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  1. When I used cops I was just with my boyfriend at his house. I didnt really put much on because of the fact everybody says you dont need much. I think I put too little on actually. My bf was cuddly and held me a bit (nothing abnormal) but then he went straight to sleep! I tried it out on him again and nothing was abnormal. When I saw my vile of cops spilling I was freaking out all the way because of the horror stories Ive read. I left out of there so fast and went home. I was going to retest Valentines day but because of my little accident I'll have to wait another week or so to reorder. So far he reacts to Rocket Fuel the way Id expect him to to cops.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. Im definitely going to take the time to get to know each phero. With Honeyed LP I spent 4 or 5 days testing it out and I took 3 days to test Rocket Fuel so maybe that's why my results with those were noticeable.
  3. I am 19 so thats why I only did those two swipes. I was literally measuring how much I was putting on making sure I wouldnt over do it lol. I do believe I went ghost that day. Literally nobody was noticing me which was very blatant. I had a terrible headache also.
  4. Hi everyone! So it's been almost 3 weeks since I received my samples of Honeyed LP & OCCO Pink and 2 since I received my second order which included La Femme Mystere, Rocket Fuel, Open Windows, Cougar & Treasured Hearts. Even though Ive been doing research amongst the forums and bookmarking everything important on here Im still confused unfortunately. Ive been taking things slowly so far like many of you suggested. When testing my samples Ive just done two swipes in the splits of both of my wrists. So far Ive tested: - Honeyed LP (got subtle but nice results but they werent consistent since I switched up how much id put on. everyone loved the smell though) - OCCO Pink (didnt get results) - Treasured Hearts (wore it today and got no results) - Rocket Fuel (i got AMAZING results with this, no selfies but my bf loved it. I received lots of compliments from him. I stopped by my school later in the day and I literally got no attention. Im not sure if it was Rocket Fuel or the fact I didnt realize my entire sample vile of OCCO Pink and some of my Treasured Hearts vile were spilling in my makeup bag and I actually od'ed throughout the day. unfortunately this amazing result only happened once, its still my fave so far) - Cougar (no results at all) Now my main question since I havent come across a thread addressing this is, sorry if it has been addressed, should I be applying more since I only have sample sizes or should I be following what you all do. Its like one day I'll have results with a phero then when I go to test it out again nothing. Also Ive been getting no selfies whatsoever. Its depressing because I want to get in on the fun with the rest of you lol. I know not all results will be blatant but everything has just been normal. Nothing subtle, nothing blatant. All my results are rare.
  5. jonelle97

    Hi! :)

    Thank you everybody for the advice! Im going to make sure my actions coincide with my pheros. Im definitely taking everything slow once I get my orders. I ordered OCCO Pink and Honeyed LP separate from the others and I should be receiving those two first. I know I cant use OCCO Pink in public so would you all suggest that Honeyed LP can be used in public? When Im with my bf we hang out with his friends alot also so I dont want to draw in any bad attention and Im making it my first priority to make sure Im wearing the right pheros in public. Ugh, Im so excited. I wish USPS would update my tracking Im ready to jump in & start experimenting.
  6. jonelle97

    Hi! :)

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Depending on how things go with my samples Im thinking of getting cuddle bunny and perfect match. I bought Honeyed LP in hopes that it'll help get my bf open up in regards to his feelings more. I havent seen too much on it though unfortunately. I bought so many because I got them each for specific situations i'll be getting into within the next few weeks and specific scenarios. Also I wanted to see what I felt suited me more and what didnt. Ive read up on what to do and what not to do so I can prepare myself lol.
  7. jonelle97

    Hi! :)

    Hi everyone! I stumbled across this site literally last week and Im so interested in all of this. Im new to pretty much all of this so I made sure I went into the message boards to learn what I needed to. So far Ive went a bit wild with my credit card. Ive bought OCCO Pink, Honeyed Love Potion w/ gotcha, Sensual harmony w/ la femme mystere, Cougar, Rocket fuel w/ SS4W and Sparkled frost w/ treasured hearts all in tester sizes (dont judge me lol) Im so excited for my pheros to get here. I am on the young side (19) but I feel these pheros will help me alot. I'll give a bit of information about myself. I have a very strong personality. Im a quiet person but I come across as intimidating. Every female I get to know always tells me they thought Id be a bitch and every male says that I intimidated them. I like that about myself but it's sort of messing up my relationship. My boyfriend is the complete opposite of me. I consider him pretty much a beta male. He likes that Im a strong female but at the same time I can tell he sometimes hates my tough exterior. Also his friends constantly tell him that Im the "man of he relationship" Im looking to get a few pheros that will help soften the way Im perceived by others. I have a few upcoming events that I'll need advice on so I will be back. I hope this weather allows me to get my orders soon.
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