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  1. So I've been on several dates with the new guy JT, and things seem to be going great, better than great, but he has PTSD. He's a trucker, and 5 yrs ago he was in a horrible accident, another truck was passing him, and with the fog and all, didn't see the truck right behind JT, and the two trucks collided head on, fiery mess, killed both, but JT walked away. The family of the one trucker is suing him for wrongful death, not sure why, as he wasn't driving the truck that collided with the other truck. But I've seen him on his worst, July 3rd, the accident happened on July 3rd, 2012. I wore treasured heart when I was at his house, and he went from being short with me, to be really sympathetic, talkative, to being distant, and short. I was doing some research on here and was thinking of purchasing bag balm. Would that help out? Is there any other phero that would help comfort him? Open up communications? Also I'd love advice on pstd. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks gals, any perfumes? I have summertime blues. Sweet chic and lick of cream. I really like playdate but thinking thats a little much. Or I'm open to suggestions.
  3. Hello, I so need to listen to your advice, the last little dating with the old college flame, went just like you guys said it would. It went nowhere real fast. So I decided to just take a break from the whole dating scene. Enjoy life, let the heart heal. So fast forward, there's a new person in my life, we've known each other from high school. We didn't date, but we knew of one another. So he was on the last trail ride I was on a few weeks back, and we swapped phone number and facebook. He asked me out on a date. I asked him why he didn't ask me out in high school and he said he thought that I was out of his league. I was a senior he was a freshman, and I was also dating someone else. So I was wondering if I should wear a pheromone? Which one? I want to take this one nice and slow, don't want to really hit him with a scent that says I want to take you to bed and have wild sex with you but more of one that says I want a relationship/friendship can't stop thinking about you type. It's to a brewery with live music. I'm kinda excited, nervous, about the whole date. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Kris
  4. Oh I have Gotcha! but not Cougar or Open Window. I want to fill relaxed and at ease. But I kinda want to fill kind of bonded, but not super intense. Would either cougar or open window do that. I'm going to be putting in a order next week.
  5. Refresh my memory on how to go about paying for it please and thank you.
  6. Thanks gals, I have gotcha in my stash. Midnight Requiem...sorry to here about your break up.
  7. Is it possible to get a bottle of Michelle's Kizz Me?
  8. Sunnycowgirl

    I'm back

    I took a short break from social media, when things started to go south with the ex college boyfriend, when we mutually decided that we weren't meant to be together, and went our separate way back in August. He just wanted sex and I wanted a relationship. I know several told me that it wasn't going to work out. Some of us are a little slower than others. So onto my next question, I met someone, long story short it was when I was helping my friend ultrasound cattle last month, at a cattle producers place, and he was helping the cattle producer. He contacted my friend to get my number. So my next question is what scents/pheromone would you wear on a first date? I don't want anything that applies that I want to jump into bed with him, just start off as friends, maybe with a little bit of a subtle spark of interest. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks guys. I know I need to hear that but it still hurts. I wish he'd come to terms with his mother, and her not liking me. He said were perfect for one another but his mother dislikes me. Could I of put to much pm on? Or didn't put it on soon enough to let it dry down? It wasn't even on a half hour before he arrived that I applied it and the lp tropique. The other time I put it one at home and then drove 2 hrs to meet up.
  10. We went on a super short date tonite. I wore lp tropique and perfect match, didn't have the butterfly feeling like I did with gotcha. But we went and ate supper, not really chatty, acted nervous, real nervous, and we did end back in the motel room, but he was super nervous, not relaxed like gotcha. The actual sex part was quick. And it was like he was in a hurry to get out of the room. Last time we laze around in bed, talked about life, hopes and dreams. We only had a two hr window, he had to be back to work at 5pm, and it was 3pm. We did talk but it was just so akward, he didn't want to be close to me and moved away when I walked close. We did set another date, he's going to be close delivering a puppy and wants to meet up. So there's that. We did talk about making more time to spend together. Not just 2 hrs here and there. But I wish that I went with gotcha, instead of perfect match. Anyone know why perfect match failed? I'm glad I wore gotcha on the first meeting, and plan on wearing Gotcha for the next date.
  11. I ordered this and it arrived last week, can't wait to overcome this cold/sinus infection to try it out, at work, out and about, and home. Maybe I'll actually feel like doing something in the house.
  12. Oh I'd like a bottle of Flowers for Izzy and Cassandra's Petit 4.2. Please...
  13. Oh this is so cool...are newbies allowed to reserve also? I like one Virgin comp posted and 2 Lady Victoria's Sweet Little Pussycats. Please and thank you. Hope you feel better soon mara.
  14. He's sort of on the rail about dating someone his mother dislikes. We're taking it slow, but hopefully she see's just how much happiness I bring her son, and just excepts me for who I am, and not as a threat. He's out of the hospital, was in there for 36 hrs on IVs and antibotics, and the dummy went to work and over did it, and now is exhausted.
  15. It's nasty, that feeling of coughing up mucus and not being able to catch your breath. I totally thought that I was standing in the shower dying. It's put several people in the hospital here, young and healthy people. I don't want to scare the farm boy off, with the Fascination/ perfect match but he responded very well to the lp tropique/gotcha, the cuddling, pillow talk, wanting a second date. Not sure what to do. I do have compromising position in my stass. What to do..?
  16. He's in the hospital right now, antibiotics and fluids, since he has the crud. Coughing, congestion, sore throat, feels like you can't breathe. I had it three weeks ago. But I didn't wind up in the hospital. Not sure when the second date will be. Hopefully in a few weeks. I'm having second thoughts about changing pheros. Not sure what I'll wear, lp tropique and gotcha or fascination and perect match.
  17. I really do need to order a few of the samples of the sexy pheros. I love Compromising Positions, but I want to try BI, ,Sexpionage, SS4W and Cougar. Just try them on, light a candle, and just let them work. I just need to find a night where I can do that but I usually don't arrive home until after 6pm. There's days I feel like I need to just slow down and take it all in. Usually when I want time to myself I saddle up my favorite horse and just ride and contemplate life, for me that's my me time, slows me down and I can just breathe. But I'm usually running mach 5, from working in the bakery/deli, ranching, and going ultra sounding with the neighbor. I wear a fitbit and usually by 10am I have gotten my 10,000 steps in. This week is crazy, worked Monday thru Thursday at the bakery/deli from 6-3pm, then Friday thru Saturday I was gone ultrasounding, we drove 500 miles, u/sed 250 head of bulls, work 6-3pm Sunday at the bakery/deli. after work drive 350 miles to the next u/s job, Monday assist in u/s 165 bulls, drive 350 miles back home, Tuesday is off, but farm boy is ill, so it sounds like were going to be bangs vaccinating heifers, ride heavies, and get the barn ready for calving season, and possibly clean out the JD 6105D. Wed thru Friday is work in the bakery/deli and off Saturday.
  18. For us we make time, usually the spur of the moment type of get together. I have a little more flex in my schedule than he does, and making it a priority to see him when we get that chance, is what makes long distance relationships work for us. Last time he texted me and asked what I was doing on my day off, my response was that I was open to road trip to see him, rather than clean house, chicken coop, or ride my horse.
  19. What are peptides? Curious to what they do and if they have helped you? Thanks
  20. I guess you could call it that, he's 3.5 hrs away from me. But the closest walmart, mall, target, sam's club is a three hr drive from where I live.
  21. Okay the second date was suppose to happen March 1st, but he's come down with the crud and rescheduled to another day, hasn't been set up yet. But my next day off is March 5th and 8th. He usually won't meet up on a Saturday, since he reffs and coaches kids basketball, but I'm not sure when that ends, but I have a doctors appt for the yearly female exam on the 8th, which is 140 miles away, not sure if we could meet up that day or not as our meeting place is an hr out of the way. But once March 15th rolls around, it'll be hard to get away until May, as it's calving season and I take my turn night calving on the nights before my day off, Monday and Friday nights, up every two hrs checking 290 head of expectant momma cows. And then tagging and sorting pairs on my days off from the paying job. And he starts farming the end of March, so I know there will be no little dates for us anytime soon, not unless it rains. Kind of glad that he did postpone the date, as my order hasn't arrived yet, but worried that we might not get to see one another until May.
  22. The manager is in her early 50s. She had a full hysterectomy last year. We walked on egg shells for most of the year around her hormonal change. Not to sound mean. I am a caring person, really I am. But we road a emotional roller coaster for 6 months. We tiptoe around her hoping that we didn't set her off. One minute we will be getting along, the next moment she'll be your worst enemy. I might just order TH and balm bag. I didn't mean to wear the gotcha at work. I had a date with farm boy on tuesday night, showered and went to work wedensady and she was my best friend, all nice and sweet, and we just stood back in shock. Co workers just looked at me like what the heck just happened here.
  23. Oh thank you! We don't need her anymore emotional. She's cried enough this week, her and another co worker, got into it last week and all she did was cry. To me, it wasn't anything to cry about, But I think when she feels intimidated, she cries. The other co worker was acting all bitchy, and throws these little fits when she doesn't get her way, and went to the store owner about the manager. The manager was in the right. So maybe balm bomb would help soothe the bitchiness. Would it help with family members that dislike one another? I have a family event coming up in April where there are going to be family members that dislike one another.
  24. I work in a bakery/grocery store, have for the last 14 yrs, and my manager is bipolor, she's told me this, and I can tell when she's not on her meds. But after a week of playing with my new stash, I noticed that everyone has been allot friendly and open, esp her. I like that allot. So I was wondering if there is a perfume/pheromone that I could wear that is work safe. She has issues with me doing my job correctly, or rather her job correctly, she was out of work for two weeks due to illness, and I had to sort of step up to take the managers role, ordering, stocking, setting ads, and I did quite well, as we are short handed so not only did I have to do the work of the manager, I also both bakers, donut and bread so I did the work of two people, and helped the deli. I work in a grocery store. Instead of praises, she was furious that I did so well, and wouldn't talk to me for a week. I basically told her I was never going to do her job again. Well, a month later she was sick for a week and a half and I had to do both jobs, plus the manager job. She was sort of thankful. I just need something that helps me not feel as a threat to her, I know I tried LP Tropique one night with Gotcha, but I showered the next morning but that day everyone was super friendly and nice. The manager is super jealous when other co workers are friendly to the bakery/deli workers, so everyone walks carefully around her. She likes to tear us down rather than build us up.
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