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  1. I wore this earlier from a little sample I have and realised very quickly how similar this is to a very old, classic and simply stunning Guerlain fragrance which I'm not really sure I should name here, but some perfumistas on here might be able to figure it out. It really is beautiful in composition and projection. Powdery musk, more floral than the listed notes should allow and aromatic.
  2. Tiny5000

    Totem: Deer

    I'm a bit late to this one but I really like it. To me this is very earthy and grounding. It's a very outdoors/nature scent. Reminiscent of a walk through the woods on a warm, sunny day.
  3. I really got put off trying this because of the coconut and sweetness of the description. I don't like anything too sweet and coconut os often too much. However I tried the sample of this and was instantly addicted. It's stunning and I've ordered a full bottle! The only drawback is that it doesn't project well enough. Others have described it as sheer. It's so good that it's a shame it isn't amped up a bit.
  4. Eeek! Please could I reserve a bottle of Moon goddess and The Tao of Torre.
  5. From the LPMP collection I have sugared black musk and Dolly Roma musk. I think I might have another one too but I can't remember at the moment. I've also collected a lot of vintage perfumes and this does remind me strongly of the old style Coty wild musk. It's light, almost soap like. Expensive, vintage and takes you back in time. Even if you're not aware of the vintage fragrances you will appreciate the vintage vibe of this. I don't know whether any sugared notes were added but it smells lightly sugared. Not as heavy on the sweet note as the sugared varieties. It's barely there. At the same time I find that the Roma musk reminds me of Coty & Chanel fragrances going back into the 30's & 40's. Heavier but amazing all the same. You wouldn't be disappointed by either. Dolly clearly has amazing taste.
  6. I get quite confused my the ingredients, so does TH and Gotcha have much in common because I think I get a bit the same with Gotcha sometimes. I really should start to keep a written record because I have so many now that I forget which ones have done what.
  7. I recently bought a bottle of this from the etsy site and I love it. It is probably my favourite musk scent now. It's just perfect!
  8. I think I had my first proper hit with this. I wore it today because I had my new PE boosted. There is a guy at work who is quite quiet and will often not really say a word to me. I mean he's so shy and quiet or just plain anti-social that if he can avoid saying hi or bye, then he will. Well today I got into work late and he was walking past my office with a load of other people. He glanced at me as he was walking, went out of sight and then suddenly backtracked, just popped his head around the door and said hi. I know this isn't a big deal but in the case of this guy, it's unusual behaviour. Then I had to walk past him again, moments later and made a brief comment to him out of politeness and he was remarkably chatty back. I walked away pretty quickly because I had to get on and he was the one who actually shouted bye to me. This is the first real 'out of character' behaviour I've seen with SS4W.
  9. Tiny5000

    New 2016

    This really has a baby powder vibe for me. It reminds me a lot of having my first son and the baby powder and bubble bath I had for him at the time. It's not too sweet but very soft, powdery and gentle lavender. Innocent and sleep inducing.
  10. Thank you soooooo much for this. I have to say it wasn't quite what I was expecting but that isn't a bad thing. To start with I got what seemed like citrus of some kind. However it quickly morphed into thyme and pipe tobacco. It certainly does have a retro vibe like Luna said but not old fashioned, if that makes sense. I love it!
  11. Thanks. It's been really annoying me because I want it to work but have dreaded putting it on now because I feel so bad for the whole when I try it. Perhaps on a day where I have nothing really to do I will try just a dab and see how I get on. Is it still likely to have the desired effects though in such a tiny quantity?
  12. When ever I wear treasured hearts it makes me feel super tired. I mean so that I can't keep my eyes open sort of tired. My head ends up fuzzy and I'm done for the day. I thought this could be an overdose so I've cut down on how much I'm using but even with 1 spray it still happens. Does anyone else have this happen?
  13. I love this one. I know I say that a lot on here. Really don't know why I didn't order a full bottle with my last order. It's a very fresh, spring time fragrance. Prominent honeysuckle and what seems like jasmine but as luna said that must be the hedione. Once again I can't stop sniffing myself. I have to remind myself in public that it looks very strange to walk around with your arms up against your nose.
  14. Tiny5000

    Time Turner

    Urgh, I'm so annoyed to find that this is another one that I love. This is getting to be very expensive! I only ordered a tester because I was slightly put off by the idea of the citrus. Personally I don't like it too much. However this fragrance is unusual and stunning. I will be buying a full bottle with my next order and keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't sell out before then. I also feel that this is unisex. It reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on what that is. It's warm, sensual and reminds me very much of summer even though it isn't your typical summer scent. I guess that must be due to the coconut, which incidentally is more reminiscent of coconut oil or raw coconut than the sweet smelling coconut we're so used to in woman's perfume.
  15. This is another one of the recent releases that I love. I have it on today and don't find it too floral at all. Perhaps it's chemistry dependent but on me it's a soft white floral. It's delicate and not at all in your face, sharp or overpowering. The musk balances it nicely. When I think floras I often think 'old lady' but Elara isn't that at all. I would agree with Luna in that it feels 'grown up' but in a sophisticated way.
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