kiki and Juju caught my eye! Will there maybe be a virgin bottle of Kiki available @Potion Master?
  6. Do we know when will the notes be up on the site? 😀
  7. I know it's way way too late to pitch ideas, but coconut+chocolate+rum...
  8. Woohooo!!! Excited!!! Thank you! In an ideal world there would be a coconut+lemongrass scent with Mega Watt lol
  9. Do we maybe know when will be the next NRs? Just wondering should I wait or place my order now
  10. Trying to summon the summer, so I'm wearing Celebutante today. Got really a lot of compliments! 😀 I would love a glamour potion like that...coconut, lemon grass, grapefruit...yum!!! Hopefully there will be something similar this summer!!! ❤❤❤
  11. Quick help please, if you have the time to answer; I found out about some animal cruelty and I can't help but to cry and feel super sad. And this feeling will stick with me for a long time (I know me). Not sure what would help, a calming phero or a mood elevating phero? Asking, because I need to make an order and not sure what to order, as I have limited budget. Thank you
  12. I can't wait to read the notes!!! And make an order to reward myself.
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